1945 Galaxy Shooter

1945 Galaxy Shooter

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Game overview

Fight off endless hordes of enemies in Galaxy Shooter - Invader War. Choose your ship, shoot your way through missions, and defeat epic bosses in this classic arcade shooter.

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Prepare for an intergalactic battle in Galaxy Shooter - Invader War! Fight against an onslaught of never-ending enemies and obliterate them with your fighter spacecraft. Travel to the edges of space and take on the ultimate bosses that await you upon your arrival. Advance through the game by defeating these bosses and transitioning to new levels.

The fate of Earth lies in your hands as it is currently under attack by ruthless invaders. Take up arms and protect humanity by vanquishing the villainous foes and becoming a legendary captain.

This space-themed shooter game offers a wide variety of different ships to choose from, each with its own unique capabilities and aesthetics to ensure that players have a personalized gaming experience. As you progress through the challenging missions, you will encounter epic and massive bosses that will test your skills and provide an exhilarating gameplay experience.

Easily control your spaceship with simple and intuitive joystick controls, making it easy to dodge enemy fire and move quickly through the game. This game offers a classic arcade shooter experience with updated, modern graphics to ensure players are fully immersed in the action.

Download Galaxy Shooter - Invader War today to experience a timeless and thrilling space shooter game that will keep you entertained for hours!

Showcase your shooting skills and take on a plethora of different enemies in this action-packed space attack game. Defend the world from the alien invaders and be the hero that saves humanity.

Stay alert and ready for a challenge as these enemies are quick and relentless! Equip yourself with your best shooter ship to take on these formidable opponents and establish your dominance in the galaxy.

Get ready for an exciting adventure in this new Galaxy shooter game! Shoot down the enemy ships with your powerful arsenal and become the ultimate space warrior.

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Release date
Jul 19, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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