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Embark on a journey to find your missing brother Andor in this free fantasy RPG. Battle monsters, explore 584 maps, and complete 82 quests.

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Enter the realm of Dhayavar to embark on a journey to find your brother Andor in this classic-inspired RPG filled with endless quests and fantasy elements. Engage in turn-based battles against fierce beasts, level up and acquire new skills, equip yourself with a wide range of weapons and armor, interact with various NPCs, trade at shops, rest in cozy inns and taste flavorful drinks at taverns, search for buried treasure and solve captivating quests to ultimately uncover the traditional artifacts of Dhayavar. If you're fortunate enough, you might even come across legendary goods during your adventure! The game currently offers a massive world with 584 maps to explore and 82 diverse quests to master.

This game is 100% free to download with no ads, in-app purchases or DLCs. With no need for internet connection, this game is compatible with all Android devices, including older versions. Andor's Trail runs under the GPL v2 license and is completely open-source. For developers interested in contributing to the project can visit to access the source code. Game translation is crowd-sourced on

Andor's Trail is still a work in progress, and while it offers an extensive amount of content to play, the game isn't entirely finished yet. You can become part of the development team or share your ideas on the forums. For individuals seeking to create new content, Andor's Trail offers a free content editor called ATCS, which requires no coding knowledge. You can also join others that have already created part of the contents in the current release. This way, you can experience your own designs come to life in-game, played by thousands of people worldwide. Content creation requires a PC or Mac, which can be found on the forums.

For anyone needing a hint, help, or just general discussion, the forums at are the place to visit. The Changelog highlights various game versions with new settings and improved conditions comprising city locations, quests, maps, fighting styles, and items, among others, with actualized translations.

Choose your fate in Andor's Trail and relish the feeling of being transported into a beautiful world filled with mystery and adventure.
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