A Street Cat's Tale

A Street Cat's Tale

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Game overview

Guide a kitten through the tough life of a street cat. Interact with NPCs for multiple endings. Donations made to animal shelters.

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The game tells a sad story of a baby kitten who needs to survive on the streets alone, after its mother disappeared. To play the game, players are advised to save their data on the title screen before deleting the game and switching devices, or upgrading to the support edition.

The gameplay centers around the cat's hunger; it's almost inevitable that a street cat will starve. To keep themselves fed, players must help the kitten find food. The kitten typically rummages through trash or relies on friendly humans for scraps. NPCs populate the game, each with their own personalities. By listening to their stories and helping them with their needs, players can receive food.

The destiny of the kitten rests upon the player's actions. Will it manage to live with a human, or remain a street cat? The game features different endings that are determined by the player's choices. Feemodev - the game publishing company - donates 10 percent of the game's profits to animal shelters. The game supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, French, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

The game's concept might seem sad, but it aims to depict the reality of a street cat's life. As the developers wanted to make a statement with this game, they didn't make it "fun and cute." Rather, they aimed to give people insight into the struggles of a street cat's life. By playing this game, people may gain a better understanding of the hardships that stray cats face.

Players might feel a bit lost while playing the game. However, upgrading the house will help. The hunger, HP, and movement speed increase with each upgrade. Players can obtain gloves and band-aids from a store near Doggo with a 50% chance of success.

Finally, the game's progress will be reset after it ends, except for home upgrades. Players can only carry on saved data if they upgrade to the support edition. Thank you for supporting Feemodev!
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Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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