ACA Neo Geo: The King of Fighters '95

ACA Neo Geo: The King of Fighters '95

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Experience NEOGEO's classic games on mobile in ACA NEOGEO series! Enjoy "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '95" with online ranking modes, quick save/load, and virtual pad customization.

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Have you been longing for the good old NEOGEO games? Now, relive and experience the nostalgia of these masterpieces on your smartphone. Collaboratively, SNK has partnered with Hamster Corporation to bring many of the classic games on the NEOGEO to modern gaming environments through the ACA NEOGEO series. With screen settings and options, the difficulty and look of the NEOGEO games from back then can be recreated. Playing the games is now even more fun with the online features like online ranking modes and virtual pad customization functions that support comfortable play within the app. Additionally, quick save/load adds to the convenience of playing the games.

The game, "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '95," released by SNK in 1995, is a fighting game not to be missed. It includes characters from popular works such as "FATAL FURY" and "ART OF FIGHTING" while introducing Iori Yagami as the rival of the main character Kyo Kusanagi. This sequel title of the previous game, "KOF '94," features a new team edit function that enables the player to form a team with their favorite character.

For optimized performance, use iOS13 or above operating system. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces that are still supported until today. All rights reserved by SNK CORPORATION. Arcade Archives Series Produced by HAMSTER Co.
Release date
May 31, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

ACA NEO GEO The King of Fighters 95 gameplay PS4 pro 1080p 60fpsbigmansavagedan81
The King of Fighters '95 (Neo Geo AES) 【Longplay】Long 'n Play
ACA NEOGEO: The King of Fighters 95 Review (PS4)Terry Bogard
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