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Game overview

Airline Commander is a realistic flight simulator game where you take off, fly to destinations worldwide, land safely, and build/manange your own aircraft fleet.

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Airline Commander is the next-generation flight simulator game that is taking the gaming industry by storm. Experience the thrill of taking off, flying, and landing at airports nearby. Manage and build a fleet of aircraft while enjoying the most realistic gameplay available today.

The flying features of the game are abundant, with dozens of airliners to choose from, including turbine, reaction, single deck, or double deck planes. There are dozens of main hubs with taxiways that allow players to open thousands of routes to all major airports worldwide. Additionally, the game comes with hundreds of realistic airports and runways, featuring HD satellite images, maps, and worldwide navigation for every region and airport. Moreover, players can handle thousands of different situations and experience real-time aircraft traffic, with actual airlines both on the ground and in the air. The game also boasts a simplified flight system that includes navigation help or flight simulation for advanced users, realistic SID/STAR takeoff and landing procedures with pushback systems, taxiing, and the possibility of docking. Players can even take part in a competition mode to prove their flying skills! With realistic different times of the day that feature sun, moon, stars, and real-time weather conditions, players can customize their airline livery.

Airline Commander offers the ultimate flight simulator experience as players start as a new pilot who must learn how to fly big aircraft. Listen to an experienced flight pilot, take off from the airport, and get familiar with all the controls in the cockpit before making a safe landing. Obtain a pilot license and begin building a personal airline fleet while expanding the contracts and flying realistic routes featuring real-time traffic. Earn enough money to upgrade the aircraft fleet, choose new flying routes, improve flying skills, and obtain a new pilot license.

As with most flight simulator games, things don't always go smoothly. Airline Commander is one of the most realistic airplane simulator games available, so players can experience failures of sensors, instruments, ASM, fuel tanks, landing gear, and engines. Malfunctions of flaps, rudder, air brakes, and radar, as well as wind, turbulence, and fog with various levels of severity, can all happen. This provides an immersive, realistic experience to every fan of flight simulator games.

For players that aren't ready for the true flight simulator experience, a simplified flight system is available to help ease the take-off and landing process. And, as with other flight simulator games, players can customize the look of their airplane fleet by changing the livery.

Airline Commander - a flight simulator like no other - takes realism to a whole new level. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or brand new to flight simulator games, this game will let you experience flying like no other. Don't wait, download it now, and enjoy an unparalleled flight simulator game! Contact for game support or suggestions.
Release date
Jul 26, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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