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Game overview

Dynamic mobile FPS with various modes, classic & original maps, and customizable controls/ skins. Play solo or party with friends!

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Be the master of victory with your ultimate skills in this brand-new mobile first–person shooter game. Experience unparalleled dynamic combat. Alpha Ace has created unique modes that have been optimized for multiplayer gameplay on smartphones, tailored specifically for fans of classical FPS shoot-em-ups.

● Compete with your rivals and earn valuable rating points.

● Discover a variety of classic and original maps that will test your combat prowess and skill.

● Enjoy the game all by yourself or invite your friends and create a team.

● Customize your controls according to your preferences, obtain the optimal skin, and rush into cross fires with guns blazing!

DEMOLITION CLASH (PvP) mode will put your skills to the test. An upgraded version of the original bomb squad mode, this mode features quick cross-fires and counter-attacks with eye-catching graphics that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

TEAM CLASH mode is all about scoring points by defeating your opponents. You will enjoy unlimited respawn options, a wide range of weapons, and victory will be measured solely by your skills and strategy.

POINT GRAB mode is a game variant where you accumulate points that will determine your team's win. By killing enemies, you score points. If you arm yourself with a bonus weapon, you will increase your chances of victory and earn additional points during counter-attacks.

ENDGAME MODE is an action-packed thriller that puts your strategic and shooting skills into play. The moment C-4 is deployed, the game becomes unstoppable, and the objectives will need to be completed before the bombs are detonated.

SNIPER TEAM MODE is specifically designed for sniper weapon enthusiasts. A high level of skill and precision will be the ultimate determining factor in your success.

BLADE FIGHT MODE is suited for those who enjoy getting up close and personal with their enemies. Whether you choose a butterfly knife, karambit, or prefer to use your fists, it's going to be a fight to remember.

COSTUME PARTY mode is a unique battle royale where the Pink team is disguised among the AI characters. Will you be able to spot your enemies?

TITANS ARCADE mode will stimulate the adrenaline rush with its fantastic power of titans and unique weaponry. You can grow in size and unlock special weapons that will help you kill your enemies with ease.

ROCKET MAN mode will take you on a rocket launcher spree. With its low-gravity environment, it's a favorite amongst any shoot-’em-ups fan.

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Download Alpha Ace today and experience the ultimate thrill of an action-packed, first-person shooter game. Play by your rules!
skang studio private limited
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