Among the Dead Ones

Among the Dead Ones

Nicky Lee
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Game overview

Scavenge, fight and survive in Autumn County against The Dead Ones. Realistic graphics, combat, crafting and updates, with local and online multiplayer coming.

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Set in the ominous town of Autumn County, Connecticut, Among the Dead Ones lets you scavenge for essential supplies to aid you in the fight for survival against the undead. With realistic graphics and a day and night cycle powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game immerses you in a world of despair and horror. A hauntingly atmospheric soundtrack adds to the eeriness of this game, as you explore the dark corners of the town and encounter various obstacles in your quest to stay alive.

But this is just the beginning - as more features and new content are set to be added through updates. You can look forward to the possibility of crafting new items by scrapping materials from junk items or unused ones. Besides, exploration of a bigger world with more buildings, towns, and cities and many more landmarks to be added is in the works. Expect changes in the combat system, including various zombie variations and better AI. Among the Dead Ones will also have complete combat gameplay overhaul. More weapons, items, and tighter combat features that make you bleed will definitely let you enjoy the best aspects of gaming. The gameplay systems will be enhanced too. You'll be able to fish, cook and refine your skill when it comes to base-building along with experience, leveling up, and RPG elements.

One of the exciting new additions will be local and online multiplayer gaming. You can form teams of eight players locally and 32 online and host and join servers to broaden your experience of adrenalin-pumping gaming. Customization options such as equipment systems let you equip your character with clothes, armor, and accessories you pick up along the way. Besides, character movement too has undergone an overhaul, including swimming, climbing, vaulting, parkour, and prone movements.

The UI, HUD, and controls too have undergone a complete overhaul and promise a more intuitive touch experience. Players might be thrilled to note that controller support has been added too. The game is perfect for players who enjoy the zombie genre, and the endless possibilities that come with the updates will make it even more worth playing. It is essential to note that this game was developed by one dedicated and determined person, with an immense amount of hard work and determination put into its creation. Among the Dead Ones promises to become an exciting and thrilling experience for everyone.
Nicky Lee
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