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Ananias: an adventurous "roguelike" game with five unique worlds to explore, nine player classes, over 40 monster types, and magic spells.

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Embark on a journey to venture into five diverse worlds, battling its monstrous inhabitants for survival. Your ultimate goal is to search for an ancient artifact to save the world from destruction. The game guarantees a fresh experience anytime with every gameplay that creates unique environments filled with challenges, mysterious surprises, monsters and magical relics.

You will be spoilt for choice with nine character classes to choose from, each one tailored to fit assorted playing styles. Equipped with either combat-focused attributes, or access to five different schools of magic spells, while other character classes' primary strengths are their special martial arts skills essential for survival.

As you delve into the unknown, you'll encounter over 40 myriad of monsters, each boasting distinct skills and abilities. You can charm and tame them with your magic spells, and convert them to your side. With ancient magic, you can unlock more advanced powers and skills unique to each monster type.

Keep abreast of your adventures through the game's online server that delivers real-time sharing of in-game events with your peers, maintaining a leaderboard of the game's most successful heroes and memorable graveyards of the characters you have encountered. Challenge your friends to conquer your records by sharing your gameplay on social platforms.

Ananias is a contemporary adaptation of traditional "roguelike" gameplay, which eradicates the burdensome and complex commands, enabling seamless gaming experience while keeping the genre's integral features. Such features include a turn-based combat system, random level generation, and long-term item strategy. Plan your gaming strategy, brace yourself up for the fight, and take every step with precision. The adventure into the game's ancient labyrinth is yours to experience on the edge of your seat.
Release date
Feb 21, 2017

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