Age of History II

Age of History II

Łukasz Jakowski
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Game overview

Age of History II is a grand strategy game where the objective is to conquer the world. With intricate diplomacy and military tactics, lead your civilization to glory through thousands of years.

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Age of History II is not just any grand strategy wargame, it is the one that stands out by being uncomplicated to pick up, yet it is challenging to become an expert at it. Your goal is to utilize your military tactics and astute diplomacy to either merge the world or overpower it. Will the planet hemorrhage or kowtow to you? The verdict is yours.

The Approach to History
Age of History II covers the complete chronicle of mankind, Age by Age, initializing from the Age of Civilizations and advancing into the far-off future.

Historical Grand Campaign
You have the chance to play as a plethora of Civilizations, ranging from the most formidable empires to small tribes. Lead your people to prominence in a campaign that spans across thousands of years, from the daybreak of civilization to the prospect of humankind.

Distinctive Features

The game boasts of a comprehensive world map with numerous historical borders. There is also a more profound diplomatic system between Civilizations, a peace treaty that may come in handy, and the ever-rising threat of revolts. Let loose your creativity by designing your own historical events using in-game editors. Conduct battles with your friends using the hot seat feature. You can even incorporate terrain types and a detailed diversity of populations, not to mention captivating end game timelapses.

Create Your Dynamic World
If you think the world in the game does not suffice, create your own in the scenario editor. In doing so, you can make a historical or an alternate history scenario, form your unique Civilization, make flags, or even use the Wasteland Editor to convert them into a living world.
Łukasz Jakowski
Release date
Dec 05, 2018
Single player


TheUnited7Starfrom Skich app
Its awsome the AI is great other than a little bit if border gore...

Gameplay & Streams

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