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Escape the haunted house of Jason before Friday the 13th to save your life in 3 Days To Die. Beware of the ferocious and cunning killer.

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Ready for a true spine-chilling experience?

3 Days To Die

Prepare yourself to embark on a terrifying adventure with this spine-tingling horror game.

Horror Games Haunted House Escape Story

You find yourself trapped inside the ominous, eerie home of Jason, your spooky neighbor, on Friday the 13th. Your life now hangs in delicate balance, as the threat of fear and terror looms over you. With only three days to escape before Jason claims your life in this scary game, you must avoid him at all costs. Unlike other horror games, Jason is a ruthless foe, cunning and vicious in the darkness. You will need to utilize your adventure skills and knowledge to solve puzzles, find keys, and hide from him to escape the haunted house. Freddy's house is treacherous, and your time is running out. Beware and be cautious, or you'll become Jason's next victim.

Jason is an intelligent killer with an insatiable hunger for blood in this horrifying game. Every move you make, every breath you take, he is watching you with bloodthirsty intent. You have only three days, starting from Friday the 13th, to escape with Jason and Freddy in hot pursuit. Time is of the essence, make sure to use it wisely.

In this horror game, explore the dark, foreboding rooms of your neighbor's house with caution, searching for a way to escape. Discover clues, hidden objects, and keys, but beware of the dangerous lurking around every corner. The horror sounds of Freddy and the eerie ambiance will chill you to your bones, so make sure to use your headphones to hear your heart beat faster as the killer gets closer.

Survival is key in this horrifying game of escape and puzzle-solving. Don't let your fears consume you and hide from the wrath of evil Jason. Use all of the tools at your disposal to solve the puzzles, find the hidden objects, and escape the grasp of the horror games nemesis. It's a race against time, and only your wits will keep you alive in this spine-chilling game.

Features of 3 Days to Die: Horror Escape Scary Game:

- Immersive 3D graphics
- Terrifying horror villain
- Gripping and engaging levels
- Dark, ominous atmosphere
- Spine-tingling horror sounds

Download 3 Days to Die - horror games and experience the fear yourself. Face off against Jason in this haunted house escape game and escape his clutches before it's too late.
Release date
Mar 23, 2019
Single player

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