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1-800 SUPER" is a story-driven game where you give advice to superheroes and villains in a dystopian future. Expect dark comedy, drama, and unique playthroughs.

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1-800 SUPER is an iOS game that tells the story of a crisis hotline that helps superheroes and villains in need. In this interactive audio-drama game, you will be playing the role of a hotline operator who takes calls from these characters and gives them advice about their daily issues. With more than 15 different voices in English and German, and over 20 characters in the game, including superheroes and villains, you will be able to enjoy various subplots that add a lot of depth and excitement to the game.

The story of 1-800 SUPER happens in the year 2056, where you will be experiencing a dystopian future, similar to the world we live in, but with a lot of dark humor. As you play the game, the tone of the plot shifts between comedy and drama, which is inspired by classic superhero tales. You will witness the struggle between melancholic vigilantes and explosive supervillains, fighting for their goals with and against each other, while you play the role of the puppet-master that guides them through.

1-800 SUPER is a story-driven game, including a feature-length film of a main plot, carefully crafted to give you a unique experience every time you play. Additionally, the side events and social media feeds that are accompanying the game aim to create a new experience for every playthrough.

This game was funded and developed by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, and its award-winning sound design and an original ambient soundtrack adds more depth and authenticity to the gameplay.

1-800 SUPER is optimised for iPhone 6S and above and has been tested on iPad (6th Generation). If you are a fan of games with a compelling story, engaging visuals, and unique characters, 1-800 SUPER is a must-play game to add to your collection.
Release date
Sep 27, 2020

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