1000 Word Search Puzzles

1000 Word Search Puzzles

Eery Lab
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Game overview

Relax with stress-free puzzles, improve vocabulary skills, find hidden words, and collect stickers in this challenging game. No time limits, hints available.

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Relax and de-stress with a soothing word game all to yourself. Enjoy a plethora of non-timed puzzles, ensuring that the fun will never come to an end! Enhance your lexical abilities with thousands of unique words incorporated into each level, never repeating a single one.

While it may commence with an effortless start, the game quickly delivers an escalating level of difficulty. Discover concealed words by sliding your finger over them vertically or horizontally, witnessing the letters collapse as you progress. Once all words are found, the grid will be cleared.

To make your golden moment even more rewarding, you can earn stickers by successfully completing levels and collecting all of the sticker packs available.

If you get stuck on any level, fear not! There are hints readily available to assist you in your quest. Exercise your brain with this marvelous game that caters to all ages, including children and adults. It offers a breathtaking visual experience, with no time limits to bring on added stress.

Key Features:
- Improve your vocabulary skills
- Over 1000 challenging levels with unique word styles and shapes
- Collect more than 40 sticker packs
- You'll experience increasing difficulty to match your progress
- Suited for all ages; adults and kids alike
- Stunning visual experience
- No time limits to cause added stress
- Hints to keep you moving forward.
Eery Lab
Release date
Jan 07, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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