Anagraphs: An Anagram Game With a Twist

Anagraphs: An Anagram Game With a Twist

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Game overview

Anagram puzzle game Anagraphs includes rotating letters to extend the game concept, optimizing paths to earn stars used to unlock new levels.

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Anagraphs, an innovative anagram-solving game, introduces a fresh approach to the classic word-forming activity. By integrating rotatable letters, this game raises the bar and makes the challenge more demanding. In contrast to traditional anagram puzzles where you can only adjust the letter order to produce new words, Anagraphs takes it one step further. You can rotate characters to create alternate letters and get new words. For instance, while you can form the word "ma" from "am," Anagraphs allows you to modify the letter "m" and transform it into a "w," which facilitates the inclusion of "aw" within the game's words list.

Anagraphs employs a specially designed typeface that includes some intricately rotatable letters, rendering it an exceptional language-based problem-solving challenge. Each level will adequately test your linguistic and analytical skills, and you'll need to be at your wits' end to earn enough stars to achieve new levels and unlock additional challenges. The game is built on the heels of Synonymy, a widely popular word game and is regarded as its spiritual successor.

Anagraphs is available for free through its open-source code repository at GitHub and comes from Cinq-Mars Media. The game creator is a non-profit organization, focused on facilitating learning through creative means. Cinq-Mars Media's inventive projects and games have garnered immense popularity and have been showcased at prominent festivals like E3 and PAX globally.
Cinq-Mars Media
Release date
Mar 20, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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