An Otaku like me has 2 Fiancees?!

An Otaku like me has 2 Fiancees?!

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

Hiding your identity as an otaku has always been part of your life. But that hasn’t stopped you from having an enjoyable, average life in high school. One day, you find yourself meeting up with a beautiful senpai who is also the president of the club you belong to. It seems she has a favor to ask of you. Nothing big. You know, just… pretend to be her lover to avoid getting out of an arranged marriage?!

You decide to help her out, but before you have time to process the whole thing, your energetic classmate seems to want to “talk” to you about something. You go along with her only to discover that she’s found out about your secret identity as an otaku! Luckily, it turns out she’s an otaku as well, but it seems she has a favor to ask of you as well and if you don’t cooperate, the whole school finds out about your “hobbies.” Now, what might that favor be? You guessed it… Act as her lover to get out of an arranged marriage!

Just yesterday, you thought this could only happen in your favorite anime… Now you have to figure out how to survive what might be the most challenging situation any protagonist has ever faced! Can two fake relationships ever turn into a single real one? Find out in An Otaku like me has 2 Fiancees?!


Mizuki is an energetic classmate of yours and also an otaku just like you! She enjoys nothing more than cosplay and lolita fashion, but she’s actually from an extremely rich family that wants her to get married to help their business. Will your shared love of all things anime turn your fake relationship into the real deal?

Tsubame is the president of the tea ceremony club at your school and is your favorite senpai. With long black hair and a traditional upbringing, she defines classiness! However, she’s lived a sheltered life and is in search of new experiences… Could you and your otaku ways turn out to be what she truly desires?

Himawari is Tsubame’s younger sister and can be quite a handful! Tsundere would be the word that you’d use to describe her, but to most, she’s a rising star on the basketball team. It seems the only thing connecting the two of you is her sister, but you soon learn that there’s a lot more to this girl… What could her secret be?
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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