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In Alice: Lost Pieces, restore the Queen's power by solving various puzzles and finding hidden clues. Find the scattered pieces and bring balance to Wonderland.

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Alice: Lost Pieces is an Escape Room Puzzle Adventure Game that takes you through the twists and turns of Wonderland. In this game, you'll have to flex your mental muscles to solve various puzzles and mini-games to restore balance to this futuristic kingdom.

The backstory of Wonderland is an interesting one. It was once a highly advanced technological country. However, the Queen's heart, known as 'Fleur', was stolen by a thief who accidentally broke it, causing it to scatter all across Wonderland. The Queen lost her powers, which led to chaos in the kingdom.

Alice's descendant, also called Alice, is bedridden in a hospital. The white rabbit seeks her help, but her present situation makes it impossible. She comes up with an idea of using a humanoid, and so begins the journey to restore the Queen’s heart with the help of the white rabbit.

Toon-shading has created a cartoonish world full of quirky characters with cool personalities that make this game even more enjoyable. You'll have to find items that these characters want while solving puzzles and mini-games to progress.

Each stage hides secrets that you have to unravel by finding hidden clues, keys, and secrets printed on walls. Some puzzles only activate when certain conditions are met, such as opening a chest or reaching a checkpoint. To add some difficulty, you need to locate the Golden Egg present in each stage and collect the pieces hidden within them.

The main objective is to collect all the pieces and restore the 'Fleur' to its former glory. Each successfully completed stage enhances the Book's selection page with attractive visual transformations.

Keep in mind that once you delete the game or switch devices, your saved data will vanish permanently. So, give it your best shot and help Alice save Wonderland.
Release date
Jan 20, 2021
Single player

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