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Daisho: Survival of a Samurai

Shape your own legacy in ancient Japan! Battle ronin and ninjas, plan and construct your village, and make tactical decisions that shape history.

Daisho: Survival of a SamuraiColossi Games
Daisho: Survival of a Samurai offers players an engaging Action RPG experience set in the captivating Sengoku period of ancient Japan. The realm has been set aflame by the ruthless Oda Nobunaga, who aims to overthrow the weak shogun, and you are destined to shape your own destiny in this enthralling game. As the daughter of a samurai, you are responsible for safeguarding and rebuilding your homeland which has fallen victim to marauding ronin and cunning ninjas who take advantage of the turmoil. Embark on a fascinating journey where you must make crucial choices that will impact the course of history. Will you fight alongside the ambitious conqueror Oda Nobunaga, or join forces with another influential daimyo? This game is a blend of adventure, strategy, and historical narrative that will keep you engaged for hours. Daisho: Survival of a Samurai boasts dynamic combat where you can engage in fluid martial arts and swordplay that allows unrestricted movement. As you traverse diverse kingdoms steeped in rich history, there are hidden treasures to be discovered. Gather resources from farms, mines, and forests to create an extensive crafting system that allows you to tailor your weapons to suit different combat scenarios. Strategically plan and construct your own village, complete with essential crafting stations, to thrive and develop. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world of meticulously crafted 3D models and breathtaking animations with a distinctive artistic style that will leave you spellbound. Move beyond the mundane survival against zombies and embark on an extraordinary journey through the historical fantasy of the Sengoku era, a fascinating historical setting. In Daisho: Survival of a Samurai, you will navigate treacherous battles, masterful swordplay, and forge alliances that will shape the course of history. Are you ready to embrace the path of the samurai and leave an indelible mark on the ancient land of Japan? Keep updated on news and events happening in the game by following us on Facebook and Discord.
Glory Ages - Samurais

Experience tactical battles with intelligent opponents, numerous characters and weapons, realistic graphics, and atmospheric environments in medieval Japan in Glory Ages - Samurais.

Glory Ages - SamuraisNoTriple-A Games
Get ready to step back in time to medieval Japan with Glory Ages - Samurais. Engage in tactical battles with your samurai sword against highly intelligent opponents. With several equipment options and numerous locations, as well as an endless mode, this game promises an immersive experience. One of the standout features of the game is the advanced artificial intelligence of the enemies. Their intelligence shines through every move as they dodge your attacks, counterattack, and even block incoming blows. They react to the deaths of their comrades and use different gestures to communicate during the battle. Additionally, there is a variety of characters and weapons to choose from, with many realistic medieval Japanese weapons such as katanas and other swords. The game also features a large-scale tactical battle, where you have to think strategically to take down your foes while leveling up your experience and upgrading your equipment. The fury you build up during the fight can be used to destroy large groups of enemies in a critical moment. The game also boasts high-quality graphics and sound effects. The dynamic environment and thematic music create an immersive atmosphere. With ten different locations, you will experience various weather conditions, from winter cities to rainy swamps. Overall, Glory Ages - Samurais is a game that offers a thrilling adventure in medieval Japan. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to tactical sword battles, this game is sure to provide a satisfying experience.
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Demon Blade

Arm yourself with armor and equipment, sharpen your katana, and subjugate the demons in this action-packed RPG story. Join Clans and defeat raid bosses.

Demon BladeGarage51 Entertainment
Brave Demon Slayer, your help is needed urgently in a time of great peril. The moon has vanished, and the line between our world and the demon realm has begun to fade. We seek the most skilled and valiant Demon Slayers to rise to the occasion and save humanity. Do not forget to arm yourself with powerful armor and weaponry, sharpen your blade and prepare to subdue the monstrous demons. It is imperative that we hinder the corruption of the demon world before it spreads further, reaching and endangering Japan itself. Cut the fate of the yokais to save Japan from doom. The Demon Slayer's league will identify the mightiest and most heroic samurai, who will be awarded legendary objects of great value. Overcome multiple daunting dungeons with your companions and form Clans to confront the evil lurking within these lands. Your mission is to safeguard and rescue this world. A Demon Hunter's sword is sacred, his most treasured weapon, and one must not let it falter against the demonic beings inhabiting the dark dungeons. Fighting is the last resort to liberate Japan from despair. The call for action has sounded, Samurai. It is time to fulfill your destiny. Features: - Embark on a captivating RPG journey filled with charismatic characters, thrilling encounters, and raw emotions. Relish in this epic narrative on your personal device. - Transform into a Samurai and level up your character with better equipment. - Immerse yourself in meticulously designed action combat that you have never experienced before on a mobile device. With no buttons on the screen, it resembles a Souls combat system for smartphones. - Compete with other players for supremacy and earn the top spot on the Online Ranking. - Master the ultimate abilities of the Demons that are embedded within your Katana. - Form Clans and join other Samurai personnel to overcome more significant and formidable opponents. - Take on challenging Raid Bosses, recruit your Clan comrades, and defeat the dungeon Boss. - Discover a range of varied samurai armor that exist, and you will receive opportunities to seize several legendary weapons and protective gear. - The coolish art style of the game is based on Chinese ink and exemplifies traditional Japanese culture from the feudal period. - Unleash your competitive spirit with the PVP system and discover who reigns supreme - the most prominent Samurai. Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for more information about the game, and read through our terms and conditions and privacy policies before starting your adventure. Join us today and become a part of this epic journey with us.
Takashi: Ninja Warrior - Shadow of Last Samurai

Embark on an adventure as Takashi the ninja warrior and save Tochi from corruption in this hack n' slash RPG featuring unique weapons and boss battles.

Takashi: Ninja Warrior - Shadow of Last SamuraiHorizon Games Inc.
Experience the epic adventure of the brave ninja warrior, Takashi, in this revolutionary mobile game that boasts stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles that will surely keep you engaged for hours. This action-packed RPG game takes you on an unforgettable journey through the medieval ages with hack n slash and RPG elements, allowing you to become a fearless warrior assassin. Set in medieval Japan, Takashi Ninja Warrior brings the legend of blades to life as you fight against the corrupt forces that threaten your people. Armed with a lethal sword and a divine resistance inherited from the Arashi family, Takashi engages in sword fights, quests, and boss battles in the fighting arena, ultimately earning him the title of legendary ninja samurai warrior. Explore the beautiful world of Tochi with an interconnected map system that allows players to access far locations through secret paths leading to hidden valuable treasures. Engage in battles with different types of enemies such as beasts, witches, and ninjas, and choose your fighting style based on their unique behaviors. Upgrade your character, unlock weapons, strengthen your armor, and master the art of monster hunting in the Japanese battleground. With an inventory system that offers multiple perspectives on your player’s progress, loot, and upgraded skills, Takashi provides a non-redundant gaming experience. The game also boasts an extensive collection of unique weapons, each with its attributes and story, and a store where you can purchase potions, costumes, and other items to aid you on your quest. In this ultimate ninja assassin adventure game, players are tasked with saving their people from the chaos brought by King Yoko. Ending this chaos is in the hands of a blade warrior, and only you carry the fate of your people. With many wonderful levels, this strategy game lets you become a legendary ninja samurai assassin warrior. This game is not just an epic dark fantasy RPG dragon conquest, but also a real fight of a Japanese guardian hero to purify the evil lands. Are you ready to take on the challenge and become the champion shadow legend? Will you be the next Takashi, the hero your people have been waiting for? Download this game now, and let the adventure begin! We highly value your feedback, so please do not hesitate to share it with us.
Ronin: The Last Samurai

Venture down the Path of the Warrior in feudal Japan. Uphold your honor through visceral combat and battle bosses in Ronin: The Last Samurai.

Ronin: The Last SamuraiDreamotion Inc.
In a time where Japan was torn apart by wars, the land was filled with death and treachery. A disgraced warrior, a sole survivor, failed to save his lord. Determined to take revenge, he sets out with nothing to lose but his sword. # Parry and Slash Your Way to Victory! Console-Level Parry System Experience intense battles with the console-quality parry system on your mobile device. Master the precise controls of the attack and defend buttons to uncover the true excitement of awe-inspiring sword fighting! # The Basics of an Action Game: Frantic and Exhilarating Battles Become an accomplished hero by continually upgrading your skills and weapons. While the gameplay may seem simple at first, mastering it is a formidable challenge that requires dedication and practice. # Amplify Your Capabilities: Improve Your Characters, Pets, and Weapons Develop unique strategies by acquiring powerful weapons and various armors. Your skills and equipment choices can be the difference between life and death. # A Luxuriant Diversity of Ink Painting Depictions of Japan Marvel at the mesmerizing graphics influenced by ink wash-style art, with a distinct Eastern aesthetic that brings the game to life. # Breathless Battles Against Numerous Bosses! Think you have what it takes to withstand hordes of enemies? Even more formidable foes await you! Prepare for their powerful attacks, and study their fighting patterns. Master the art of the sword by surviving these tests of life and death, and emerge as the last samurai standing. Travel back in time through Japan's ink-painted history, and prepare for an unforgettable samurai experience with fast-paced combat in Ronin: The Last Samurai. Begin your journey, taking the path of the warrior today! PLEASE NOTE: Ronin: The Last Samurai is free to download and play, but be aware that certain in-game items can be purchased with real money. If you do not wish to use this feature, please adjust your device settings to disable in-app purchases. In accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, players must be at least 15 years old and have access to the internet to play. [Access Permission] During gameplay, we may request permission to access several services. If permission is not granted, the game cannot be played. ● Essential Access: – Photo/Media/Files: Required to save game files and data. We do not access your personal files or photos. ● To Revoke Access: – Android 6.0 or higher: Go to Settings > Apps > Permissions > Select a permission > Tap "Do Not Allow" – Android 6.0 or lower: Update the operating system to revoke access or delete the application entirely. [Customer Support] To contact us, go to Settings > Customer Support, or send an email to [Official Facebook Page] [Terms of Service] [Privacy Policy] ---- Developers: 4F, 10, Hwangsaeul-ro 335beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.
Ryuko: Legend of Shadow Hunter

Play as Ryuko, a last shadow fighter traveling through 5 corrupted regions to find her grandfather in Ryuko RPG, a offline ninja RPG game.

Ryuko: Legend of Shadow HunterMonstermob USA
Embark on a thrilling journey of a shadow ninja in Ryuko RPG and experience a blend of ninja warrior and samurai fighting gameplay. This action-packed game takes place in the corrupted regions of Kurome, where as a last shadow fighter, you face brutal monsters and epic boss fights in an open world adventure in order to find your grandfather. Ryuko Shadow Hunter:Ninja Game takes place in the feudal Japan, where a region called Kurome has been corrupted with greed and the hunger for power. The people of this region are shadow ninja warriors who have occupied neighboring regions, spreading their darkness. Taguchi Sensei, a samurai warrior, went to Kurome to end the corruption, but he was never seen again. That's when Ryuko, a young and brave shadow hunter, embarks on her journey in search of Taguchi Sensei. You will be presented with five corrupted open-world regions that are packed with enemies and fictional characters. In the first region, Black Eye Fortress, you'll learn the basic fight mechanics and stealth kill. You'll also learn about finisher moves, uninterrupted attacks, and using elixir and special abilities. This region acts as a tutorial level where you'll learn how to upgrade weapons, repair them, and level up character level. In Creek Garden, the second region, you'll face more brutal shadow warrior enemies. You'll explore a hunter's castle, a safe place to rest, and also face the first hunter in this region's battleground. Mangle Woods is a stealth region designed to be played in stealth mode, where you'll face fiery demon enemies that can only be killed with stealth attacks from the back. In Deserted Castle, you'll explore a vast and open region of Kurome facing more monsters, ninjas, fiery demons, and hunters. Ministry Town is where you'll face ministry hunters in battle arenas of this region. You'll have to defeat all the ministry hunters to free Taguchi Sensei. Throughout Ryuko RPG, you'll encounter detailed characters, discover landmarks, and uncover hidden beauty of Kurome. You'll use different kinds of swords, elixir, and skills to defeat different kinds of enemies. Every enemy AI is different and requires a particular strategy to defeat them. With realistic battlegrounds, fast travel and death moves, this game is perfect for mixing and matching ninja assassin and shadow fighting game skills. And since it's an offline game, you don't require an active internet connection. The game has many exciting features like character selection, many boss enemies, many types of swords and elixir, stealth mode, and realistic battlegrounds. As a last shadow warrior, your ultimate goal is to play as a brave shadow fighter, rescue your grandfather and end the corruption. This game is perfect for fans of Japanese RPG offline fighting games. If you're looking for challenging non mmorpg games with realistic graphics, then download this finest sword fighting offline game with samurai warrior enemies for free now and experience the pure fun of fighting gameplay. We are constantly improving this game, so your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Slash your way through Shurado's hell and collect over 130 weapons to strengthen your soul. Battle death and formidable enemies with intuitive controls.

ShuradoGANBARION Co., Ltd.
Experience intense battles depicted through stunning visual design. Embark on a journey as a resilient protagonist fighting his way through Shurado, an underworld of unending despair. Through multiple attempts and sheer determination, he scales the stairway to Shurado. Shurado is an action-packed game that revolves around slashing enemies. Players engage in battles against powerful foes, utilizing weapon attributes and careful observation of enemy movements. Enjoy an easy-to-use interface that utilizes a variety of tactical combinations. Perform attacks by tapping on the right side of the screen, and defend by tapping on the left. Activate special sword skills, accessible through specific screen taps. Open treasure chests to obtain new weapons, and collect spiritual fragments to strengthen and enhance them for tougher battles. With over 130 available weapons, players have a wide variety of options to explore. Shurado can be played to completion without any charge, though in-app purchases are available. [System Requirements] Devices must be at least Android 7.0 or higher for optimal performance. Some devices may not have full compatibility. Stable internet connection is recommended. [For support, contact us through our dedicated page] [Visit GANBARION's official website] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ©2017 GANBARION Co., Ltd.
Demon Sword: Idle RPG

Resurrected by the power of the Demon Sword, embark on an adventure in this oriental-themed RPG to strengthen yourself against bosses and enemies.

Demon Sword: Idle RPGNX PLUS CO.,LTD.
The Talhondae army heard rumors about the power of the mighty sword, Yo-do. His subordinates are searching for the sword and killing those who are interconnected. Meanwhile, the protagonist who stands against them falls to the subordinates' swords. However, in the process, the black dragon of Yo-do awakens and resurrects the protagonist for the cost of demanding the blood of monsters and humans. ▶ Coupon for Release Celebration - Enter the coupon code [Yo-do Sealing Release Celebration] and receive [Hero Grade Skills]! ※ The coupon is valid until February 28, 2023. ▶ Features of Growing the Best Swordsman, Yo-do Sealing - An idle RPG that incorporates Eastern aesthetic - Develop your own swordsman through various martial arts skills and equipment combinations - Acquire shields and reinforce them to infinitely strengthen your character - Attack the weak points of enemies by enhancing your attributes and challenge the bosses by their attributes - Obtain rewards by clearing the stage mode and dungeon raids - Communicate with others through the chat and ranking system - A system where players can earn rewards even when offline ▶ Official Game Lounge: ▶ Product Information and Terms of Use - Additional fees will be charged for purchasing paid items. ▶ Privacy Policy: ▶ Terms of Service: ⓒ NXPLUS & Rawhand All rights reserved. Developer Contact: Address: 2nd floor, 510, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06179, Republic of Korea Contact Number: 070-4435-9541 Business Registration Number: 765-86-01454 Telecommunications Sales Report Number: 2022-Seoul Gangnam-06226
Shadow Fight 4: Arena

Enter the ninja realm and become the shadow fight hero in this immersive 3D multiplayer fighting game with easy controls, PvE story mode, and epic heroes.

Shadow Fight 4: ArenaNEKKI
Enter the ninja realm and become an ultimate shadow fight hero in SF Arena, a thrilling multiplayer 3D fighting game. This game has been awarded the "Best Mobile Game of 2020" at the DevGAMM Awards and has received over 500 million downloads. The game's immersive 3D graphics and animations will transport you into the epic combat action. Use easy controls to maneuver your hero and experience a console-level battle on your mobile device. Choose to play against AI opponents in the compelling PvE story mode that brings you closer to the heroes and tells new stories in the world of Shadow Fight. Alternatively, form a team of three heroes and partake in fun multiplayer battles for an exhilarating experience. Only victory is achieved if you defeat all of the opponent's heroes in a battle, or you can fight against machine-learning bots for training. Build your own team of the best warriors, samurai, and ninja and collect and upgrade all heroes with unique abilities to suit your style. Upgrade your abilities and talents, level up and unlock cool ninja talents like in Naruto, and decide which style is the most fun for you. Join tournaments to win fantastic rewards and cool experiences, and chat with other players on Discord, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter to learn new secrets and get all the latest news. Choose a free download of SF Arena and discover the mystery of the shadow realm where only the toughest warriors survive. To ensure optimal functionality, a stable internet connection, or Wi-Fi, is needed to play online PvP games. Play this game for free, and become an epic ninja!
Cyber Samurai: Ninja Warrior

In a world of cybernetic enhancements and space travel, Cyber Samurai must save his comrade Elise from the evil Dark Grifter's ninja army.

Cyber Samurai: Ninja WarriorAsif Baig
In the futuristic world of 2105, humans have undergone incredible cybernetic enhancements that have given them amazing traits like heightened vision, strength, and intelligence. The traditional archetypes of Samurai and ninja have also undergone a profound transformation thanks to cutting-edge computer technologies. But with all this progress comes a dark side as well. Terrorists have also made use of these technologies to further their nefarious activities, targeting not just Earth, but the entire galaxy itself. Unfortunately, Elise, a promising starship pilot, has fallen into the hands of the notorious Dark Grifter and his army of ninja. Dark Grifter is a force to be reckoned with, an undefeatable fighter who seeks to dominate the galaxy using his powerful army of ninja. But before her capture, Elise managed to transmit vital information to the greatest warrior of them all, Cyber Samurai. The information contained in a holographic recording of Elise will prove crucial to the ultimate defeat of Dark Grifter. Cyber Samurai sets out on his perilous journey to rescue Elise and stop Dark Grifter and his army of ninja. Drawing on all his enhanced abilities and martial prowess, Cyber Samurai faces the toughest challenge of his life. As he discovers that Elise is being held captive onboard Dark Grifter's ship, he summons all his strength and skills to overcome the ruthless ninja and save his beloved friend.

Defend your home and defeat insane enemies with strategic skills, powerful disks, weapons, and gear. Show off your bravery and become the ultimate hero in this pulse-pounding game!

Prepare yourself to protect your territory from an insane wave of enemies in this thrilling adventure! An enigmatic girl has resurfaced and the responsibility to prevent the invasion lies on you. Flaunt your courage and establish yourself as the ultimate hero! Unleash Your Strengths: • Master the art of tactics with unplanned abilities that vary with every battle. • Acquire formidable discs to gain access to powerful ultimate abilities. • Equip yourself with an array of armaments and equipment, each possessing its exclusive traits. • Take on daunting bosses and overcome fresh challenges in each stage. • Exploit the power of science and reveal undiscovered mysteries to become even more invincible. Join the brawl and demonstrate your abilities in this exhilarating game! Discord:
Neko Samurai

Slash endless frog ninjas to become the legendary samurai cat in Neko Samurai, a fast-paced arcade game with intuitive controls, stunning 2D animation, and customizable features.

Neko SamuraiBit Egg Inc
Experience the thrill of being a legendary samurai cat and face countless hordes of frog ninjas with your trusty moew companion by your side in Neko Samurai! This thrilling arcade game demands lightning-fast reflexes, as players must engage in intense swordplay and masterful shuriken deflection to stay alive. Failure to do so may result in becoming nothing but a ghostly feline! The game is easy to get into, featuring simple and intuitive controls. Slice through endless waves of enemies using your preferred katana while avoiding the numerous threats that come your way. With stunning hand-drawn 2D animation and backgrounds, Neko Samurai is a beautifully presented game that will keep you engaged and immersed throughout your adventure. Customization is a key feature of Neko Samurai, allowing you to select your favorite katana and gravestone, as well as customize the background to match your style. It's an impressive game that will suit anyone looking for an action-packed and challenging arcade experience! Note that the game contains violent materials and is not suitable for children. Please refer to the game's rating to determine the appropriate target audience.
Sword Hunter

Stop thugs and rival gangs, sharpen your blades, hone your skills, and combine sword power with powerful skills to save the town.

Sword HunterPotato Play
The town that was once tranquil and peaceful, is now swarming with thugs and hostile gangs. As the hunter from the well-respected dojo, you're the only one capable of resisting the never-ending gangs of adversaries. Sharpen your blades, fine-tune your abilities, and equip yourself as you start an uncomfortable and hazardous mission. Use your heartless sword mastery and potent abilities to bring down your foes. -- FEATURES -- • Obtain incredible swords with remarkable ultimate abilities. • Gather and merge abilities that will assist you in a fight. • Obtain and enhance your character with powerful collections of apparatus. • Gain exceptional traits and enhance your stats by learning talents. • There are loads of unique places to explore and challengers to defeat. Test your strengths and go up against remarkable bosses with exceptional challenges! -- Support -- Are you experiencing difficulties or do you have any suggestions? Reach out to us at
Samurai Blits

Jump and slash through 8 environments, chaining combos for rewards and beating challenging quests. Equip gear wisely and compete with friends.

Samurai BlitsAfterlight Collective, Inc
Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure filled with constant action as you slash your way through countless enemies in this arcade-style game! Explore 8 stunning environments designed with detailed, pixelated graphics while engaging in combat to defeat your foes. Create epic combos to generate better rewards from each defeated enemy, but beware of incoming projectiles as they can cause significant harm. As you progress through the game, the challenge becomes increasingly difficult, but the rewards for your expert combo-chaining skills make it all worth it. Jump by tapping on the left side of the screen and attack by tapping on the right side. You can also double jump to reach higher areas or to escape dangerous situations. Get engaged in over 40 challenging missions that offer enticing rewards as you advance further into the game. Once you've completed them all, ramp up the difficulty and take on advanced quest modes for an even greater payout! Achievements are also a big part of the game, with more than 30 to earn throughout your adventure. Some even offer exclusive rewards! Use in-game coins to purchase new katanas, scrolls, pets, and other power-ups from the market. Equip yourself wisely to overcome difficult obstacles and challenges, ensuring success in your journey. Find and free P.B. for the chance to unlock two bonus games, offering exciting rewards of coins and special equipment. Enjoy the game's addicting and engaging gameplay, which you'll find hard to put down. With simple controls and the satisfaction of chaining combos, you'll be having a blast before you know it. Play against your friends in Game Center to see who can achieve the highest score and become the ultimate champion. Contact the support team at for any assistance you may need. Join the fun today and embark on an epic, retro-style adventure fused with modern elements to keep you entertained for hours on end!
Hordes of Enemies

Take on endless waves of enemies with swords, bats, and fists in Hordes of Enemies. Score high with simple tap and swipe controls. Optional blood effect.

Hordes of EnemiesPixel Envision Ltd.
Are you ready to face an ambush? Surrounding you, there's nothing else to do but to fight in one last stand. Can you survive the fight? Experience the pleasure of defeating your enemies mindlessly. Give it a try! Hordes of Enemies is an endless single player horde/wave survival high score game, perfect for presenting moments of entertainment. With simple tap or swipe based controls, anyone can easily pick up and play without requiring complex tutorials. Hordes of Enemies includes three beat 'em up scenes inspired by movies to play, and each one has different enemies, such as: • The Last Samurai, where a samurai and his katana are used in hack n slash against an army of ninjas. • Zombie Apocalypse, where a girl and her bloody baseball bat against the waves of undead. • The Chosen One, where the hero must face countless amounts of agents in a brawl fight. The game features: ▸ Optional Blood Effects ▸ Game Services - compete on the leaderboards & achievements ▸ Cloud Save - sync across all your devices ▸ Haptic Feedback - optional for added immersion on supported devices ▸ MFi game controller support ▸ Fully localized into 12 languages ▸ Gorgeous retro pixel art by Gustavo Viselner ▸ Original music by Stuart Duffield In-app purchases are entirely voluntary, and you can play the whole game without buying anything. Moreover, we wanted to create a simple and fun game that we would play ourselves, and we hope that you will feel the same and enjoy it too! If you like our game, please take a moment to rate & review it on the Play Store. Additionally, we have planned on adding more scenes in the future, so your input would assist us greatly.
Samurai II: Vengeance

Samurai seeks revenge on his arch-enemy across the war-scorched land in a stunning action-packed hack 'n' slash game with RPG elements.

Samurai II: VengeanceDeca_Games
In Samurai II, the main character Daisuke embarks on a perilous quest for revenge that unfolds across a war-torn landscape. The journey takes him from a seafaring village to a flying fortress and all the way to the fabled Isle of the Dead. His quarry? Arch-nemesis Orochi, against whom he will stop at nothing to achieve retribution. Will justice be served? This sequel has been hotly anticipated, building on the success of its predecessor which was favorably reviewed for its aesthetically pleasing manga-style graphics and fast-paced, bloody gameplay. Samurai II offers even more action and a revamped control system that is intuitive to pick up. After a dedicated year of development, the overall production values are top notch, and the frenetic combat is on par with that of console 3D button-mashers. Screenshots don't do Samurai II justice: its smooth and silky gameplay has to be seen running at a flawless 60 frames per second. Beyond appearances, this game offers deep gameplay mechanics, with several improvements implemented based on fan feedback. Players can expect a more seamless experience with the new virtual d-pad, dynamic camera perspectives, environmental puzzles, traps, and an array of new enemies. These combined features result in a unique and absorbing hack 'n' slash experience. More than just a mindless button-masher, Samurai II features RPG elements that reward skilled players. You can upgrade the Samurai's health, unlock new attack combos, and work to perfect them to become even deadlier on the battlefield. The hand-drawn, anime-style comic panels that appear between levels provide a compelling tale of the samurai's journey. The comic panels are quite captivating thanks to their original artwork. Hardcore gamers will appreciate the new survival mode which pits the samurai against waves of enemies. The game's original soundtrack adds to the intensity of the action, building to a crescendo. Samurai II boasts an advanced AI system that is comparable to console games. The Goal Oriented Action Planning architecture used in many PC and console games keeps the battles fresh and unpredictable, so you will have to stay nimble to keep up. Join the active and thriving community at MADFINGER Games for first-hand info about the game, exclusive contests, rewards, and much more. Stay up to date on their social media channels to never miss out on news: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. If you have a question, check out the support section on Madfinger Game's site.
Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, an action RPG game tied with the iconic series finale where you can defeat Aku forever!

Samurai Jack[adult swim]
Are you ready to become the legendary Samurai Jack once again, wielder of the katana and the greatest warrior of all time? Team up with characters like the Scotsman, Scaramouche, and Sir Rothchild to take down Aku and end his sinister reign forever in this action-packed RPG, featuring the voices of the original cast. Your path is uncertain, and the very fabric of time and space hangs in the balance as you journey through the ages, meeting enemies old and new. You'll have to defeat ninja henchmen and train in over a dozen different weapons if you hope to be strong enough to face down the ultimate foe. Travel through unforgettable moments from the award-winning show, from a dystopian future to the very depths of time, facing off against everything from monsters to robots. With your choices shaping the destiny of the world, create your own legend as you immerse yourself in the untold adventure that awaits. So don your sword, embrace your destiny, and become the hero that history has been waiting for. Whether you're a long-term fan or a newcomer to the series, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time presents one of the most unique and iconic gaming experiences on Apple Arcade today!

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