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Game overview

Defeat beasts, recruit teammates, buy weapons and collect gear sets in this action-packed adventure game with 18+ heroes and unique weapons.

Game description generated withAI

Greetings adventurer, we have been waiting for your arrival."

"Our village has been under attack by a group of ferocious beasts. These beasts include Kunpeng, a giant bird with the ability to manipulate water; a rhinoceros that breathes fire; and a cunning lizard. These creatures have harmed our villagers and robbed us of our belongings."

"You have our gratitude and admiration. If you can defeat these monsters, all the treasures they have looted will be yours for the taking."

"However, we advise you to form a team with trustworthy adventurers as loyalty among adventurers can be rare."

"Are you prepared for this undertaking, adventurer? We cannot wait for your triumphant return."


How to play

- Slide your finger across the screen to move and avoid attacks while tapping to attack
- Upon reaching a new level, choose from three different abilities
- Use combinations of abilities to quickly overpower enemies

How to progress

- Utilize your coins to purchase weapons and elevate their strength by synthesizing them
- Team up with fellow comrades to take down challenging BOSSes and receive exceptional gear sets

Game features:

- Collect over eighteen captivating heroes
- An abundance of weapons with varying proficiency levels
- A multitude of attractive weapon skins
- Immersive gameplay with real-life players
- Bonuses earned even when offline

Our game is like no other you have played before, and we are confident that you will become entranced in your adventure. Press the INSTALL button to start your journey.
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