Games12 Labours of Hercules VIII: How I Met Megara

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Play as young Hercules on a quest to save Megara's sister and her cat in this time management game with beautiful HD graphics.

Hercules VIII: How I met Megara is an extraordinary prequel to the beloved tale of the legendary Greek hero. This captivating game tells the story of Hercules' first ever adventure, where he embarks on a mission to help a beautiful lady he finds weeping on the shores. He soon discovers that her sister and cat have gone missing after the attack on Thebes, and the only hope of finding them lies in Hercules' heroism. Fueled by love at first sight, Hercules journeys through exotic lands, covering expansive territories including Egyptian Pyramids and ruins, glass labyrinths and formidable tombs. The game offers exciting, unique challenges on every level, with mesmerizing HD graphics that make the adventure even more immersive. Dig deeper and explore underground sub-levels as you progress. The game also allows a flexible gameplay strategy, where each puzzle has multiple solutions to choose from. In this game, players will experience classic time management gameplay, with the option to choose from three difficulty settings that cater to player preferences. The intriguing romantic story complimented with adorable kittens punctuates this game along with numerous other amazing features that players will enjoy. To concludes, Hercules VIII: How I met Megara not only immerses players in an enchanting story but also presents them with exciting challenges that they'll find irresistible. The game promises hours of fun-filled adventure, and ultimately players get more than they bargained for. Visit Jetdogs website to get this game. Follow JetDogs Studios on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about their incredible games.
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