2-taku de Real-juu Metsubou Game

2-taku de Real-juu Metsubou Game

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Game overview

2 Choices to Ruin Relationships" is a quiz game where each choice guides the storyline. Be careful - wrong choices lead to bad endings!

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Choose Your Fate: A Game of Decisions" is a quiz game that progresses through 2 choices. It's important to be careful because choosing the wrong option can lead to a bad ending. Every question can be played for free! Unauthorized playthroughs by content creators are also welcome!


How to play:

1) First, observe the question being presented.

2) Choose an option.

3) If you get the right answer, you can move on to the next question.

In "Choose Your Fate," you must exercise your decision-making skills to progress through the game. Beautiful and vivid graphics breathe life into the different question scenarios. The game is designed to make you think, so it's a great brain exercising exercise. Experience a range of emotions from excitement to frustration as you chart your own path through adversity. Try to find all of the right answers and see how far you can get!
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