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Age of Strategy is a free turn-based strategy game with 500+ campaign maps, 140 skirmish maps, and 350+ units and buildings. No pay-to-win; donations only.

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Age of Strategy is a turn-based strategy game that takes place during the Age of Empires when knights, vikings, samurais, winged hussars, and Templars roamed the lands. The game offers a plethora of single-player campaigns, skirmishes and online multiplayer modes that provide boundless hours of entertainment.

Designed for enthusiastic strategists, the game does not feature pay-to-win models. In-app purchases exist solely for donations and to help the game evolve.

The game's aesthetic design features an old-school, 16-bit look without superfluous animations, thus emphasizing precise tactical gameplay. Age of Strategy includes more than 500 historical campaign maps, 140 skirmish maps, over 350 units and buildings, and 120 technologies to explore. The gameplay is further enhanced through rewarding systems that allow you to collect stars based on your performance during the game, which can be used to acquire new units and buildings. You also have the option of purchasing spell upgrades to make difficult levels more manageable. Skirmish maps allow you to test your skills against the AI or compete against other players from around the world.

The game's customization options are superb too. The map editor gives players the ability to create their own maps, and the upgrades section provides hundreds of new units, technologies, buildings, including fun and quirky units. A notable feature is the unit request system where players can suggest new and unique units that can be easily implemented by the game developers.

Age of Strategy is in its development stages, and the creators encourage players to give their reviews, feedback and suggestions. The game creators also invite players to get involved by contributing their skills and ideas through graphics, translations, and other areas by sending the developers an email or joining the forums. To get started, enter Single Player or Skirmish mode, play a map, send in your feedback or suggestions, and enjoy the game!
Release date
Jul 07, 2013
Single player