A Tag Knight

A Tag Knight

Caret Games
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Game overview

Experience dynamic 3D action with strategic character replacement and 2 character tag, fight powerful boss and endless stages. Easy growth with rewards.

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1. Action-Packed 3D Fun
Choose your character wisely and engage in the fast-paced 3D action! Use lethal Skill attacks to finish off your enemies and take control of the battlefield!

2. Smart Character Switching
Swap your exhausted character with another one in your party to keep the upper hand in the fight! Let your resting character recover while you keep the fight going. Smart character swapping is the key to success!

3. Tag Team Action
When the going gets tough, it's time to call in the cavalry! Bring in a fellow character for extra firepower and watch as they unleash a powerful attack. Let your other characters handle the enemies and together, take down the boss monster with ease!

4. Epic Boss Battles
Step into the ring and fight one-on-one with a powerful boss! Enter the boss dungeon anytime you have the key and earn amazing rewards to strengthen your character for the ultimate showdown!

5. Improve Your Character’s Stats
Strengthen your character’s aggression, defense and HP to take on tougher challenges! It’s easy to level up your character and super convenient, making it much easier than an idle game!

6. Endless Challenges
The stages are limitless, and the monsters only get stronger with each passing stage! Compete with players from all over the world and see how far you can go!
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