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Build and lead an alien race in Alien Tribe 2, exploring space, establishing colonies, and battling the evil Malloc. A mix of 4X, RTS and tower defense.

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Enter the vast universe of Alien Tribe 2 and embark on a thrilling journey that will take you from your home planet to unexplored worlds and solar systems. In this game, you will get to establish your colonies in diverse planets and transform them into paradises. Beware, as the evil Malloc will do all they can to stop you from expanding and exploring.

With an unusual gameplay objective that blends elements of 4X games, real-time strategy, and tower defense, Alien Tribe 2 offers an exciting gaming experience. You will lead the Fifo alien race, which starts as a weak force but can evolve and become an invincible one that can build the Ark ship and lead all Fifo to safety.

As you engage in discovering new worlds and establishing colonies, you will face challenges from roaming energy beings known as the Ci'Tan. You will also have to protect your planets from potential threats by building weapon platforms and warships.

Alien Tribe 2 features an exciting storyline where you will follow the journey of the Fifo, who traveled through the meta-space with their Ark ship, only to have it destroyed by an asteroid storm. Now, they must find all the necessary parts to build a new ark ship to return to their eternal journey through the center of a black hole.

With the world space, you get to play in a randomly generated sandbox environment. You will explore space, discover new solar systems and planets while mining for resources on planets and asteroids.

You will get to solve over 45 different missions in four areas and unlock new constructions for your buildings, weapons, and ships. You can improve your skills in research centers and connect your planets to a gigantic network.

Alien Tribe 2 has received several top positions in various game categories in over 35 countries, including the top 10 in the category Games/Strategy and top 10 in the category Games/Simulation in over 30 countries.

Join the world of Alien Tribe 2 and experience an epic adventure that will expand your horizons. Download and play now!
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Dec 13, 2013
Single player

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