GamesAlter - Between Two Worlds

Alter - Between Two Worlds

Game overview

In a tile-based adventure, Alter lets players explore dual worlds, solve complex puzzles, and help Ana in her soul-searching quest.

Game description generated withAI

Alter is an exciting puzzle game where players can uncover two parallel universes. A journey through this game will reveal wonderfully crafted levels with precise and intricate details. The purpose is to unravel challenging puzzles by using simple and easy-to-learn controls, pushing or moving blocks. Along the way, players can explore multidimensional enemies and environmental elements, such as platforms, blocks and switches. The unique aspect about Alter is the feature of travelling back and forth between these worlds with the ability to solve new puzzles.

Playing as the protagonist, Ana embarks on a soul-searching quest marked by grief and happiness that leads her to a mysterious temple in the barren desert. The ultimate goal is to assist Ana to overcome all challenging obstacles in her path by collecting atomic elements. Together, players will explore various regions rich with diversity and experience the unimaginable.

• Discover diverse and distinct environments with each chapter offering unique visual displays.
• Navigate through two parallel worlds.
• Unlock new levels by solving tricky puzzles.
• Novel puzzle mechanics introducing a captivating and entertaining game.
• Enjoy original and vibrant soundtrack, adding to the perfect gaming experience.
• Playable on both tablets and smartphones.
Release date
May 27, 2020
Single player