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Allkvam Merchant

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Game overview

Allkvam Merchant: a clicker game with an intricate trade system where the player must navigate political changes, demand, and market values to succeed.

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Become a merchant in the fictional world of "Alkvam", where steampunk, magic, and a hint of realism have blended together. Allkvam Merchant may seem like a typical clicker game at first glance, but it is much more complex. As a merchant, you will have to keep up with the ever-changing market, which will demand that you pay attention to:

1. What goods are in demand and how to sell them.
2. World events such as crop failure, diseases, and holidays, which will dictate what goods you can sell and what you cannot.
3. Daily decrees, which may prohibit the sale of certain goods or impose restrictions on prices.
4. The total cost of goods, as your warehouse has limited resources that will deplete as they get sold. You will need to enter more profitable contracts and even go to the black market to acquire goods.
5. Due to varying prices of goods in different countries, it’s wise to invest in a personal caravan for transportation.
6. Managers with their unique perks can help the player grow as a merchant by buying shops, expanding their empire and hiring managers to assist them. Different managers come with a different set of objectives and income percentages.
7. The game world is constantly updated with new events, such as wars, politics, disasters and other events that affect trade and force the player to adapt.
8. A player must balance their relationships with countries and build relationships as preferential treatment can weaken existing relationships. Respect affects the revenue and creates several benefits for the hired managers, but the more desirable the benefits, the higher the risk of losing it all.
9. Each country has its own laws, taxes, and unique features. In Amandgerat, players will be penalized for selling illegal goods, while in Wildland, players can make a fortune while risking everything.
10. Taxes, new licenses, and hiring employees make trading complicated. Players must prepare themselves for state audits, employee thefts, and other unforeseen circumstances that could cause them to lose valuable goods from their warehouse.

In conclusion, Allkvam Merchant offers a wide variety of challenges that push merchants to the brink of their abilities. Are you ready to become a successful merchant in this unforgiving world? Step up to the counter and prove yourself!
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