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A time loop mystery game where redistributing information impacts events. Use snippets of radio shows to expose truth.<br>(23 words)

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In Alt-Frequencies, a thrilling audio-based mystery game, you are stuck in a time loop with everyone else and it is up to you to reveal the truth to the whole world using the airwaves. Your task is to record, rewind, and broadcast snippets of radio shows to expose secrets and lies hidden deep within the radio waves. From conspiracy theorists and politicians to underground activists and even a dog, no one is safe from the truth. With each three-minute time loop, you have the power to change the future and influence various news cycles and the lives of those behind them.

As you listen to personal stories of the game's diverse cast and see them evolve in a world seemingly standing still, you'll come to understand the game's new kind of narrative, which cleverly blends fantasy with everyday life, all while examining our society's relationship with the media through the lens of radio stations.

In addition to its engaging gameplay, Alt-Frequencies also offers built-in accessibility features. These features make the game available to everyone, including visually impaired players, thus ensuring that everyone can partake in what this critically acclaimed game has to offer.

Alt-Frequencies is brought to life by a talented cast of over 20 voice performers, including notable TV, podcast, and YouTube personalities such as Jasika Nicole from Fringe and Welcome to Night Vale. Alt-Frequencies comes from the creative minds at Accidental Queens, the studio behind the universally praised A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story.

This game is a co-production between Accidental Queens and ARTE, the European cultural network, ensuring a unique and authentic experience is delivered to the audience.

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Release date
May 15, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Alt-Frequencies Longplay Playthrough (No Commentary)Midnight Menagerie
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ALT-FREQUENCIES #01 - Hör genau zu.. ● Let&#39;s PlayPandorya
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