1775: Rebellion

1775: Rebellion

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Lead British Redcoats, English Loyalists, American Regulars, Patriots, French Regulars and Native Americans in 1775. Control towns and forts in solo, hotseat or online play!

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Welcome to 1775: Rebellion, the game that takes you back in time to fight for the fate of the American colonies. The year is 1775, and the colonies are rebelling against the new taxes imposed by Great Britain. Take control of one of seven factions and join the battle to seize key towns and forts. The game offers fast-paced multiplayer gameplay, with three scenarios to choose from, including the Siege of Quebec and the Short 1775 scenario.

The game has simple mechanics and offers great attention to historical detail. Enjoy playing solo against the challenging AI with three levels of difficulty or hotseat mode with up to four players. Cross-platform online play allows you to compete with other players on different devices.

Based on the award-winning board game from Academy Games, each player commands one of the factions that fought in the American Revolution. The game map features the original 13 colonies, plus Maine, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Each colony is divided into areas controlled by different factions.

The Continental Army, Patriot Militia, British Regulars, and Loyalist Militia are controlled by players, while the Allied French and Allied Hessian factions can be brought into the game through event cards. Victory conditions are checked in each round, starting from the third, and the game ends with victory points being tallied on round eight if no one has won before then.

Each faction has a deck of movement, event, and truce cards. Managing movement cards is crucial to executing successful maneuvers, with each faction having a specific number of movement cards in its deck. Truce cards serve as a timer and a powerful movement card, but both factions need to play their truce cards to end the game.

If you're a history buff or a fan of strategy games, you'll appreciate the faithful conversion of the original board game. Make sure to play on an iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air, iPad Pro or a newer device! Join the American Revolution today!
HexWar Games Ltd
Release date
Nov 03, 2016
Single player

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