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Take control of 25+ airports, 21 aircraft, and earn Career Points to unlock new content, with "Airport Madness Challenge.

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Get ready to earn rewards and access fabulous, complimentary content more quickly than ever before!

Take on the role of the ultimate air traffic controller and dominate more than 25 airports in the newest edition of Airport Madness Challenge!

Be warned, studies have shown that Airport Madness Challenge is extremely addictive and entertaining for players of any age.

This game has received numerous 5-star rating reviews, one of which states, "I have always been a fan of airport games, but this one is top-notch." Another 5-star review claims, "I love it! I play the game constantly and each update just improves it more. It is so engaging that I even got my partner hooked on the game. :D" Lastly, a user review from an Air Marshall states, "I work as an Air Marshall and I adore it. I shared it with a few flight attendants and pilots, who also appreciate and enjoy it!"

Airport Madness Challenge is the go-to air traffic control game on iTunes. It now offers even more features and content, making it more thrilling than ever:

* Offers 29 Amazing Airports!
* Has 21 Exciting Aircraft Types!
* Provides Urban, Military, Sci-Fi themes and MORE
* Career Points to Unlock Airports and Aircraft
* “Cover Up” Powerups to Recover From Crashes
* Superior Speed Controls: Play at Your Own Pace
* Pro Kit with Advanced Traffic Controls
* Multiplayer “Time Attack” and “Last One Standing”
* Game Center Multiplayer - online or via Bluetooth
* Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards
* Share Your Scores on Facebook

Play the game, obtain access to new airports, new aircraft and new challenges. Earn cash and Career Points to upgrade your career at airports across the globe, even in space! The more you play, the more Career Points you’ll receive.

Additionally, you can use the "Cover Up" powerup to recover from crashes. Had a crash on your best run ever? No problem. A "Cover Up" will maintain the traffic flow and keep the madness going.

Airport Madness Challenge provides total control of your airports. You can adjust the game speed to 2x, 3x or even 4x. Play at your own pace! The Pro Kit provides you with complete control over air traffic. You can signal aircraft to circle around, land on different runways, take off faster and more! There's also Novice Mode to help new players get the hang of avoiding crashes.

Challenge any friend or foe via Game Center in new multiplayer modes that are extremely challenging and fun. Time Attack is a race to see who can get the highest score, while Last One Standing is a game where the person who crashes or runs out of money first loses.

Do you have the skills to handle a busy airport during night and day time? Get ready to experience the high-stress job of an Air Traffic Controller! Days turn into nights, nights turn into days, and then the skies cloud over: this is the proving ground for true nerves of steel and bold, clear heads!

Air traffic builds at every airport, until all but the best-of-the-best air traffic controllers are left. Challenge yourself to manage traffic as tightly as possible without compromising safety or risking delays.

Do you have what it takes to tackle the Challenge? Download Airport Madness Challenge today!

"You land a million planes...then you have one little mid air...and you never hear the end of it."
- Anonymous TRACON Controller

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Oct 15, 2010

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Airport Madness Challenge MidtownGavin Gardner
Airport Madness Challenge ParallelsGavin Gardner
Airport Madness Challenge Playthrough 2Gavin Gardner
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