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Amidakuji Knight

Game overview

Save the princess from a gargoyle on Amidakuji island in an RPG with Ghost Leg rules, dangerous monsters, and useful items.

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Looking for a game that combines Ghost Leg rules and RPG? Look no further than Amidakuji Knight, where you'll need to select the best path to save a kidnapped princess. Long ago, a peaceful kingdom was thrown into chaos when an evil monster, accidentally unleashed by the princess, kidnapped her and took her to Amidakuji island. The only person who can save her is you, the Amidakuji knight.

This RPG-style game offers a unique twist by incorporating Ghost Leg rules, adding an extra layer of challenge to your quest. As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to develop your character by learning new skills and abilities, allowing you to defeat increasingly dangerous monsters. With nods to classic retro games from the '80s, the story is engaging and exciting.

You'll face a variety of deadly monsters as you journey through the game, so you'll need to acquire stronger weapons and armor to survive. Along the way, you'll find useful field items that can help you in your quest. The game also includes a ranking system and various achievements to strive toward, keeping you engaged and motivated.

The cute cartoonish art style is sure to charm players of all ages, and the music by Matthew Pablo is simply beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Save the princess and become a hero in Amidakuji Knight!
Magic Cube
Release date
Apr 25, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

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