Game overview

Connect color blocks in shifting gravity, craft and use powerups, destroy threat and iron blocks, compete on leaderboards, complete quests, and play colorblind modes!

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Experience the Excitement of Connecting Blocks in Constantly Changing Gravity!

Challenge yourself to stay alive as long as possible in this thrilling game of connecting blocks of the same color in the midst of shifting gravity. You can rely on powerful powerups or create your own to keep you going!

💣 Unique Combinations of Powerups 💣

Apart from the changing gravity, this game offers multiple types of powerups that can be combined in various ways. You can earn basic powerups by eliminating color blocks and use them whenever you need to, or save them up to craft stronger ones. With 16 different powerups, including those that manipulate blocks, time, and strategic mini-games like arkanoid and shooting, the possibilities are endless!

🔩 Get Ready for New Challenges with Threat and Iron Blocks 🔩

In addition to the regular colored blocks, you will have to deal with two other types of blocks: Iron blocks that can only be destroyed using powerups, and threat blocks that carry negative effects. But don't worry, you have a short window of time to destroy the threat blocks before they become active.

🏆 Climb the Online Leaderboards and Compete with Other Players 🏆

Test your skills and compete with players from around the world with the online leaderboard feature. Share your progress and show off your abilities in handling gravity to everyone.

✨ Multiple Game Modes to Suit Your Style of Play ✨

With this game, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a variety of game modes to keep things fresh. There's something for everyone!

🏅 Special Ranks and Quests to Complete 🏅

Complete special quests during the game and level up to achieve the highest rank. Compare your progress with fellow players and become the ultimate block connecting master.

ğŸ˜Ž Colorblind Modes for More Players to Enjoy ğŸ˜Ž

We want everyone to enjoy this game! That's why we've included color variants for most color vision deficiencies like protanopia/protanomaly, deuteranopia/deuteranomaly, and tritanopia/tritanomaly. So don't let your colorblindness keep you from experiencing this exciting game.
Lightning Soft
Release date
Jul 31, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

9,3x64 Long Range -Weitschuss ueber 300m mit 9.3x64.mp4Greg Zeilinger
3x64 - Destroy Threats Together (Limited Game Mode)Lightning Soft
3x64 - Match 3 With Rotating Gravityitch.io
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