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Prey Day: Zombie Survival

Survive a zombie apocalypse after an unknown infection destroys most of the population. Fight off zombies and other survivors while uncovering the cause of the outbreak.

Prey Day: Zombie SurvivalGreenPixel Ltd
A deadly infection, whose origin remains unknown, was unleashed in 2033 and claimed countless lives. Prey Day dares you to enter an online, multiplayer, top-down shooter survival game set in a gigantic city in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The virus reduced the majority of inhabitants to zombies or mutated organisms that roam the streets. Will you be one of the few survivors standing strong against the odds? You will have to face hunger, thirst, and the search for other survivors while crafting your own shelter from materials retrieved from the world around you. Tasked with exploring the root cause of the infection, you will explore the darkest corners of the city to acquire unique armor and weapons. You will have to build vehicles to access secret areas, while fending off rival survivors looking for resources to add to their collections. The world of Prey Day is an extensive open-world environment, which allows you to create cooperatives by forming clans, unlocking new craft items, and rare items. Battle against competing players all wanting to live through the apocalypse by claiming bunkers and establish your clan settlements, which can be used for military actions. Crafting new gear and weapons will be necessary to defend your territory. To complete your missions, you will need to enter Harbortown, go down into the subway, visit the mountains and national parks at the edge of the city, and trek through other dangerous areas. RPG and survival elements mixed with PVP and co-op options bring joy to the high-stakes gameplay of Prey Day. The world is in chaos, and it is up to you to build or destroy within this fascinating and thrilling game of survival.

Join the Wolfpack in a solo story mode or pvp multiplayer and shoot your way to survival. Over 40 weapons and realistic graphics make this game a must-play.

Are you ready to take on the best award-winning action-packed zombie game with great gameplay, epic storyline, and easy controls? Join the league of over 30 million players who have already downloaded this game. The creators of popular zombie games, Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2, are behind this game's success, boasting a massive 160 million downloads globally. In this thrilling solo combat mission, you will have to fight for your survival in over 150 missions that come with an epic plotline. You'll face unique zombies and bosses, including SHERIFF, DODGER, MINESWEEPER, BUTCHER, and more. The smooth FPS shooter action comes with approved control systems that hundreds of millions of players worldwide swear by. This game comes with support for a wide range of gamepads. Get ready for endless hours of FPS online multiplayer action in the zombie game. Take on players worldwide and build your zombie army to survive in a world where almost everyone is dead. With Skirmish Ops, anything is possible, so go to war against other player's bases and enjoy asynchronous multiplayer. Choose from over 40 weapons in five classes, beautifully designed in FPS view. The LSAT machine gun, SAIGA-12K shotgun, and the M24 sniper rifle are just a few examples of the guns available in this game. Customize your character and guns with loads of skins and design your hero with customizable skills and loadouts. The graphics in this shooter game are insanely insane! Unkilled - Zombie Game FPS pushes the frontier of what is possible on mobile devices! Enter the epicenter of a zombie apocalypse in New York City in this multi-award-winning game. Select one of five characters and join the elite wolf pack team, assigned to combat the zombie apocalypse and find out what caused the cataclysmic plague. Take time out to challenge your friends to online PvP multiplayer games. This game has a console-quality FPS shooter that over 240 million players from worldwide love. Since 2010, MADFINGER Games is at the forefront of developing FPS action shooter games for mobile. Download one of the best zombie games on the market and join the fight against the zombie apocalypse. Zombie FPS Shooter forever! Join the MADFINGER Games community to stay updated! Check out their Facebook page, seek support from the Unkilled Support, follow them on Twitter, or subscribe to their YouTube channel. Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2, Shadowgun, Shadowgun Legends, Shadowgun War Games, Monzo, and Unkilled are MADFINGER Games 2020 trademarks.
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Dead Blood: Survival FPS

Survive hordes of zombies in a Wild West setting with weapons and essential equipment crafted from scavenged resources.

Dead Blood: Survival FPSCrazy Panda FZCO
Step into the wild west and challenge yourself to a nerve-wracking battle against hordes of brain-hungry zombies in this first-person shooter game, Dead Blood. Brace yourself for an intense experience as you fight for survival in a perilous world that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking to stay alive. With a wide range of weapons at your disposal, including guns, bombs, and melee weapons like the old fella club and Scandi axe, you can take down the zombie horde any way you please. Explore your surroundings and scavenge for resources to craft better weapons and equipment to aid your survival. Thankfully, you'll have a few surviving companions to guide you at the start, including the mayor's daughter, Elsa, and Henry, the local gunsmith who will provide valuable insight on blueprints and weapon production. Felix from the tailor shop will also come in handy for repairs and crafting. The immersive Wild West setting is stunningly designed, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. From The Hunt scavenging adventure to looting resources and completing special orders from the mission board, there are many ways to survive in this unforgiving world full of zombies and other dangers. Dead Blood is not just a zombie survival game; it combines the best elements of the Wild West genre with thrilling gameplay. The captivating storyline, stunning graphics, and intense gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. Stay stealthy as some of the undead can hear and smell you, and even call on others to fight you. Don't wait too long to indulge in the action-packed adventure of Dead Blood. Your blood is pumping, and the wide-open range is waiting for you to explore.
The World Has Gone

Lead your team in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies in an action-packed shooter with survival and co-operative elements in The World Has Gone.

The World Has GoneOzuma Ltd
In The World Has Gone, you will experience a dystopian world that has been taken over by zombies. This game will require you to lead your team and safeguard your base against the relentless zombie horde by gathering resources, searching for survivors, and completing missions to upgrade your base defenses. The game is a survival and co-operative shooter where you can team up with AI teammates to accomplish missions and battle against different types of zombies. It is set a couple of years after a viral outbreak that has transformed most humans into vicious zombies. Your home base is the only refuge in this dangerous world, which is why it is vital to protect it at all costs. You must rely on your skills to gather resources and upgrade your base wall defenses to withstand the attacks of the zombie horde since you have no access to military aid. As your base expands, you'll need more resources like wood, metal, and power, necessitating the completion of missions to gather supplies and bring them back to your base. The game requires a team of up to four members for each mission, and each member has their unique weapon, which can influence the outcome of the mission. If a character falls during a mission, they will take time and resources to recover at the home base. Therefore, it is critical to build a strong team where each member complements each other's strengths and weaknesses. The zombie horde is comprised of different types of zombies, including Gas Zombies, Fast Zombies, Tanks, and Juggernauts. Each type of zombie has its characteristics and requires distinct strategies to defeat. As you charge through hordes on each mission, you must bring the firepower and fight for survival. Overall, The World Has Gone is a challenging and thrilling game that necessitates strategic planning, resource management, and teamwork to make it through in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. Will you be able to lead your team to safety and shield your home base from destruction?
Box Head: Zombies Must Die!

Box Head is a unique, action-packed roguelike game with good graphics and a small size. Test your skills and creativity while exploring a world of zombies.

Box Head: Zombies Must Die!Migoi Games
**Description** Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind action-packed roguelike game that will put your gaming skills to the test. With stunning graphics that won't take up much space on your device, around 100MB to be exact, Box Head is the perfect game for those with older Android devices. As you navigate through the game, you will need to think creatively about how to take down the zombies that have invaded the world of Box Head. Learn their weaknesses and get to know the best ways to kill them. Box Head is an ideal game for players who don't have a lot of spare time, but still want to experience the thrill of a challenging game. Every move counts as you explore the world of Box Head, and each level is designed to test your gaming sense and skill. Get ready for hours of entertaining gameplay as you explore the world of Box Head and fight off hordes of zombies. With its unique gameplay and stunning graphics, you won't be able to put this game down.

In Undawn, survive a post-apocalyptic world filled with infected and other humans in an expansive open world. Explore, rebuild, arm yourself, and squad up to fight for survival.

UndawnLevel Infinite
Undawn is an open-world, survival RPG available for free on mobile and PC, created by LightSpeed Studios and published by Level Infinite. The game takes place four years after a worldwide disaster, where the planet is ruled by infected creatures. In this PvP and PvE game, players must face both the infected and other human factions to survive in an apocalyptic wasteland. The vast open world of Undawn boasts an impressive level of detail, made using Unreal Engine 4 and is designed to challenge players to overcome the elements and keep themselves alive. Players must pay attention to their hunger, body type, vigor, health, hydration, and even mood. The environment will also have an impact on these characters’ survival indicators. Undawn offers players the flexibility to customize their character's appearance and outfit with a plethora of choices. Players can interact with others to trade weapons and resources, fight for their resources, and protect their home and allies. Players must learn to craft tools, build their shelter, and use different weapons to survive as they explore the distinct terrains of the world, each with different ecosystems. Players should remember that they can encounter the infected at any point, an enemy that can result in the end of their character's existence. Players can also discover special game modes through environmental items, embattled strongholds, and dynamic weekly events and side quests. Players can also rebuild their world by creating their base of operations. The free building system holds over 1000 types and styles of furniture and structures, providing players with everything they need to make their settlement grow. Players can search for other outposts, form alliances and fight together against the infected. Players can squad up with other survivors as part of the Raven Squad, living each day and night between the two meanings of the raven-symbol of death and bad omens, or insight and prophecies. There are different factions in the new world to fight against, each with its own rules of survival. Players must always protect their home and allies from all odds with various weapons and armor. Besides regular weapons, players can use melee weapons, drones, decoy bombs, auto turrets, and more to level the playing field. Players can also pick from over 50 types of vehicles, tailored-to-environment tactics, and dominate different infected zones found throughout the game.
Tegra: Post Apocalypse Survival

Tegra: Zombie Survival is an addictive post-apocalyptic open-world game with combat, survival, crafting, house building, quests, leveling, and exploration mechanics.

Tegra: Post Apocalypse SurvivalAvega Games
Tegra: Zombie Survival is a captivating game that immerses players into a dystopian universe that's filled with endless hordes of the undead. The game's mechanics are intertwined to include activities such as collecting resources, creating weapons, combatting zombies, and building your settlements. The fight for survival is the core aspect of this game. Fending off zombies, treasure hunts, boss fights, scavenging for food, and collecting resources keep the game exciting and engaging. Every quest in Tegra: Zombie Survival has a unique story, alongside daily quests and mystical weather phenomena that affect the environment. Creating a homestead is a fun and creative side of the game that has different challenges and rewards. Players design and enrich their settlements by adding furniture, constructing buildings, and ensuring sustenance. There are a plethora of resources littered throughout the game world. Players search for and collect crystals, loot crates, chop trees, and mine stone, coal, and iron to create both weapons and food. Leveling up the character, discovering hidden artefacts, achieving accolades, and acquiring weapons provide players with a strong sense of gratification. Tegra: Zombie Survival's vast open world provides an immersive adventure that's packed with secrets, NPCs, various scenic locations, and trophies to explore. Fishing is also a fun activity to engage in and further enhances the exploration aspect of the game. If you are a fan of highly captivating and action-packed games, Tegra: Zombie Survival is the ideal choice for you. With its highly addictive gameplay, extensive open world, and riveting storyline, this game ranks as one of the best games of its category. Download Tegra: Zombie Survival now and experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement of the post-apocalyptic life!
Zombie Virus

Zombie Virus: fight blood-thirsty zombies with advanced gear, realistic weapons, and skills to survive in the city destroyed by the virus.

Zombie VirusClegames Inc.
Experience the ultimate survival thrill in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by blood-thirsty zombies with the Zombie Virus game. Arm yourself with realistic weaponry, explosive firearms, and advanced gear to defend against the relentless walking dead and survive in a city destroyed by the zombie virus. Show off your sniping and hunting skills as you take down zombies in numerous stages and defeat strong boss zombies throughout the game. Choose from dozens of classic weapons to suit your fierce mood and shoot down zombies as you work to destroy the dangerous zombie virus. Zombie Virus is a compelling zombie-hunting game similar to Free Fire that guarantees to hook you instantly in its zombie-themed world. Experience an exciting gameplay with realistic 3D zombies and cool shooting graphics. Zombie Virus offers limitless stages with various types of zombies and giant boss zombies appearing in each stage. Unlock, merge and upgrade classic guns from the game's vast collections to defeat the zombies lurking in the shadows. This offline game features different modes such as Zombie Stage mode, Zombie Defense mode, PVP mode, Boss mode, and many more. Be a savior, set your target on the dead, pull the trigger towards zombies, and rescue yourself and your team. Perfectly optimized for even slow devices, Zombie Virus is an offline zombie shooting game that's available anytime you want to play. Supporting a wide range of languages such as EN/CN/FR/PT/ES/DE/IDIT/RU/TH/TR/VN/KR, downloading the Zombie Virus game now for free is more accessible than ever. Experience a stable gameplay by allowing access to READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. Step into the world of Zombie Virus and fight off the zombie invasion now!
Zombie Waves

Survive the zombie apocalypse alone or with friends. Fight terrifying monsters, customize skills and gear up for epic boss battles.

Zombie WavesFun Formula
Enter a world overrun by flesh-eating monstrosities and navigate the dangers lurking around every corner in this post-apocalyptic horror game. You'll need to stay alert, as the infected will stop at nothing to overwhelm you with their sheer numbers from the moment you set foot in this unforgiving landscape. To survive, you'll need to rally like-minded companions to your side as you uncover the truth behind the outbreak. Every step of the way, you'll be challenged to test your skills and push yourself to the limit. The gameplay features responsive one-handed controls, allowing you to easily defend yourself against the horde as you progress through the game. With 100+ unique roguelite skills and ultimate abilities, you'll be able to craft tactics and synergies that help you stay one step ahead of the competition. As you move through the game's many different stages, you'll begin to understand just how dark and dangerous this new world really is. You'll face an array of grotesque bosses, each one more formidable than the last. But with smart strategies and a steely resolve, you'll be able to cull the hordes and become a beacon of hope in humanity's darkest hour.
SleepWalkers: Zombie War

Multiplayer online survival shooter game SleepWalkers challenges you to fight zombie hordes, gangsters, and bandits in a post-apocalyptic open world with friends, using a variety of characters and weapons.

SleepWalkers: Zombie WarLethe Studios
Experience the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world, where zombies, gangs, and bandits rule the land. Brought to you by SleepWalkers - a massive multiplayer online role-playing game designed to push players to their limits. SURVIVE AGAINST ALL ODDS Enter a world where zombies outnumber humanity and brutal gangs and bandits roam free. Take up arms and choose from a wide variety of characters and weapons to battle against these threats. Join forces with friends and improve your community to rise as a hero in this shattered world. ONLINE AND OFFLINE MODES Get ready for a thrilling multiplayer experience where you can battle against players worldwide. Alternatively, complete missions offline without an internet connection. Sharpen your skills and prove yourself against zombies, enemy troops, and bandits to rise higher in the ranks. A MASSIVE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Discover a detailed open world map, ready to explore either solo or with friends. But, be vigilant at all times, as danger lurks around every corner in the form of zombies, gangs, and bandits. Collaborate with others or go it alone; the choice is yours! VARIOUS CHARACTERS AND WEAPONS Choose characters that fit your play style and upgrade them to suit your needs. From skin-crawling zombies to well-equipped troops, rise to the challenge! Arm yourself with diverse weapons, each with unique abilities to gain the upper hand in battles. DIVE INTO A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE Join the fight against zombies and help shape the course of this world. Experience terrifying maps and engaging missions with friends or solo. Define your role and become the hero humanity desperately needs. Fun Fact: Can you be the hero this world needs? *** Website: Instagram: playsleepwalkers Twitter: @LetheStd Twitch: lethestudios Reddit: r/LetheStudios Facebook: @lethestudios Discord: Lethe Club *** View our Privacy Policy: View our Terms of Use: ©️ 2022 Lethe Studios. All rights reserved.
Zombie Train

Survive the zombie apocalypse on a train, craft resources, fight wild animals, and bosses. Build a shelter and defend yourself from zombies.

Zombie TrainPlaydarium
Welcome to the World of the Zombie Apocalypse, where the deadliest virus has infected the planet and left you to survive. Your objective is to move around on a train to collect resources and create necessary items for your survival by building a train bunker. This first-person survival game offers a range of features that will keep you intrigued throughout the gameplay. You will face the challenge of hunting wild animals and zombies during the day to stay alive, craft materials for survival, and complete exciting quests. You need to find necessary items scattered around abandoned cities, fight the unskilled zombie bosses, and build a shelter to protect yourself from the zombie apocalypse. To keep you engaged, the game offers an exciting storyline that will keep you hooked and fighting hard for survival. You must figure out the reason behind the unexpected attack of the undead and reach a safe place to avoid getting infected. Upgrade your shelter and train to enhance your safe zone and gain more resources and equipment to fight against the zombie invasion. Collect resources from different locations and craft workbenches for the production of materials. You can also create powerful weapons and armor for your protection to take on zombie bosses and survive. The game takes you on an exploration journey to abandoned cities, dark forests, and dangerous mountains. You will encounter zombie enemies everywhere and need to be prepared to face them head-on. The game is packed with challenging action sequences, ensuring you are always on your toes. In Zombie train - survival games, you are the last survivor in a world infested with millions of zombies, mutants, and monsters. You need to gather your friends to build a z shelter and defend yourself against zombie hordes. Make new routes, craft weapons, shoot at zombies, and try to survive in the Zombie World. It's a mobile online RPG game that lets you join online survival games with your friends. Overall, Zombie train - survival games is a thrilling survival simulator with a range of features that will keep you engaged for hours. If you are a fan of post-apocalyptic survival games and love the thrill of fighting against deadly zombies, this game is worth checking out.

Survive in a biochemical land by blasting zombies and monsters in a hot and cool roguelike shooting game, with various characters, weapons, and skills.

In this action-packed pixelated game, you will enter a world where survival is the key. Fight against hordes of zombies and blast them away in this thrilling roguelike shooter. As you embark on this journey, choose your favorite characters from a pool of 5 heroes with distinct superpowers. With 21 new territories to explore, this game will keep you engaged for hours on end. Arm yourself with 12 super powerful weapons as you navigate through the biochemically-infested terrain. To add a personal touch to your journey, you can also choose from 12 beautiful fashions to make your character stand out. To reflect different growth strategies and genres, you can randomly match up to 20 skills during battle. With each encounter, choose the best skill to tip the scales in your favor. The seamless controls and amazing visual effects will keep you on the edge of your seat as you rip through zombie after zombie. Get ready to defend your home against the zombie hordes and emerge as the last survivor standing. So, bring it on and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled ride!
Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night TerrorPID Games
Live or Die: Zombie Survival

Live or Die: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games is a post-apocalyptic game that combines RPG, shooting, and survival elements. Explore, gather resources, craft, build, and defend against zombies.

Live or Die: Zombie SurvivalNot Found Games
In Live or Die: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games, you must survive in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with zombies and scarce resources. This exciting game combines elements of survival simulators, RPGs, shooting games, and action. The game begins after the last day on Earth, evoking memories of Days Gone's zombie apocalypse. To survive, you must explore the open world, build and upgrade your shelter, create base defense, build a motorcycle, gather resources, craft, complete zombie apocalypse quests, kill mutants, and try to live through this shooting game's post-apocalyptic landscape. Follow the survival rules to ensure your survival. Live or Die Zombie Survival Games offers an extensive range of features that will keep you entertained: ⭐ Over 100 items ⭐ Apocalypse survivor quests ⭐ Exploration of bunkers ⭐ Raids on other survivors If you want to survive in Live or Die, follow these survival rules ⛏️ Gather resources using an axe, pickaxe, or other tools. Resources can be found in places close to the shelter, in chests found while exploring or in the dead. Use wood and stone to construct your shelter. While you explore the open world, find important resources such as tools, weapons, and other survival essentials. 🏹 Take up hunting and grow food Avoid starvation by starting to hunt. Plant and grow your crops to ensure you have enough healthy food to survive. ⚔️ Create survival tools, armor, and weapons This game is unpredictable, and your victim can always become a hunter. Create powerful weapons like AK-47, M4, SVD, Revolver, UZI, Glock, etc., to protect yourself and ensure your survival. 🏗️ Build and upgrade your shelter Pay attention to the condition of your home building as this will help you survive in an open world game full of zombies. Bring your shelter to a state of survival. The construction system in this zombie game does not limit you. 🔝 Upgrade your survivor You can increase your survival chances by improving and crafting armor and other supplies, which are available in resource locations. 🛡️ Defend your shelter or set up a base defense You must fight to stay alive in this shooter game, whose elements of survival are like DayZ from a third-person perspective. With zombies now joining the mix, it is essential to develop and fight for your life more fiercely. They will attack your building, and there is no place to run, so get ready to defend your home and shoot. 🗺️ Explore the open world One feature of this shooting game is the ability to build a motorcycle. Military bases, airplane crashes, bunkers, abandoned shelters, other survivors, mutants, and other unique features can all be found as you explore the open world. As you explore, you can find resources and upgrades for your shelter and motorcycle. ☣️ Discover the history of life after survival in the apocalypse After an unknown cataclysm converted the world into a desert veiled in a dawn of zombies, the last of us are searching for shelters and other survivors with whom to unite. In this zombie game, your task is to discover what happened and how to save the world from the zombies. If you adhere to all survival rules, you may see life after the apocalypse. This game can be played without Wi-Fi or an internet connection. ⏲️ Coming soon in our adventure game: ⭐ Pets ⭐ Free PvP Multiplayer with friends ⭐ Large settlements where you can communicate with other players shooter games; ⭐ Clan bases, where you can build a base with friends and attack other clans, remaining from the last day on earth ⭐ This game will become a multiplayer zombie game with PvE quests, allowing you to survive online ⭐ In a clan, you can raid on bosses and hunt mutants Join us in an adventure with zombies and shooting in Live or Die: Zombie Adventure. Live or Die: Zombie Adventure Facebook: If you encounter any technical problems or have complaints or suggestions to improve the game, please send them to We will read your letter and respond to you as soon as possible.
Zombie Gunship Survival

Control an AC130 gunship and annihilate hordes of zombies in Zombie Gunship Survival. Upgrade weapons, fortify your base, and fight for survival.

Zombie Gunship SurvivalFlaregames
Enter an apocalyptic world full of terror and horror with Zombie Gunship Survival. Become the commander of the formidable AC130 gunship to wipe out waves of bloodthirsty zombies. You are one of the few remaining survivors tasked to defend the base against relentless waves of zombies. Your job is to provide necessary support to your team by unleashing destruction and devastation with the gunship. Prepare to be immersed in an intense and thrilling adventure as you upgrade your arsenal and equip your gunship with powerful weapons. You will be the key to protecting and providing cover to your comrades by eliminating zombies from the skies. The zombie game offers a collection of features that provide excitement and intense gameplay. You will experience first-person shooter combat against challenging zombies with unique abilities. Strategize and maximize your survival chances by upgrading your AC130 gunship and weapons to become a legendary weapon collector. Strengthen the defenses of the base by collecting resources and rewards to hold off the zombie invasion. Take part in weekly events and use a variety of weapons to claim legendary rewards and wipe out zombies. The Zombie Gunship Survival community brings together survivors to share strategies, tips, and tales of horror and adventure. You can connect with fellow survivors and immerse yourself in a deadly zombie game world filled with horror, excitement, and fun. Embark on a journey into a world of horror, adventure, and excitement with Zombie Gunship Survival. Humanity's fate is in your hands. Will you emerge victorious in the battle for survival against the unstoppable zombie hordes, or fall helplessly? Download and play the ultimate AC130 gunship zombie game on Google Play now. Zombie Gunship Survival is free to download and play. However, some game items can be purchased for real money. If you do not wish to use these features, disable in-app purchases in your Google Play settings. According to our Terms of Service (, Zombie Gunship Survival is restricted to persons 16 years or older or with explicit parental consent. Read our Parental Guide here: By accessing or using a flaregames product, you agree to our Terms of Service.
Zombie Frontier 3

Fight against lethal zombies in this realistic 3D apocalypse world and survive more than 120 challenging levels with different weapons.

Zombie Frontier 3Feelingtouch Inc.
An injurious vaccine has unleashed a potent virus that transforms people into zombies. The virulent virus has initiated a zombie outbreak putting the lives of humans at risk. Those who have managed to survive the outbreak must battle through this war to evade death. Assume the role of a zombie slayer and navigate through a range of demanding levels! Test your competency in this world filled with zombies! Come face to face with zombies with state-of-the-art weapons in this FPS survival game! REALISTIC FPS SURVIVAL Unleash into a real zombie warzone: Splendid graphics in a super realistic 3D world, ideal for aficionados of horror and shooting games. Transform into a skilled zombie slayer and showcase your shooting abilities to survive in over 120 levels! A WIDE RANGE OF ZOMBIES AND WEAPONS The game features 5 daunting bosses, 60 primary missions, numerous secondary missions, 2 DLC maps, and various special events that are celebrated at regular intervals. Choose from more than 30 diverse guns to obliterate zombies, including an MP5 or AK47, a shotgun, and even a menacing grenade! As ammunition is scarce in a post-apocalyptic world, it is crucial to strategize and conserve ammo by landing headshots. Amplify your weapons and gear to become a sturdier survivor and confront more challenging enemies! The apocalypse is upon us, so participate in this game and emerge a hero by fighting against the undead! Will you run for your life or shoot your way out of this zombie invasion?
Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Defend your brain against legions of zombies with an army of plants in this action-strategy game. Battle across 11 worlds and compete in arena mode.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About TimeElectronic Arts
Embark on an exciting experience combining action, strategy, and adventure in this popular game, where you will encounter and battle an army of comical zombies from various eras. From prehistoric times to the present day, you must gather an army of extraordinary plants, energize them with Plant Food, and prepare a winning plan to defend your head. Explore a huge collection of plants and zombies, including noteworthy favorites such as Sunflower and Peashooter, and other creative blooms like Lava Guava and Laser Bean. Face a plethora of challenging zombies at each twist, such as Jetpack Zombie and Mermaid Imp, all while protecting your brain from rapacious Zombie Chickens. Groom your plants into mighty defenders with the help of Seed Packets earned while playing. Utilize them to strengthen attacks, boost defenses, hasten planting time, and even develop entirely new abilities. Bolster your plant unit to sweep those zombies off your lawn! Test your zombie-slaying tactics in the Arena against other skilled players. Compete in unique levels and strive to achieve the highest score. Rise on the leaderboards, level-up through Leagues, and triumph as the ultimate garden protector while earning coins, piñatas, and other amazing rewards. Travel through time and space and confront daunting foes in eleven distinct and exciting worlds, from Ancient Egypt to the Far Future, and beyond. With more than 300 levels, difficult endless zones, entertaining mini-games, and daily Piñata Party events, there’s no shortage of challenges to conquer. Be on your guard to face the most challenging foes of all - Dr. Zomboss awaits you at the end of each world! Accept EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement to play. User Agreement: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Visit for assistance or inquiries.
Plants vs. Zombies

Protect your home from fun-loving zombies with 49 zapping plants and 50 fun-dead levels. Battle unique ghouls and grow your arsenal to survive.

Plants vs. ZombiesElectronic Arts
Prepare yourself to protect your house from an attacking horde of cheerful zombies. Take advantage of your arsenal which consists of 49 plants that are capable of eliminating 26 types of zombies such as cherry bombs, wall-nuts, and peashooters. Ensure that your gate remains unbroken by taking them down before they break in. If you do not want to make any in-app purchases while playing, you may disable the feature in your device settings. With over 30 game of the year awards, this app is undoubtedly a user favourite. Embark on a daring adventure and tackle all 50 levels and terrains with dominant zombie forces, be it daylight, nighttime, fog or when they are concealed in water. With the Survival mode, fight off zombies to your heart’s content. The zombies you will encounter are not your garden-variety ghouls, as they are equipped with unique skill sets. Be quick on your feet and plant even quicker in order to combat them all. From battling zombie pole-vaulters to bucketheads and snorkelers, each zombie presents a challenging new obstacle. Acquire familiarity with the Almanac on zombies and plants to help you strategize against them. Be cautious of how you expend your resources as your supply of resources such as greens and seeds is limited. The zombies’ insatiable love for brains means they will dance, run, jump and swim over to eat whatever plants stand in their way to get into your house. Your survival depends on your wits. Expanding your arsenal sets you up to fight longer and get stronger, earning yourself 49 powerful perennials while also amassing coins to buy power-ups, pet snails and much more. Provisioned for 46 awesome achievements you can boast of your prowess at zombie-zapping. If you need to purchase coins for better things, coin packs can be bought from the Main Menu, offering up to 600,000 coins. This game looks to be better than the original Mac/PC downloadable game. Stay up to date on new deals, game updates, tips and much more by visiting, following them on and liking them on while watching them on When playing this game, you must accept EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Inquiries or assistance can be found at Please note that EA can retire online features or services at any time after providing notice with 30 days’ notice posted on This App contains direct links to the Internet. Importantly, ensure that you review the EA’s Privacy and Cookie Policy and User Agreement.
The Walking Zombie 2

Survive the zombie apocalypse while completing story quests and leveling up skills in this offline FPS/RPG, with crafting, vehicles, and a karma system.

The Walking Zombie 2Alda Games
The world that you'll be entering in Walking Zombie 2 is a bleak one where a zombie apocalypse has occurred. Born into this post-apocalyptic world, survival will be your number one priority as you fight against different types of zombies, bandits, and boss monsters. Take on story and side quests, level up your abilities and strengths, buy and sell equipment, and interact with survivors in this mobile FPS/RPG game that can be played offline. Combining survival RPG and first person shooter elements, the game offers numerous quests and various weapons with different ammo as you battle against the zombies who rule the world. You can use melee weapons, grenades, and guns to take them out, all while healing yourself with food and medkits. Each completed quest will earn you better equipments, improved skills, and perks that make your character even stronger. You have the choice to increase the number of hit points, improve your lockpicking skills, or reduce fuel consumption and limit the influence of the undead on the planet. The game boasts features such as a single player post-apocalyptic FPS set in a polygonal graphics style, a karma system where your moral choices affect the gameplay, a variety of stories and side missions, and numerous weapons, protective gear, and other equipment to suit your survivalist needs. Enjoy optional crafts and building in the game's open-world part, weapon skins, traders in settlements, car and truck rides, and humorous mini-games. You play as the chosen one, blessed with the gift of immunity to the zombie virus, and destined to save the world. However, your story starts on a tragic note. Team up with allies and uncover the truth about your birth, while searching for a cure to end the zombie apocalypse. The game keeps expanding, with new content being added to introduce new mechanics of crafting tables and other tools to ensure your survival. Your actions in the game can also lead to hostility from certain survivors such as bandits, corrupt politicians, cultists, and gangs, on top of the zombie enemies. With these challenges, you'll need to keep on fighting and enduring. Are you ready to take on the challenge of survival against the zombie apocalypse? Play Walking Zombie 2 on your mobile device today!
Dark Days: Zombie Survival

Survive a zombie apocalypse in Dark Days - build your shelter, craft weapons and take on hordes of the undead in a post-apocalyptic world.

Dark Days: Zombie SurvivalAzur Interactive Games Limited
The face of Earth has changed dramatically. A mysterious epidemic nearly eradicated mankind, leaving them to fight for their survival. The majority of the populace was transformed into ravenous zombies. When the apocalypse began, the cities were swiftly overrun by the undead. Nuclear bombs were launched by the military in an effort to contain the outbreak, but it was far too late. The epidemic had spiraled out of control. Without hope, humanity fled the cities in search of shelter away from the walking dead. The people worked to establish reliable shelters in the new post-apocalyptic world, where they could live out their final days. Combat the walking dead, accumulate resources, and construct your shelter to endure in Dark Days, a tactical survival shooter. Dark Days blends the best of both shooter and survival games into one game. Your mission is to establish your final shelter, amass resources, forge weapons and gear, and destroy hordes of zombies desperate for human flesh in the aftermath of the apocalypse. Survive until the bitter end and provide hope for rebuilding the world. Gameplay: - Build and improve your shelter - Collect resources - Forge weapons and gear - Unique graphical design - Vast open world - User-friendly controls - Complex item creation systems - One-of-a-kind rewards for bunker completion - An abundance of weapons and gear. The post-apocalyptic environment is overrun with hordes of crazed zombies waiting to be slain! ======================== COMPANY COMMUNITY: ======================== Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
Stay Alive: Zombie Survival

Join the fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Build your base, raid others, and compete for rewards. Stay alive!

Stay Alive: Zombie SurvivalDesign IT Ltd.
Join the ranks of thousands of players in one of the most thrilling zombie apocalypse games out there. Battle for survival and avoid becoming one of the undead! The game's setting takes you through a world ravaged by an unknown infection that destroyed the majority of humanity. The dead rose from their graves and became zombies, with only a few immune survivors left to defend themselves. Embark on a journey into a hostile world where things have changed dramatically. Upgrade your character and gear up with new tools in order to survive in this action-based RPG. Are you the one everybody looks up to who can make it through this challenging time? In a zombie defense, ethical dilemmas take center stage. How far are you willing to go to stay alive? Will you be the one to make it through these inhumane conditions? Your base is your fort, so make sure to take care of it! Fortify your walls, floor, and build traps to protect yourself and survive. Constructing machine tools for production and utilizing resources to defend yourself are just a few of the things you will need to do to survive in these survival games. Join forces with ruthless mercenaries to defend your base. In this online survival game, hone your survival skills and lead your mercenaries to attack other players' bases. Attack other bases and loot valuable resources. Take what you can find and make yourself stronger. Your objective is to grow into an invincible post-apocalyptic survivor! An arena is waiting for you in the decimated city. Use your best zombie shooting skills to stay alive there, and you'll be rewarded generously. Discover the details of the incredible catastrophe that led to the apocalypse, as well as the intriguing backstory. Find hidden locations, fix your car, and continue your journey through the dangerous wilderness. Trying to get to the top of the leaderboard in multiplayer survival games like Stay Alive? Participate in a variety of contexts to obtain valuable rewards. The higher your rank, the better the prizes! New events will occur from time to time, allowing you to acquire unique rewards and rare resources. Have a lot of fun and don't miss out on the opportunity to partake in the Stay Alive zombie game!
Zombie Hunter: Killing Games

Use your sniper rifle to save survivors, hunt zombies, and prevent the apocalypse in Zombie Hunter, a realistic and funny fps game.

Zombie Hunter: Killing GamesViva Games Studios
In Zombie Hunter, you must fight against a new zombie plague using your trusty sniper rifle. Your job is to hunt and kill zombies, save innocent lives, and prevent the apocalypse from happening. This exciting first-person shooter game requires you to be quick and resourceful in your attacks. You are the last hope in this war! With dozens of levels and diverse areas to explore, you can constantly improve your skills and weapons to become the best sniper in the city. Your mission is to rescue survivors and exterminate the undead, using your sniper rifle, machine gun, crossbow, or even gunship. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate the zombie plague once and for all. In this engrossing game, you'll have a number of exciting features to work with. For instance, you can use your sniper rifle to hunt zombies from a rooftop, helicopter, or street view, all the while using different supplies to help you in battle. As you progress, you'll be rewarded with coins that enable you to upgrade your existing weapons and purchase new ones, like a crossbow, bazooka, revolver, or even a gunship! Simply take part in special missions to unlock them. Another exciting feature in the game is being able to fight alongside your dog. By shooting special boxes, you can unlock different dogs to help you in your zombie hunting journey. Use them to track zombies and improve the girl's stats. Your ultimate goal is to protect survivors from zombies, who will be trying to escape. Use your weapons strategically, and try to stop the undead before they attack innocent people. The better you get at aiming and shooting, the higher your chances of earning rewards. Do your best to not miss any targets, and you'll get extra coins to enhance your weapons and stats. Zombie Hunter is a 3D zombie shooting game that promises reliable survival gameplay, with authentic and realistic scenarios and levels. Play it today, and help stop the apocalypse!
Zombie Hunter: Mobile Shooting Game

Zombie Hunter Offline Games is an action-packed shooting game with challenging matches, puzzles, creature variations, realistic graphics, and weapon diversity. Survive and build your shelter!

Zombie Hunter: Mobile Shooting GameVNG GAME STUDIOS
Get ready for an action-packed offline game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! If you’re searching for a shooting zombie game that you can play anywhere without an internet connection and without paying to win, then ZOMBIE HUNTER - Offline Games is the one for you! Created by the makers of other popular zombie games like Dead Target, Sniper Zombie 3D, Dead Warfare, and Mad Zombies, Zombie Hunter - Offline Games promises to take the zombie game genre to the next level. In this game, you will enter a world of zombies where you'll have to use your shooting skills to take them down. With challenging game matches, this game tests your resolve and strength as a hunter. Additionally, the game is story-driven, offering you endless shooting offline mode to hone your skills on a variety of dead targets and mad zombies - both crawling on the floor and ceiling. Be warned, there are puzzles and hidden treasures to find, so you'll need to use your brains along with your brawn to succeed. The zombie virus is unpredictable and dangerous, and so are the zombies in this game. Fat zombies, jumping zombies, mad zombies, toxic unkilled zombies - they are all over the place, and there's no place to hide. Zombie Hunter - Offline Games offers a broad range of zombies to discover with different types of weapons. You will have a variety of guns to choose from, including sniper, cyber gun, pistol gun, bow, machine gun, and more. Shoot them down, and protect yourself from the huge variety of zombies that can come at you at any given time. The game features realistic and stunning graphics that enhance the gameplay experience. This zombie game is a great time killer on your phone or tablet for when you don't have access to wifi or an internet connection. You can save data and play offline games! At the same time, you will also need to build a shelter to ensure your survival. In conclusion, Zombie Hunter Offline Games is the ultimate zombie hunting experience. It's an addictive offline game that boasts a thrilling gameplay, stunning graphics, challenging missions, and a realistic and stunning cyber environment. You can download it for FREE and be ready to kill all the dead targets. And if you want to play online, you can do so and socialize with other players and get amazing rewards. Don't wait any longer - start your journey as a hunter of the undead today!

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