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AlphaPit is a challenging word game about depth and loneliness. Spell words from cycling letters, but don't abandon any on their own.

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AlphaPit is an exceptional word game that will keep you hooked for hours. Its gameplay is smooth and fulfilling, but it won't shy away from giving you a reality check if you're not paying attention." - Pocket Gamer

"Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you AlphaPit; a real treasure among the multitude of word games available. Trust us, we've been through a lot of them on iPhone." - App Advice

"For all the word enthusiasts out there who miss playing Bookworm, AlphaPit is the perfect time-consuming app." - User review

Tap the screen to elevate letters, press down to lower them. Navigate through the alphabet to formulate the biggest and finest words possible, ensuring that no tiles are neglected.

"AlphaPit is a stunning word game by Shane McCafferty, and that is a fact." - Shane McCafferty

AlphaPit, created by the developer of Word Forward, a stimulating word puzzle game with a million downloads, is a new word game that confronts you with challenges of depth and void. Create words by utilizing every letter of the alphabet and taking away the tiles. But, be cautious not to discard any tiles on their own, or else your puzzle-solving skills will be put to the test.

- WORDS: AlphaPit takes pride in being a master at locating the best words.
- BOMBS: An excellent way to win if intelligence isn't doing the job.
- TIME TRAVEL: Perhaps not genuinely, but there is an undo button.
- LONELINESS: It's not only the humans who feel lonely; the letters do too. Keep them in pairs.

If you've outdone Boggle, engaged in combats with Scrabble players, and grown too old for Junior Jumble, AlphaPit is the solution to your issues.

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Shane McCafferty
Release date
Jun 08, 2016

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