Games100-Nichikan no Princess Mou Hitotsu no Ikemen Oukyuu
100-Nichikan no Princess Mou Hitotsu no Ikemen Oukyuu

100-Nichikan no Princess Mou Hitotsu no Ikemen Oukyuu

Game overview

Meet 12 charming princes, become a princess, and experience a sweet love story in the modern royal palace. Free-to-play with daily story tickets.

Another Ikemen Palace: 100 Days of Princess" is one of the most popular games from the romantic game series “Ikemen”, which has been played by over 20 million women worldwide. This game takes place in a modern palace where you will meet 12 charming and distinctive men, and embark on a sweet romantic adventure. With story tickets given for free every day, you can advance through the heart-warming stories that are sure to make every woman's heart flutter. There are plenty of exciting scenes like "Wall Slam" and "Chin Lift" as well. The game can be downloaded for free, and it is mostly free to play. Thus, everybody can enjoy this game and pursue the romance with the captivating men. **App Overview** **Storyline** "I am a princess for the next 100 days?!" You were just an ordinary OL until you got involved in an unexpected accident. What you find yourself in is the dreamland of "Wisteria"! As you spend your days as a princess and try to accomplish your dreams, you will also encounter a destined love brought to you by a glass slipper. "I will make you a princess, my dear..." As the limited-time princess experience approaches the end, what will you gain in the end? This is a special Cinderella story that is made just for you. **Characters** With twelve sophisticated and captivating characters voiced by 12 different actors, you can enjoy the romantic story in the palace. - Cain [Tyrant] (CV: KENN) He is called the "Wolf Prince" and is the tyrant second in line to the throne. Could there be a reason behind his harsh nature? - Noah [Calm] (CV: Shirai Yusuke) He is the third in line to the throne, and has a tendency to act indifferent towards everyone. What could be the reason behind his detachment? - Claude [Dangerous] (CV: Sato Taku) He is a dangerous, charismatic stylist with a hidden side to his mesmerizing smile. - Alan [Egotistical] (CV: Ishikawa Kaito) He is the captain of the royal knights, who is an egotistical man. What kind of love will blossom between you and him after you become a princess? - Louis [Mysterious] (CV: Tachibana Shin'nosuke) He is the first in line to the throne and has a beauty that fascinates everyone. What is the reason behind his somewhat melancholic expression? - Jill [Seductive] (CV: Majima Junji) He is an eloquent spokesman for the king, who is also the personal tutor of the princess. - Leo [Playful] (CV: Hino Satoshi) He is a flirtatious court bureaucrat. There seems to be a secret behind his carefree nature. - Zeno [Charismatic] (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) He is the young king of the neighboring country, Stein Kingdom, and his unshakeable nature serves as his absolute guidance. - Yuri [Mischievous] (CV: Kobayashi Yusuke) He serves as your butler and is called "the nation's idol" behind the scenes. What secret could he be hiding? - Sid [Fearless] (CV: Takeuchi Ryota) He is a mysterious personage shrouded in secrecy. Despite claiming to be an informant, he has a dark side to his identity. - Albert [Stodgy] (CV: Tezuka Hiromichi) He is Zeno's close aide and a knight in the Stein Kingdom's army, while also serving as the charismatic secretary. - Robert [Gentlemanly] (CV: Mine Nobuya) He is the palace's official pharmacist who, while researching medicines, becomes a confidant and adviser to many. **World and Avatar** Surrounded by many handsome men, you will lead the life of a princess, using adorable avatars that every girl will adore. With dresses and accessories to dress up in, immerse yourself in a romantic love story with handsome men that is reminiscent of your favorite romance comics or dramas. **Official Information** "Ikemen Series Official Website": "100Princess (Palace Series) Official Twitter": **Note** Play fee: Basic play free (item billing type)
Release date
Jun 05, 2014
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

【公式】100日間のプリンセス◆もうひとつのイケメン王宮 オープニングムービーイケメンシリーズ Official Channel
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