Alchemia Story

Alchemia Story

Asobimo, Inc.
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Game overview

Customize your character and YOME to explore and battle together in this MMORPG with easy commands. Ride unique mounts and enjoy an unforgettable story.

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◆Create Your Dream Character!◆
Unleash your imagination and bring your ideal character to life!
From hairstyle to body structure, customize everything from top to bottom, including eyebrow length and eye color, to design the perfect look for your character!

◆Explore the World with Your YOME Companion◆
Embark on this exciting adventure with the help of your trusty partner, YOME!
YOME is your guide, your ally in battles, and helps you craft items in the game.
Customize your YOME just like your own character and create your ultimate companion!

◆Enjoy Single-Player Mode◆
If you prefer playing solo, this mode is perfect for you!
You don't have to be part of an MMORPG community with this feature and can enjoy playing casually.

◆Stay Connected with Your Friends with "Likes" and "Stickers"◆
Express your interest in befriending other players with a "Like"!
Enhance communication with the use of "Stickers" for quicker and easier interactions.
Expand your network and make new friends in the game!

◆Easy Battle Commands for Exciting Battles!◆
Experience epic battles with simple commands!
Work together with your YOME to defeat your enemies in combat!
Take on tougher enemies by teaming up with up to 8 players for even more rewarding battles.

◆Captivating Characters and Storylines!◆
Step into a fantastical world filled with unique characters and thrilling stories!
Enjoy an immersive RPG story that will have you hooked from beginning to end!

◆Embark on New Adventures with Your Mount!◆
Ride a charming Mamono and explore the vast world with increased power!
Not all mounts are just monsters, some are even macaroons and carpets!

★This Game is Ideal for You If...★
・You enjoy playing MMORPGs
・You relish creating and customizing your own characters
・You want to experience various Avatars

A world of magic and alchemy awaits!
The Industrial Revolution draws near, and as a result, people are swarming to cities to avoid the dangerous "Mamonos".
In this world, young adventurers must embark on a journey while the Heroes of the land journey to defeat the evil "Maou" and find their purpose.

★Game Information★
Title: Alchemia Story
Genre: MMORPG that allows you to create your dream character!

◆Official Website:
◆Official Twitter:

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our website's contact page (
Asobimo, Inc.
Release date
Jun 13, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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