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Explore the vast continent of Montelorne and join the adventure as a knight, archer or mage who must defeat the undead armies and uncover treasure.

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure to the island continent of Montelorne, a place veiled in danger, enigma and adventure? Get ready to be immersed in a world of its own, beginning your journey at Agaria village but soon branching off to the rest of the continent.

Take your pick from traditional classes of the sturdy knight, skilled archer and wise mage, each possessing unique abilities and strengths. The knight is an expert in combat, renowned for being able to withstand heavy armours and weapons. If speed and agility is what you're looking for, the nimble archer is the way to go. They can gun down adversaries from a distance or whip out their daggers to deliver lethal blows up-close. The wise mage is a master of the elements, capable of summoning powerful spells, and minions to obliterate opponents.

Experience a variety of exhilarating activities such as scouring hidden artifacts and treasures and assisting the Montelornians to protect their world from the rising undead army. Alternatively, explore the vast continent with its many towns, dungeons and forests, with no dearth of fun and excitement for a true adventurer.

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments on the game's forums on www. 9th Dawn III is coming soon and promises to be an immersive gaming experience packed with adventure and excitement. Get ready to explore Montelorne and its many secrets and dangers, and emerge as a victorious adventurer.
Release date
Nov 03, 2012

Gameplay & Streams

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