A Way to Smash

A Way to Smash

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Game overview

Smash fragile enemies on 150 levels with unique characters. Meditative, minimalist puzzle game with a turn-based system.

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In this simplistic puzzle game, your objective is to eliminate all adversaries on the battlefield. The game mechanism is based on turns, implying that the opponents only proceed after you do. Obliterate all the glass enemies displayed on the map and prevent them from approaching you too closely.

1. Shattering
Indubitably, the game serves as a form of meditative relaxation through puzzle solving. All opponents in the game are constructed of fragile and brittle material. The shattering process is accompanied by serene melodies such as the sounds of broken glass. As a result, you enter into a mental state of flow, advancing through numerous levels without any barriers.

2. Characters
You are provided with a diverse set of characters to play as. Each character has distinctive animation and fighting style when attacking. A warrior with a katana blade segments enemies into pieces, while a bouncer with a bat smashes them into oblivion. Choose your desired method. Utilize a sharp blade, a sturdy club or your bare hands to emerge victorious in battles.

3. Levels
Developers have designed 150 intricate levels of varying difficulty for you to immerse yourself in. Each level necessitates a particular strategy to conquer, and different opponents require a unique approach to defeat them. For instance, an ordinary enemy can be crushed in one swift hit, but the boss has a triple life bar.

Embark on a journey to the serene realm of mind-bending puzzles and combat in this brand-new game from the creators of Glory Ages - Samurais and Slash of Sword.
NoTriple-A Games
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Noah.FTfrom Skich app
Its good but gets boring after a while...
pandochchkafrom Skich app
Cool game, nice ghraphics and elements of turn based fighting mechanic) Respect for developer name 😂...

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