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Angkot d Game

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Become an Angkot driver in this game, pick and drop passengers for money while managing fuel, time, and targets.

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Welcome to Angkutan Kota, a public transportation simulator where you get to be the driver of an Angkot. Angkot, short for Angkutan Kota, is a popular form of transportation in Indonesia that operates with a specific route, just like a bus. However, unlike a bus, Angkot can stop wherever a passenger wants to get on or off.

As the driver, your main goal is to pick up and drop off passengers to earn money. Each passenger has a specific destination, indicated by a marker on the map. Your task is to follow the route and make sure you don't miss any stops. Be sure to keep an eye on your target earnings to meet your daily goal.

Time is also a critical factor in this game. You have a limited amount of time to complete your route before the day ends. Make sure you manage your time effectively by avoiding traffic and optimizing your pick-up and drop-off points.

Another factor you need to manage is fuel. Keep your tank filled up, or you may run out of gas in the middle of your route, resulting in a loss of time and money. Be sure to keep an eye out for fuel stations along the way.

With realistic graphics and intuitive controls, Angkutan Kota provides a realistic simulation of being an Angkot driver. So, are you up for the challenge of being a skilled driver of this popular public transportation? Download and play Angkutan Kota now and find out!
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