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1944 Burning Bridges

1944 Burning Bridges

Game overview

Lead your army to victory as Allied forces or Axis powers in this turn-based tactical warfare game. Defeat enemies with an arsenal of combat units.

Ready for an exhilarating gaming experience? Engage in epic wartime strategy gameplay and dominate difficult military missions in "1944 Burning Bridges"! Whether you're commanding the Allied troops storming the beaches of Normandy or defending the Atlantic Wall as the Axis, the fate of history rests on your shoulders. This game features decisive World War II battles between the Axis and Allies, giving players the opportunity to lead their armies to victory. Turn-based tactical warfare is crucial for success, so creating a strong war strategy is key to achieving the ultimate win. Utilize cunning tactics to attack and conquer crucial points such as connecting bridges, bunkers, and roadblocks to gain an advantageous position. Become a legendary general and showcase your tactical expertise across various wartime campaigns. Take on new missions, maps, and scenarios as you prove your skills. With a vast array of deadly combat units such as paratroopers and bomber squads at your disposal, success is within your grasp. These units allow you to surprise your enemies from above and conquer strategic points in enemy territory. Get your hands on a vast range of powerful weaponry, including tanks, warplanes, infantry, paratroopers, and more. Heavy artillery, espionage balloons, and flamethrowers are all part of the arsenal. This is further complemented by the variety of battlefields – fight by land, sea, and air as you lead your soldiers into battle and crush your enemies on the historical battlefields. Other features of this game include destructible and fixable bridges, radar technology to detect enemy forces, and massive fortresses and fortified MG (machine gun) nests. Additionally, military vehicles such as trucks, transporters, and supply units are available. Enjoy detailed game graphics and epic sounds with full tablet support. Explore the impact of WWII with "1944 Burning Bridges", a free-to-play game. Deactivate in-app purchases in your device settings to avoid them. Join the game's very own Burning Bridges Facebook community and use Google Play game services for support. Don't miss your chance to experience a thrilling wartime strategy game with "1944 Burning Bridges". Play now and become a legend!
Release date
Nov 26, 2015
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

1944 Burning Bridges - Official Gameplay Trailer // iOS & AndroidHandyGames
Let's play 1944 Burning Bridges - first mission of Allied CampaignHandyGames
Burning bridges операция "Железный кулак" 2 этап1


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