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Build space stations, manage power, and engage in diplomacy with eight unique alien races to defeat a new threat in Among the Stars.

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Explore a distant future where a once peaceful galaxy has been devastated by war and ravaged by an ominous new threat that looms large. In this strategic card game, you represent one of the alien races fighting for survival. Your mission is to help build space stations throughout the galaxy, encourage diplomacy, trade, and ultimately defeat the threatening new enemy that all races face. Your ultimate goal is to make your space station the most impressive in the galaxy.

To accomplish your mission, you must select locations through card drafting to build and extend your station to score victory points. Your goal is to carefully manage your power reactors to sustain your expanding base while balancing and harmonizing your station's five types of locations to achieve the optimal victory strategy.

Eight different alien races with unique skills make the game even more exciting and challenging. Your race's extraordinary skill can be employed to take advantage over your opponent or create a combo that advances your strategy and leads you to victory.

You can also undertake optional objectives on each mission to gain an edge over your opponents, with the option to play it safe or risk it all for greater rewards.

Enjoy an engaging single player challenge-based campaign or play an asynchronous online multiplayer game for three to four players. A rules-based AI system provides a clever, strategic challenge.

With 120 card locations, there's plenty of replayability and great depth to enjoy. Additionally, you'll have access to leaderboards, in-game manuals, and our tutorial, making Among the Stars the perfect game for newcomers and seasoned players alike.
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