1930 Langman Tan

1930 Langman Tan

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Game overview

Romantic fantasy game with beautiful character designs, immersive sound effects and a setting in 1930s Taiwan.

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Embark on a romantic journey in a fantasy world designed for female gamers. Welcome to the unique literary world where literary giants are transformed into attractive, fashionable and diverse male characters. Through modern fashion, this game brings the 1930s cultural atmosphere to vivid life while introducing historical figures in literature.

Indulge in the game's industry-first original voice acting which presents multi-cultural values with various dialects from countries such as China, Taiwan and Japan. Professional voice actors make the 30s come alive as if you were standing in the middle of the scene.

No ordinary dating simulator, this game immerses players in Taiwan's cultural environment. Set in an alternate world, the game takes place in the 1930s in metropolitan Taipei. The setting and storyline center around the unique, local culture of Taiwan, providing a true-to-life experience. Breaking away from conventional dating simulation games, Taiwan.1930s arouses players' memories of local surroundings and blends tradition and modernity in a romantic atmosphere that delivers infinite enjoyment.

This game seamlessly blends virtual and real-life scenes for an unforgettable experience. Players can stroll alongside the literary characters in festivals such as the Tung Blossom Festival, and savour the artistic journey through "Summer Snow". Additionally, the game also brings to life ancient trails such as the "Cinnamomum Camphora Avenue". Players can explore Taiwan's third line and relish in the romantic atmosphere while exploring the beauty of Taiwan's rustic landscape.

Visit the official Facebook page of Taiwan.1930s for more information and get ready to embark on a romantic journey!
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