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Air Twister

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Fly as Princess Arch, defeat invaders, conquer bosses, and unlock game modes in an artfully crafted endless shooter game with touch screen controls." (22 words)

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Embark on an enchanted adventure where the sky is the limit and combat against otherworldly enemies is the norm. Yu Suzuki, a renowned game developer, presents this fantasy-based endless shooter where you take on the role of Princess Arch - the saviour of her planet. Armed with her homing arrows, you will gracefully weave across a series of artfully designed locations as you unleash your attacks to vanquish foes.

This game features 12 unique stages where each playthrough provides a fresh experience, and players will encounter more than 20 different creatures of the Vanguard. As they progress deeper into the game, 10 powerful bosses will stand in their way. However, by collecting "Stars" players can power up Princess Arch to overcome these challenges and unlock additional game modes.

The game is designed to provide a seamless and engaging experience, and the touchscreen swipe-shooting mechanics are crafted to make combat fun and easy. Alternatively, players can opt for a more classic feel by using a gamepad. As you progress, you can compare your results with players worldwide and climb the charts by competing in various scoring categories.

Here players can become the hero they always dreamed of, fighting off invasive forces and forging a new path in this expansive adventure through the skies.
Release date
Jun 24, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

Air Twister Playthrough (Arcade - Hardest)G.M.M.
Air Twister - 40 Minute Gameplay [Apple Arcade]justonegamr
Air Twister - Official Apple Arcade Reveal TrailerGameTrailers
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