AKB48 World

Game overview

Produce and train your AKB48 favorite members, earn special UR cards, and communicate with them via video calls in AKB48 World.

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1. Power-packed UR card up for grabs!
- Clear all steps to obtain a powerful UR card of your oshi (favorite member)!

2. "Lucky Gacha Ball" and "Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament" events are here!
- Play a lot and get exclusive items~
These events will be held separately.

Other exciting events include SP Live and Live Battle events!
Let's all enjoy AKB48 WORLD together!

At a small theater in Akihabara Don Quijote,
you met ambitious girls who were there to fulfill their dreams.
That's when the dream of becoming a producer for AKB48 was born in you.

And the journey of working towards that dream begins…
By chance, you meet that girl once again.

⊿ How to Enjoy AKB48 WORLD
1. Produce your oshi!
Directly produce your favorite member?!
Be a producer and increase intimacy with your oshi!
As your intimacy grows, you can unlock secret stories with the members.

2. Train and awaken your members
Train your oshi!
Level up your card to increase your member's stats!
After awakening your card, you can unlock secret videos with the member!
Collect exclusive secret videos that can only be found in AKB48 WORLD.

3. Video chat with the members?!
AKB48 depends on you, the producer!
From exchanging emails to video chatting!
Communicate with members who are looking for you as their producer.

4. Adjust the members' schedules!
Complete various schedules to make AKB48 the top idol!
How about completing the schedule for a CM shoot with the girls today?

Exclusively in AKB48 WORLD, you'll also find a special social page that you can't see anywhere else!
If you want to see the new posts from your oshi, download it now!

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