Alt-G: A Lateral Thinking Game

Alt-G: A Lateral Thinking Game

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ALT-G is a creative game requiring out-of-the-box thinking to solve puzzles with your device's features. Get your Creative IQ certificate today!

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ALT-G is an unmatched puzzle game that provokes you to think unconventionally. Its unique gameplay challenges you to explore absurd solutions and decipher thought-provoking puzzles. The game incorporates an array of tools and features on your device such as voice-recognition, smile-recognition, handwriting-recognition, sensors, multi-touch, mic, camera, and more!

Solve an array of tough riddles and obtain your creativity IQ certificate! Many levels might appear unfeasible, but the key lies merely in unconventional thinking. Embrace the game, and you'll unravel entertaining and informative features on your device in no time.

What makes this game such a hit among people is a manifold of reasons. For one, each level of the game is an original mini-game, with new levels frequently added. Secondly, the game's interactivity prevails in its ability to connect you with your device like never before, challenging you to engage with various features: your face, smile, voice, fingers, mouth, earphones, and more! Lastly, utilize your coins to unlock hints or the unique "white flag" to save the day if you are ever stuck, and all of these levels are free to play!

Finishing the game grants you your Creative IQ certificate. Compare your progress with friends and family and revel in your prowess! This indie game thrives on your appreciation. Feel free to rate the game, leave a comment or suggest a fresh level if you're fond of these puzzles.

For more information, check the website: or follow the game on Twitter: @altapp

Please note, ALT-G is a brain-teasing game that employs all of your device's potential, so it will require specific permissions. However, the game will not connect to the internet, and permissions requested are solely for gameplay purposes.
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