A Dance of Fire and Ice

Game overview

Guide two orbiting planets in A Dance of Fire and Ice, a one-button rhythm game with unique landscapes and challenging post-game trials.

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A Dance of Fire and Ice is a captivating game that involves rhythm and concentration. With just one button, the aim is to guide two planets that orbit each other along a path without disrupting their cosmic harmony. It's a little challenging to describe, so it's recommended that you play the free online version first before committing to it.

With 20 stimulating worlds to explore, gamers are introduced to various shapes and rhythms. You get to experience how shapes such as octagons, triangles, and squares sound. Each world has a meticulously designed hand-drawn atmosphere that creates a fantasy landscape. The game begins with short tutorial challenges before diving right into a full-length boss battle.

Post-game challenges include speed trials and thrilling bonus levels, designed to push the limits of even the most daring gamers. More levels are added over time and each additional level can be played without any extra charge.

The game offers calibration options, including auto and manual calibration, which helps to ensure precise timing. Developing and keeping rhythm is no small feat. It's important to rely on your hearing more than your sight for a better experience.

It's essential to be aware that A Dance of Fire and Ice is a difficult game. The game's difficulty stems from maintaining a steady beat, rather than swiping aimlessly on your screen. If you are having a hard time at first, don't worry, it's part of the game's challenge.
7th Beat Games
Release date
Oct 05, 2014
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

[Lv 19] Game: A Dance of Fire and Ice LEC-It's over, but NOT FOR ME Clear!Gamma Loop
E (Game : A Dance of Fire and Ice)์กฐ๋ฏธ๋ž˜ Jo Future
WORLDS FIRST CLEAR!! [Level 20+] Kurokotei-Galaxy Collapse (Nerfed) Segmented Clear [Map by Pinball]Gamma Loop
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