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Game overview

Age of Apes: Lead your Clans in a post-apocalyptic space race, battle mutants, and steal resources. Join a Gang in massive PVP wars and explore ruins/galaxy.

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The world of humans has ceased to exist and the Age of Apes has dawned upon us! The furry primates are now in the middle of a fierce battle with one another to launch their precious rockets into the starry sky, aiming to reach their ultimate goal - the bananas!

Take the opportunity to join the strongest Clan of monkeys, formulate your own Gang, engage in battles with rival apes, and become the heroic monkey that discovers the unknown territories of the galaxy!

Glorious rewards and recognition await those courageous monkeys who dare to participate in the Age of Apes!

- Lead your Clan and manage your outpost wisely to convert the monkey world in your favor, and emerge as the most dominant monkey of all in this MMO strategy game that comes absolutely free!
- Contribute to your cause by defeating the ferocious Mutant Monkeys or stealing rare resources from enemy Clans. Your brave actions can transform you into a primatological legend!
- With the space race raging on, what strategy will you develop to emerge victorious in this post-apocalyptic world?

• Opt to join one of the six legendary Clans and become a part of a monkey squad of elitists
• Engage in PvP wars with monkeys from other Clans
• Forge alliances with members of your Gang!

• Make your outpost a dominant force in the monkey world
• Train your soldiers to become the most skilled and able-bodied monkeys!
• Strategize like a pro to outperform and outrun rival Clans in the race to launch your Rockets!

• Join forces with Roger the Intendant and Junior, one of the powerful Clan Leaders and get acquainted with our great cast of monkeys
• Battle against the terrifying Mutant Monkeys in PVE fights
• Explore the map to discover the remains of the ancient Ruins, and challenge the enormous Bosses!

• With our unique social system plan and execute strategies with your compatriots
• Achieve fame as a renowned monkey, gather a huge fan base, and follow your fellow primates too!

Do you have the raw monkey power and unbridled enthusiasm to indulge in this zany and unpredictable Age of Apes?

NOTE: This game cannot be played without internet connectivity.
Release date
Jul 29, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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