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No Place for Bravery

Play as Thorn, an aging warrior on a mission to find his lost daughter in a harsh world. Fight your way through battles in this 2D action RPG.

No Place for BraveryGlitch Factory
Embark on a perilous journey with Thorn, a seasoned fighter who has faced countless battles and is now on a quest to reunite with his beloved daughter in a world torn apart by chaos. In this action-packed 2D top-down RPG, you must utilize your agility to evade and deflect enemy attacks while delivering swift and lethal strikes in response. As you travel through the unforgiving landscape, you will encounter fierce enemies and engage in intense battles filled with bloodshed. But amidst the chaos lies a hauntingly poignant story of Thorn's determination to bring his family back together. The path to redemption is paved with danger and unforgiving battles, but with every challenge overcome, Thorn draws closer to his ultimate goal. Master the art of sword fighting as you explore the perilous world, filled with ancient ruins and abandoned cities teeming with danger. Push yourself to the limit as you face off against unforgiving foes, using cunning tactics and lightning-fast reflexes to emerge victorious. Thorn's story is a gripping tale of love and loss, and the lengths a father will go to protect his family. Will you be the one to guide him through his trials and reunite him with his daughter?
Cyberlords - Arcology

Take control of the Augmented Resistance in Asgard Arcology to fight against the corporate security forces in this sci-fi RPG.

Cyberlords - ArcologyHandyGames
Enter the world of Asgard Arcology where citizens are living in fear because of security forces employed by the corporate heads. In this game, you get to play as the leader of the Resistance and take charge of saving the world from total surveillance – all while enjoying an AD-FREE experience. This science fiction RPG offers real-time combat with four team members. You can even use the tactics mode to pause the action at any time, giving you complete control. The game has four levels of difficulty, so there's something for everyone, no matter your skill level. To survive in this world, you can improve your skills with biomechanical augmentations, which will make you stronger and better in combat. You'll have access to over 20 different weapons, including blades, guns, grenades, and mines, to help you succeed. Specialize your team members in stealth, combat, or hacking skills to make every mission a success. With many achievements to hunt down, you'll never run out of challenges. The year is 2173, and the world is controlled by massive megacorporations, leaving people with no political power. However, they still have control over their own bodies, thanks to NanoGear implants that grant superhuman abilities. Your goal is to lead your four-man team of augmented cyber-warriors on infiltration missions. Hack into camera systems and computer terminals, take over security robots and lure enemies into ambushes with mines and sentry guns. Whether you prefer stealth, clever tactics, or brute force, the choice is yours, and never forget: the future lies in your hands. Are you ready to take on this mission? Play Asgard's Wrath and become the Resistance leader the world needs!
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Party Hard

Party Hard: A tactical strategy game where you kill loud partygoers using traps, explosions, and stealth, in semi-procedural environments, all while avoiding getting caught.

Party HardtinyBuild
Are you tired of noisy neighbors partying all night long? Instead of calling the authorities, take matters into your own hands in Party Hard – a tactical strategy game that follows a string of killings at parties across the United States. The developers of this game – previously known for creating family-friendly games – created a demo during a game jam that became the basis for the full version of Party Hard, backed up by TinyBuild and available on Steam! In Party Hard, you will navigate semi-procedural environments and use a variety of unique killing methods to eliminate unsuspecting victims and avoid getting caught. Prove your sneaking skills by silently picking off victims one by one, while still blending in with the crowd and dancing during suspicious situations. This game features a (not so) serious story that takes players on a murderous journey across multiple destinations in the USA. With 19 unique levels, each including random variations, Party Hard offers diverse scenarios to play through. Make use of traps, explosions, ninja-like abilities, and even special random events – like having a bear come in and do the dirty work for you. Be cautious, however, as the actions you take can trigger the arrival of the DEA, SWAT teams, paramedics, firefighters, and other authority figures, which will only hinder your killing spree. Choose to play as one of the five unique and unlockable characters available in Party Hard: the sleep-deprived guy, a ninja with smoke bombs, a cop who can carry dead bodies around without suspicion, a girl who can knock out people, and a butcher with a chainsaw. With Party Hard, you can even stream and play on Twitch, allowing viewers to interact with your gameplay. Be prepared for your followers to wreak havoc by calling in more guests to join the party, requesting SWAT teams, unleashing Sharknados, and causing even more chaos. Join the party in Party Hard, and show everyone how to really let loose!
Clan N

Master martial arts and fight enemies across 7 levels with ​unique magical abilities in this fast-paced arcade-inspired beat'em up, Clan N.

Clan NCreamative
Enter the world of Clan N and embark on a journey to bring peace back to the land. This action-packed beat'em up game will challenge your skills as you dodge, block, and unleash light, heavy, and special attacks on your enemies. Striking an ancient far east theme, Clan N offers seven different levels with various adversaries and challenging mid/end level bosses to defeat. Combining the classic gameplay of arcade games with modern brawlers, Clan N packs a punch. With over hundreds of sections divided into seven main levels, you can play alone or with up to four bot players to progress in the engaging, fast-paced story. The game features four central characters that make up the ancient samurai group known as Clan N. These are Akira, the lightning bolt shooter, Reina, the staff master and shaman, Daiki, the dual-sword wielder and tornado-maker, and Tarou, the sickle-slashing and dragon-summoning monk. Clan N's journey begins when former Clan N samurai Akuji destroys peace in the land by slaughtering villages to acquire dark powers. Following his banishment from the temple and Clan N, he formed Seishin Gun, a spirit group to help him conquer the lands. But the tables turn when Clan N discovers Akuji's wrongdoings and sets out to stop him. Reina and Daiki both grew up in a southern samurai clan as siblings. Reina, not formally taught the ways of the clan like her brother, mastered the staff and became one of the first shinobi shamans in the land. Akira, on the other hand, is a childhood friend of Daiki, adopted by the clan's leader after wandering in the outer lands. Finally, Tarou, a monk from Akuji's previous temple, teams up with the existing three Clan N members to take down Akuji and restore peace. Immerse yourself in Clan N's slick, clean pixel-based graphics and accompanying far east-inspired music and sound effects. Master the art of battle, choose your hero, and fight against Akuji and his spirit group to bring harmony to the land.
Endless Wander

Reopen the portal and save your sister in Endless Wander, the mobile-first, challenging, and visually stunning roguelike RPG with infinite replayability.

Endless WanderFirst Pick Studios
Novu, your hero, has a chance to save his sister who is trapped inside a Portal that was sealed for years. Moreover, there is an opportunity to recreate the Wanderer's Guild that once flourished in the land and vanished due to unknown reasons. Endless Wander is an offline roguelike Role-Playing Game that features an efficient and demanding gameplay style. The game has retro pixel art design, and the developers intended to offer an indie vibe. You can experiment and craft the perfect in-game character by combining weapon abilities and magical runes. There are multiple player characters to unlock and upgrade, exploring an unfamiliar world filled with fierce enemies who offer infinite replayability in a roguelike style. You will need to employ your combat skills, as the game is not easy. The game is not for the weak in spirit, and players will experience intense real-time action combat, which will put their skills to the test. The game uses simple and reactive touch controls, which enable players to fight merciless enemies and bosses more efficiently. Additionally, seamless auto-aim helps players to target opponents. Endless Wander's visuals are stunning, with a variety of beautifully handcrafted pixel art environments and characters. The game has a captivating original soundtrack that changes seamlessly to match the game's mood and time. The offline game can be played anytime, and players can use cloud saves to ensure they do not lose their progress on all their devices. Endless Wander is an exceptional and meticulous game that brings the soul of PC indie roguelike games. Even if you are a beginner to this genre of games or have played numerous pixel dungeons before, you will enjoy and appreciate Endless Wander. Finally, this game is the first one release from First Pick Studios. If you are interested in this game, you can follow the development process on Twitter or join their community Discord channel.
Arcane Vale

Explore, level up, and fight your way through the open world of Arcane Vale, uncovering secrets and discovering treasures.

Arcane ValeMyles Panayiotis
Embark on a dangerous and thrilling adventure to fulfill your father's legacy and unveil the whereabouts of a hidden bounty. Enter a vibrant and expansive open-world full of deadly creatures and arcane mysteries. Gain the trust and admiration of the local denizens as you complete quests and assist them along the way. Upgrade your skills and equipment to aid you in your quest to overcome the powerful and lethal foes that await you. Traverse through treacherous caves and crypts, and vanquish the formidable bosses that bar your path, all with the goal of unearthing the long-lost secrets and buried treasures of the past. Encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique tales and backgrounds, and earn their favors by aiding them in their endeavors. As you travel deeper into the world, discover hundreds of new items to aid you in your quest, from weapons and armors to potions and food. Ascend to new heights as you level up and master your skills, allowing you to craft and utilize even stronger tools and equipment. Don't forget to give us a follow on our Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep updated on the latest news and developments. Join a community of adventurers and enthusiasts on the official Arcane Vale Discord, where you can discuss strategies, share tips and tricks, and connect with fellow players. Are you ready to dive into this thrilling and captivating world of wonder and mystery?
Dream Land

Survive on an unknown planet by building bases, recruiting allies, researching technology, and fighting enemies in real-time PvP battles.

Dream LandWonderLand.Ltd
As your spaceship lands on an uncharted planet, it is clear that survival is your only goal. With the vast and quiet desert surrounding you, it's up to you and your team to make sure you plant crops and gather resources in order to endure the planet's challenging conditions. Your skills must be continuously improved, resources gathered, and your spaceship repaired and strengthened to enable a safe journey back home. Establishing a Base • A diverse set of individuals can become part of your team, each willing to contribute their knowledge and skills to your base's growth and management. • To achieve better alliance support and more resources, it's essential to construct and upgrade several buildings.  • Faster construction of spaceships and weapons can be achieved by researching new technologies. Assistance from Allies • Defeating the enemy becomes more feasible if you join forces with your allies. • By broadening your knowledge base, collecting mineral energy, and fortifying your territory with advanced technology, you can make progress quicker. • Join the league of peaceful defenders to maintain harmony. Battle Mode • Massive, real-time PvP battles await on the planet's extensive world map! • Establish powerful troops and forces to be unbeatable.  • Annex the territories of hazardous creatures and enemy lands to extend the alliance's territory. Multiple Duties • To survive the barren alien planet, you must plant a variety of crops. • You can construct a sturdy foundation by mining minerals. • Hunt for animals to replenish your physical resources.
Ultra Blade

Ultra Blade: Beautifully brutal. Rogue-like RPG, wield weapons against mutating enemies. One-touch controls. Endless mode, 27 arenas, 12 heroes and 5 classes.

Ultra BladeKyle Barrett
Ultra Blade is a thrilling roguelike RPG game that will leave you craving for more gameplay. SNAPP Attack defines it as beautifully brutal, while TouchArcade describes it as a blend of Vampire Survivors and Dark Souls. In the game, players become the wielders of colossal weapons and struggle their way through impossible odds by slashing away at endless hordes of mutating enemies. The best part is the vast selection of hero and class combinations that you have at your disposal, with each unit possessing a unique appearance and abilities. The game unlocks 1000s of combinations, making each round feel different from the previous one. To play the game, players only have to drag to move and auto-attack, then release to execute a heavy attack. Swiping enables dodging. The game's controls are simple, but one's success depends on how well they build their champion. You can infuse a bow with flaming bolts, generate earthquakes with slashes, or summon blizzards with your shield. The possibilities are endless. Ultra Blade has been developed for short sessions that are loaded with action. Core features include the one-touch control scheme and challenging, skill-based combat mode, and there's an Endless Challenge Mode that refreshes every hour. The game features 27 unique arena gauntlets to master and 12 extraordinary heroes that players can unlock by fulfilling various challenges. There are five main classes, namely; Bow, Shield, Greatsword, Gun, and Staff, along with the option to mix and match with hundreds of weapons available. Players also get to access 15 meta-changing relics that they can unlock and improve. Mutating enemies that change their behavior and combat style keep things exciting, and the game's soundtrack is thrilling. In conclusion, Ultra Blade is an exciting game that combines different features to that of many other games in the RPG genre. It's worth giving it a try, and with more features planned for the future, it promises to remain exciting and unpredictable.
Shadows of Dungeon

Descend into the Shadows of Dungeon, a unique Roguelike RPG where you must defeat hordes of monsters, improve your skills, and unlock new heroes on your journey.

Shadows of DungeonOneGameOneWish
Shadows of Dungeon is a captivating Roguelike RPG game that invites you to embark on a thrilling adventure by choosing from a range of heroes at the start of the game. With your chosen hero, your mission is to combat hordes of monsters and save humanity from peril. Enjoy an immersive gameplay experience as you transverse the unusual locations while honing your skills and sharpening your character. Every level in Shadows of Dungeon is unique and generated such that you encounter different random rooms and bosses each time you play. This means that you have to brace yourself every time for the unexpected. You'll have to defeat monsters that inhabit the most reclusive corners of the dungeon to progress, but the more you fight, the stronger and more skillful you become. The game offers a vast array of items that come with unique combinations. You'll get to learn several types of magic and mix them in cool combinations to find the most effective one that fits your mission. As you progress, you have the opportunity to upgrade your hero's abilities and acquire new characters with more advanced skills to take on the enemies in the dungeon. Each upgrade earned offers new talents and characteristics that enhance your gaming experience to the fullest. With every class unlocked, you get the chance to study your adversaries and understand their techniques to better counter them. You have to be strategic, tactical and persevere to navigate the changing challenges of the game. Remember, the darkness in the dungeon is not permanent; stand firm and give it your all. Get ready to immerse yourself in a fantastic adventure that will test your strength and challenge your intellect; the salvation of humanity is in your hands!

Afterplace is a fluid, open-world adventure game without waypoints, full of hidden treasures and monsters, designed for mobile devices, and made by a solo developer.

AfterplaceEvan Kice
Embark on a thrilling journey with Afterplace, an adventurous mobile indie game that takes place in a vast open world containing hidden artifacts, secrets, and creatures lurking in the woods. Get ready to engage in epic battles against treacherous monsters and interact with dubious characters, all from the convenience of your mobile device. However, be warned that the forest conceals many dangers, and not all paths are clear-cut. Dungeons and labyrinths are tucked away in the most remote corners of Afterplace, and navigating them will require your unwavering determination and perseverance. Experience Afterplace's seamless and immersive gameplay, specifically designed for mobile devices, with no virtual buttons to interfere with your playing experience. You can move your character and launch attacks by touching your device's screen, and by tapping objects directly, you can interact or strike back. If you are more comfortable with traditional controllers, you can use two thumbs to simulate the buttons. Afterplace's gameplay adapts dynamically to your playing style, enabling you to pick and pause the game at your convenience while maintaining all your progress. Afterplace is the brainchild of a single creator, Evan Kice, a former software engineer from Austin TX, who quit his job to create this masterpiece. Evan began crafting Afterplace in early 2019 and released the initial game version in December 2022. Evan is devoted to enhancing and refining the game and plans to continue supporting it in the future. Download Afterplace today and dive into an unforgettable gaming experience.
Wonder Land

Survive on an unknown planet by building a strong base, improving skills, and collecting resources. Unite with allies, research technology, and fight in PvP battles.

Wonder LandWonderLand.Ltd
Embark on a thrilling expedition where you'll witness a spaceship carrying the last hope of the human race land on a mysterious planet. Embrace the challenges of the never-ending, tranquil desert where your primary task is to struggle and thrive by perpetually planting crops and extracting resources. The survival of humanity is at stake; hence we must endeavor to refine our skills, accumulate more resources and most importantly repair the spaceship that will transport us back to our cozy abode. Constructing the base is a fundamental aspect that must be meticulously carried out to ensure our survival. Every member has distinct expertise, and it's our responsibility to build a robust base that accords with their individual skills. Build and upgrade diverse facilities to enhance our collective strength and acquire more resources. Extensive research must be conducted to forge ahead technologically for speedy spaceship construction and weapons formation. Collaboration with allies has a significant role to play in our quest to defeat our foes; hence we must work synergistically to protect our alliance. The constant research of technology, gathering of mineral energy, and fortress reinforcement all work towards the achievement of our goal. Joining the cause of defending peace is our ultimate objective. Dive into the exhilarating battle mode that comprises of real-time player-vs-player (PVP) battles on a colossal world map. Build a robust troop and forces that are capable of annihilating any enemy. To expand alliance territory, annexation of dangerous space creature's domains and enemy territories must be undertaken. Survival on an alien planet comes with multiple tasks that must be meticulously undertaken to ensure we thrive. The planting of different crops that guarantee our existence, mining of minerals used for constructing our mighty abode, and hunting animals to serve as a supplement to our physical resources. Be bold, embrace the challenges and conquer the unknown planet to ensure the survival of humanity.

Survive and fight unique enemies in a top-down, pixelated world. Play solo or with up to five friends and enjoy building and nature.

BeastriaCryothink Lite
Embark on a thrilling survival journey with a twist of pixelated artwork and top-down gameplay. Battle against an array of quirky and exciting foes that will put your skills and strength to the test, and if you need a break, take a breather in the serene and lush environment around you while engaging in the joy of crafting your own world. Take on this challenging quest on your own or team up with up to five other players to brave through this unforgiving survival realm.
MineGeon: Space Mining Dungeon

Descend into unique mines, gather resources, encounter enemies, and sell loot for weapons and abilities in this planet exploration game.

MineGeon: Space Mining DungeonKickStone Studio
As a player, you will find yourself landing on an unfamiliar planet, completely oblivious to the surroundings. The journey unfolds as you embark on a perilous descent into the isolated mines, where each level represents a fresh set of challenges, plentiful minerals, and hostile foes guarding them. The game brings you a range of opportunities to trade in your resources in exchange for exciting upgrades. The list includes diverse weapons, power-ups, exclusive abilities, and much more that can aid you in your journey. Throughout your journey, you will uncover numerous treasures in the form of "Loot," symbols of your triumphs in the game, adding a personal touch and feel to each level.
Otherworld Legends

Fight through dungeons with distinctive heroes and countless builds, enjoying retro pixel art and multiplayer while revealing the long-buried secret of Otherworld Legends.

Otherworld LegendsChillyRoom
Welcome to Otherworld Legends, the incredible pixelated roguelike action RPG! In this game, you'll be enlisted as a warrior and you'll have the opportunity to explore stunning worlds such as peaceful bamboo forests, grandiose dungeons, and even mirage palaces, all filled with fierce battles and epic challenges. Choose among a variety of heroes, each one having their unique fighting style, whether it's melee, range, or magic. You'll encounter an immense variety of monsters and bosses, like towering knights and spooky zombies, as well as cute creatures that won't hesitate to attack you. To succeed in this game, you must collect bizarre and funny items and create the perfect item build that suits your playing style. But be aware, the randomly generated dungeons are booby-trapped, and you'll have to fight unknown bosses and hidden enemies that lay in wait. Otherworld Legends is very easy to play, and its intuitive controls are perfect for smooth punchy combat. This game is full of countless possibilities where you can mix and match items to create your perfect build, indulge in secret rooms and shops, and unlock abundant rewards to become the ultimate hero. With its unique mix of 2D and 3D retro pixel art styles and hand-drawn animations, Otherworld Legends offers an exquisite gaming experience. Moreover, if you're a multiplayer fan, you can team up with up to four friends and battle monsters shoulder-to-shoulder. Or, if you don't have Wi-Fi, no worries, you can enjoy offline battle anywhere and anytime. So, join the adventure in Otherworld Legends and become a powerful warrior by unlocking all the mysteries and secrets beyond this realm. Don't forget to connect with Chillyroom, the game's developers, via their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to stay tuned-in on the latest game updates and news.

Craft, battle, and quest your way through a nefarious plot of world domination and become more powerful in an expansive RPG-style game.

CrashlandsButterscotch Shenanigans
Crashlands is a game that has been praised as a masterpiece by TouchArcade, and it has won numerous awards such as Game of the Year and Action Game of the Year. The game is about the story of a Galactic Trucker named Flux Dabes who gets stranded on a strange planet of Woanope after a chin-strapped alien called Hewgodooko derails his cargo shipment. In your quest to retrieve your packages and escape from the planet, you will encounter an evil plot to conquer the world. Woanope is filled with sentient life, where you can learn recipes, build your home and tame creatures to become your friends and allies. With over 500 craftable items, you can explore the vast world and discover its secrets. The game has an intuitive inventory system that manages itself, meaning that you never have to worry about space or retrieving your tools. As you progress through the game, you will become more powerful by creating more amazing items. The RPG-style character progression system allows you to venture to new regions of the world, meet strange characters, discover new stories, and encounter new enemies. You must learn the attacks of the enemies, and use your power, agility, and wit to defeat them. You can even craft gadgets to help you in combat, such as setting your enemies on fire, stunning them, slowing them down, and more. Building a base in Crashlands is simple and fun, where you can create beautiful and sprawling bases in just a few minutes. You can even tame creatures, incubate their eggs and craft special items to help grow and empower them. Crashlands has an enormous world, with hundreds upon hundreds of quests, four sentient races, three continents, and an epic bid for the future of the planet. With so much to do and discover, you can take your time to dive into all the sidestories of the characters or rush headlong into making that special delivery. The game has an effortless cloud saving system, where you can store and retrieve your saves, and move them between devices with BscotchID. The game also has controller support, so you don't have to touch the screen. The game requires at least Android 5.0, 1GB RAM, and 960x540px screen resolution. The BscotchID functions may not work for Android 4.4 or older devices due to the outdated TLS protocol.
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Play as a turnip in this hilarious adventure filled with puzzles, enemies, and tax evasion. Battle massive bosses and grow plants to pay back your debt.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax EvasionPID Games
Get ready to embark on a side-splitting adventure brimming with action, brainteasers, and avoidance of tax obligations. Interact with cute, talking fruits and vegetables while also battling fierce animal bosses and countless adversaries in exhilarating dungeons. Lead an adorable turnip, who is, unfortunately, a total troublemaker in society. After being expelled from your home due to unpaid taxes, embark on an epic venture to repay your substantial debts to the onion mayor. As you journey through the game, discover what is spoliating the garden community and stand up to dismantle the corrupt vegetable government. Get immersed in a heart-racing, solitary excursion filled with tax dodging, petty wrongdoings, and much more. Jump into dungeons packed with mazes, challenges, enemies, and precious treasures. Fight colossal beasts that terrorize the garden community. Sow crops and harvest plants to support your quest. Meet a varied cast of eccentric food-based characters, each with their own storylines and dilemmas. Tear apart heaps of tax-related papers that erase your trail, catapulting you towards potentially destroying the corrupt administration. Earn a collection of hats and alternate between them as you please. Work towards multiple conclusions based on how you commit tax evasion. Enjoy a thorough account of the game's world, detailing how it became what it is today. Note that the full game's purchase is necessary to obtain unrestricted access to the game content. Only the trial version will be free. © 2021 Snoozy Kazoo ©2022 Graffiti Games and Plug In Digital.
Stranger Things: The Game

Join Hopper and the kids in their retro adventure across Hawkins, using unique abilities to solve puzzles and collecting Eggos and gnomes for unlockable surprises!

Stranger Things: The GameNetflix, Inc.
Immerse yourself in an action-packed adventure with Hopper and the kids as they embark on challenging missions in Hawkins and the eerie Upside Down in this retro-style game packed with delightful collectibles. Get ready to travel back in time and experience an amazing action-adventure game similar to the ones that our beloved heroes played in the 80s. Journey through Hawkins and its surroundings, revisiting places that you know and love such as Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab while exploring new and thrilling areas that you've never seen before. Put your problem-solving skills to the test as you try to solve challenging puzzles with each character's unique abilities. Lucas can take out enemies with ease using his Wrist Rocket, while Nancy has a vast collection of bats at her disposal this time around. Be sure to keep an eye out for collectibles such as Eggos and gnomes; you never know what secrets they might reveal. Collect as many as you can to unlock hidden surprises that will enhance your gaming experience.
Quest of Dungeons

Sarcastically difficult, retro-style dungeon crawler Quest of Dungeons features procedural dungeons, weapons, and permadeath. Descend into the unspecific evil Dark Lord's lair and defeat him.

Quest of DungeonsDavid Amador
The critics rave about Quest of Dungeons, calling it a "fun game" and "sarcastically difficult" with a good old 16-bit retro artistic look. In this turn-based dungeon crawler game, an unspecific evil Dark Lord has stolen all the light, and your mission is to defeat him by playing as one of four characters: a Warrior, a Wizard, an Assassin, or a Shaman. You must traverse procedurally generated dungeons, defeat enemies, and scavenge for loot to stay alive. Along the way, you can learn new skills in Tomes found in the dungeons and buy and sell items at shops to improve your chances. But be warned, the game is brutally difficult with four different difficulty levels and permadeath- if you die, it's game over! Procedural dungeons and weapons mean that items and enemies won't appear in the same place twice, keeping each playthrough fresh. Expect boss encounters and quests to pop up as well in this challenging RPG adventure.
The Escapists

The Escapists is a prison escape sandbox game where you must use strategy to break out. Craft tools, recruit prisoners, and avoid suspicion to survive.

The EscapistsTeam 17 Digital Limited
Experience life behind bars like never before in The Escapists, a unique sandbox game that challenges you to survive and escape from prison. You might have lived a life of crime, but now you should pay the price. This game is not about luck, but the thrill and intrigue of breaking out of prison with an immersive gameplay that puts you in the shoes of a prisoner ruled by routine, other inmates, and guards. From the moment you hear the roll call to lights out, you'll be living as a prisoner. This game won't allow you to spin the dice and get lucky, you must have a solid plan to escape. Are you up for the challenge or will you spend your time sitting in your cell? To escape, you'll need to use all your intelligence and skill to craft the tools that help you dig tunnels or defend yourself from violent inmates. The guards will have their eyes on you, but you'll have to act fast to grab objects you need to plan your escape. From spoons and forks to shovels and weapons, make
Wayward Souls: Curse of Shadow

Wayward Souls: Action-adventure with 6 unique characters, procedurally generated levels, equipment, tactics-based combat, unlockable areas, and free updates.

Wayward Souls: Curse of ShadowNoodlecake
Wayward Souls is a thrilling action-adventure game that provides quick sessions with an enormous replay value. The game was inspired by its predecessor, Mage Gauntlet. It guarantees an unmatched experience every time as the game entails procedurally generated levels. You get to control one of six distinct characters, each with its playstyles, equipment, and abilities. Traverse through different terrains, combat enemy creatures all while ensuring your survival. In the game, your positioning, tactics, and timing are vital. The gameplay further entails an unbeatable control scheme with no more virtual buttons, which means that you won't fumble over any stick. You can also unlock new areas in the game, but note that as you progress, challenging levels will be awaiting you. The game features 13 unique area types, all with different potential traps, monsters, and rare encounters. Additionally, each character can unlock various equipment combinations to enhance their gameplay. The game was primarily designed in a manner that your increasing skill as a player determines your victory and not merely grinding. Wayward Souls equally includes hats, and IAP will never be required, even for the hats. Furthermore, any new content updates will get offered freely to all fans. The game additionally offers unprecedented scope and variety for an action-adventure game on Android and any gaming platform. The second update of the game carries numerous plans that include MFI controller support, save sync, Rogue buffs, boss health, and additional character tweaks. You can provide feedback or make game requests on Twitter or Facebook via @NoodlecakeGames or @rocketcatgames. Play Wayward Souls today and immerse yourself in the stunning gaming experience.

Minit is a bite-sized adventure where you have 60 seconds to journey, help, uncover, and overcome to break a strange curse.

Minit is a unique and intriguing adventure game where each round lasts only one minute. You will step out of your familiar surroundings and enter a world full of strange characters, hidden mysteries, and treacherous enemies. With every minute that passes, you will strive to push forward in your quest to break a dreadful curse which resets time after 60 seconds. The game was developed by a highly talented team, consisting of Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio, and Dominik Johann. In Minit, you will embark on an unforgettable journey, teeming with intriguing and unusual challenges. You will encounter a host of intriguing characters, each with their own unique stories and quests. As you progress through the game, you will uncover numerous secrets and hidden treasures, creating an experience unlike any other. Facing dangerous obstacles and foes is a common theme in Minit. You must stay on guard at all times, navigating through perilous terrain and engaging in fierce battles with your enemies. Each minute counts, so make every second count as you advance through the game. Minit is an unforgettable collaboration between some of the most gifted minds in the gaming industry. With its captivating gameplay, stunning graphics, and challenging missions, it is sure to be a game that you continue to enjoy time and time again.
Dungeon and Gravestone

Enter the ever-changing dungeon and conquer its keeper! Complete quests, collect items, and level up to save the world in this roguelike adventure.

Dungeon and GravestoneWonderland Kazkiri inc.
Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure, because this game is not for the faint of heart. It's a roguelike where every time you die, the town and dungeon change. You'll need to find a vast array of weapons and equipment, level up through a comprehensive skill tree, take on numerous quests, and uncover hidden dungeons. The world you're about to embark on has a plethora of secrets to reveal and mysteries to solve. The time for slumber is over, as the world faces impending doom. The path to salvation is tough, and there's only one way to achieve it. You must overcome the dungeon's challenges and fight its keeper. Beware that your life energy will gradually drain if you don't leave the dungeon on time. Those who possess the courage to explore the perilous dungeon will be rewarded with items to enhance their equipment. This will give them the tools they need to delve deeper into its depths. Complete quests, fight bosses, collect items and engage in fishing activities to get ahead in the game. Mastering this dynamic and ever-changing world will be no easy feat. Every time you die, the environment will change, making it all the more challenging. Will you answer the call to become the hero and save the world from destruction? Your journey towards greatness starts here.

Explore Geodia, harness Sparklite, build The Refuge, and defeat greedy Baron in the whimsical and ever-changing world of Sparklite. No IAPs needed.

If you are looking for an incredible gaming experience, try Sparklite for free before the first Titan comes along! This thrilling action-adventure roguelite is set in a fanciful and constantly changing world. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you battle dangerous enemies using a variety of gadgets, guns, and gear. Explore the procedurally generated world and defeat titans of the mining industry while harnessing the power of Sparklite! Explore the vibrant and picturesque land of Geodia, use the power of Sparklite to defeat monsters and titans, befriend the locals, and help build The Refuge. Invent an arsenal to overcome puzzles, defeat enemies, and become even stronger. Save the environment from the greedy Baron and enjoy the exceptional pixel art aesthetic. The original soundtrack by composer Dale North (Wizard of Legend) is inspired by retro classics, and the gameplay is a true gem that you shouldn't miss. Sparklite has been carefully redesigned for mobile, with a revamped interface, achievements, cloud save, controller support, and no in-app purchases. Pay once and enjoy the full experience of Sparklite without any hidden charges, without any ads. Additionally, our customer support team is always ready to help you if you experience any technical issues. Simply reach out to us at and provide us with as much detail as possible. Play Sparklite now and join the adventure! Copyright © 2021 Red Blue Games.
Heroes of Loot 2

Navigate dungeons and solve quests with two heroes, each with unique skills and weapons, while collecting secrets and unlocking magic spells.

Heroes of Loot 2OrangePixel
Don't miss out on the latest and exclusive content by subscribing to our newsletter: ------- After their duties of maintaining balance in the dungeons were fulfilled, our brave warriors craved new challenges. As they journeyed across distant lands, they stumbled upon a plea for heroes - a fortified castle in distress. Could it be that there is a damsel in need of rescuing? Select two of our valiant heroes and lead them through treacherous castle hallways that are packed with danger and mystery, using their unique talents to complete the challenges that lie ahead. Switch between the two heroes, while solving intricate quests, mind-boggling puzzles, and above all, vanquishing the evil that lurks in the dungeons. As you explore the deep dark dungeons, you will come across various quests ranging from simple tasks like finding a key to more complex conundrums that require specific character attributes to solve. Utilize the powerful skills of your party to tackle these challenges and conquer the dungeons. Your heroes are your primary weapons, the Elf can shoot arrows that pierce multiple monsters, the Wizard posesses unlimited magical powers, the Warrior's mighty hammer can crush enemies in a single strike, and the Valkyrie, with her ferocious spinning-melee attack, can unveil secrets, hidden treasures, and much more. The characters can level up, increasing their combat prowess or find rare loot that enhances their abilities for limited periods of time, including special magic spells! The dungeons are full of secrets waiting to be discovered. As you venture deeper, you'll uncover hidden rooms, level-skipping teleports, secret items, and more, making each playthrough a unique and delightful experience. As you progress, you will collect 4 shards of magical books to unlock potent spells. The magic grows stronger each time you collect the shards. All unlocked spells remain open even after you die, increasing your odds of defeating the final boss with each subsequent attempt.
Legend of the Skyfish

Legend of the Skyfish is an adventure puzzle game where you use a fishing pole as your weapon and tool to defeat monstrous enemies and solve intricate puzzles.

Legend of the SkyfishCrescent Moon Games
Experience a captivating adventure with a refreshing new weapon in Legend of the Skyfish. This action-packed and visually stunning puzzle game features a fishing pole that doubles as a tool for combat and traversal. Join Little Red Hook on a courageous journey as she partners with Moonwhale to vanquish the colossal Skyfish. Upgrade your fishing pole throughout the game and use it for both grappling and fighting your enemies. Admire gorgeous artwork, intricate puzzles, and unique foes in this vast world made up of 45 meticulously crafted levels, each with their own distinct charm. Challenge yourself by facing colossal bosses and conquer different puzzles along the way. With its distinctive mechanics, the game allows you to use your fishing rod for grappling and fighting enemies. Explore the beautiful and intricately designed landscapes and creatures in a game with an unforgettable original music score by Sean Beeson. Embrace different challenges and solve puzzles while finding and using numerous items throughout the incredible journey. Suitable for players of all ages and offering gamepad support, Legend of the Skyfish offers an amazing experience.
Heretic Gods

Heretic Gods: an ARPG with endless randomly generated dungeons, epic loot, and multiple skill builds. Defeat gods and monsters in Viking Myths land.

Heretic GodsCurachaPH
If you're a fan of action role playing games, look no further than Heretic Gods. This Android game is perfect for anyone who enjoys epic loot, skilled gameplay, and taking down waves of monsters in dark dungeons. With support for a variety of languages including English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean (with Greek, Indonesian, and Turkish coming soon), this ARPG plunges you into a world of Viking myths where you must delve deep into a cursed abbey to defeat the heretical gods. Heretic Gods features an intuitive control system, tailored specifically for touch devices. You can move your character with the virtual crossbar on the left of the screen and attack and use skills with the buttons on the right. Just press the attack button and your hero will automatically target the nearest enemy. Each time you play, the dungeons are randomly generated, so no experience is ever the same. The levels share some similarities in structure, but the enemies and architecture vary, making each dungeon unique. You'll need to dive deeper and fight tougher enemies as you progress through the game. One of the most exciting aspects of Heretic Gods is the loot. There are hundreds of different items available, including weapons, armor, shields, and rings. You can trade with village inhabitants or craft your own items. This game has successfully adapted the formula of popular RPGs to mobile devices, making it accessible and stylish. You'll find a wealth of features in this game, including: random generated dungeons, customisable character builds utilising 48+ skills, adjustable graphic settings for optimum performance, innovative auto targeting and optional auto fight systems, infinite randomly generated magic items, and 3 difficulty levels. Plus, ongoing updates for even more content, such as new unique and set items, enemies, boss enemies, quests, skills, and game environments. With full playability from the get-go and upgradable with future updates, HereticGods is the ultimate ARPG game.
Tsuki's Odyssey

Explore Mushroom Village with Tsuki in this passive adventure game, make friends, decorate your home, and catch fish! Not for children under 13.

Tsuki's OdysseyHyperBeard
Join Tsuki on a leisurely journey through Mushroom Village in the ultimate passive adventure game, Tsuki’s Odyssey. Unfold a mystical world filled with peculiar characters as Tsuki acquaints and forms friendships with the locals. Customize Tsuki's home to your liking, indulge in fishing expeditions and experience varied tasks as you pursue a relaxed way of life. It's essential to comprehend that Tsuki is a free-spirited individual who moves and interacts with the environment on their own. Checking in frequently may unfold new and interesting experiences within the town! While Tsuki's Odyssey is the perfect retreat from the daily hustle, this laid-back adventure isn't intended for children, and some content may not be suitable for those under 13 years of age.
The Way Home

Help Kevin and Cheese escape a strange island infested with unique monsters in this procedurally generated, skill-based roguelike with a party mode and resource collection.

The Way HomeConcode Corp.
Stranded on a peculiar island, Kevin and Cheese encounter numerous challenges to find their way back home. Along the way, they come across other stranded individuals and monstrous creatures that inhabit the island. Assist our hapless pair to discover "THE WAY HOME!" This pixel art roguelike game offers an exciting and unique experience with procedurally generated maps and new battle patterns to unravel. With over 80 different monsters, each with its own distinctive behaviors and patterns, this game keeps you on your toes. In Party Mode, you can form a group of four characters from a pool of 21 diverse characters, each with varied skills that can be strategically combined to fight the horde of monsters in the dungeons. Customizing the party with different combinations of characters adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience. Apart from the intense battles, players can also collect resources to construct buildings that can help with their escape from the island. With a plethora of options available, players can make varying structures to facilitate their journey back home. The game offers a cohesive story that leads players through the exploration of four islands, where they get to meet NPCs along the way. The warm palette of colors and artistic pixelation style truly creates an immersive environment full of light and shadows. Can Kevin and Cheese escape the island and finally find their way back home? Play this game to find out.
Mini DayZ 2

Build a community, scavenge for resources, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by a deadly virus.

Mini DayZ 2Bohemia Interactive a.s.
The planet is infected with a lethal disease. The wild beasts are on the loose. The individuals are running with extreme panic. The civilized world has fallen into disarray and the end of all things is nigh. You're the only one who can save humanity. But how? - Connect with your fellow survivors and become their brave commander - Develop a central base and construct a community - Explore for food and resources that aid in your survival - Monitor your health, morale, and infection levels to maintain healthy wellbeing - Participate in raids to collect materials and improve your base - Farm crops while facing the harshness of nature and taming the wilderness - Unveil blueprints to create makeshift weapons and defensive equipment Registration on multiple maps is possible, each with its own unique perils and obstacles. Prepare yourself. Be assertive. And don't forget the vital rule. SURVIVE.
Mini DayZ: Zombie Survival

Survive in a post-apocalyptic world, scavenge for food and supplies, craft advanced items, and protect yourself against infected and wolves in Mini DAYZ - the free, pixel-art PC survival game.

Mini DayZ: Zombie SurvivalBohemia Interactive a.s.
Welcome to the world of Mini DAYZ! This is your chance to find out how long you can endure in a post-apocalyptic surrounding. The game features a beautifully designed pixel-art-style open world that is generated randomly, presenting you with a new challenge every time you play. Mini DAYZ is a survival game played by over 3 million fans, and it is now available on mobile devices for free, without in-app purchases. In this game, you find yourself alone in a world where you must scavenge for food, ammunition and other vital supplies. Every item you find can be crafted into something more advanced, giving you an edge in survival. Naturally, you should also protect yourself from hostile infected creatures and wolves. The weather can be treacherous, so it is important to stay dry, warm, and fed. Take care of your wounds because they won't heal on their own. There are no rules in Mini DAYZ except one, and that is to survive. Keep exploring the map, gear up your character, and stay alive for as long as possible. Manage your stats, such as your health, hunger, and thirst levels while preventing blood loss. Survive long enough to receive perks, improve your character stats, and earn achievements for your effort. To survive, you can grow plants, craft new items, and build a makeshift base with fences and a campfire. You will encounter AI survivors, both friendly and hostile, and also face various kinds of infected creatures that could attack you at any moment. Make the wilderness your friend, use natural resources to stay alive, and learn to navigate your way during the day/night cycle. Stay warm in the rain or snow, and keep yourself safe from danger. Mini DAYZ is an exciting, pixelated game that delivers a realistic survival experience. It's you against the world, and there's always a new challenge to face. So put your survival skills to the test and try to stay alive as long as you can. The best part about Mini DAYZ? No in-app purchases!
My Little Universe

Build your own planet and fight off monsters with your pickaxe in this addictive, action-packed world-building game.

My Little UniverseSayGames LTD
🌖 Create Your Own Universe and Play God in My Little Universe Game Step into the shoes of a creator and experience a world of endless possibilities in this intriguing casual world-building game – My Little Universe. This game requires you to mine, craft, log, dig, smelt, and build to perfection while fighting off primitive monsters that seek to destroy your omnipotent vision. Armed with just a pickaxe and your godly strength, embark on a mission to build a wondrous world that will ignite your creativity and imagination for more than seven days. Get ready to hold the whole world in your hands! 🪐 🚀Start your journey as an orange man in a rocket ship and transform a barren, lifeless planet into a magnificent masterpiece using your sheer willpower and determination. Collect up to 15 different types of resources and use them wisely to design a beautiful planetary paradise that will be the envy of other gods. 🚀Your trusty pickaxe will be your best companion as you fight off monsters, dig for minerals, break rocks and mine for gold. Upgrade your pickaxe through eight different levels to boost your divine productivity and harvest even more resources for your building exploits. Build a thriving civilization under your watchful gaze by constructing industrial facilities that process minerals, smelt metal, and create eight unique types of weapons such as axes and swords. 🚀 With 10 different types of in-game environments to explore, expand and diversify your kingdom, you have all the control to build a universe that suits your divine intentions. Beware of the 8 different monsters, including abominable snowmen, unfriendly ents, and alien fungal foes, that stalk your planet, determined to halt your all-powerful plans. 🚀 My Little Universe features simple and attractive graphics, and an immersive soundscape that adds to the allure of this intriguing, genre-crossing adventure. With tons of action, adventure, and hours of playtime on the horizon, get lost in your own world and give life to your own creation myth. Download My Little Universe now and experience the thrill of creating your universe. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
Graveyard Keeper

Build and manage your own graveyard, navigate ethical dilemmas, gather resources, complete quests, and explore mysterious dungeons in this capitalism-loving, medieval cemetery management sim.

Graveyard KeepertinyBuild
Welcome to Graveyard Keeper, where you will experience a highly inaccurate yet thrilling medieval cemetery management simulation like no other. Take charge of your own cemetery, seek opportunities for expansion and look for ways to cut costs. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit as you build a thriving business by utilizing all the resources at your disposal. Brace yourself for an emotional roller coaster ride as this is also a story of love. Make ethical decisions by weighing in on alternatives: Would you rather spend money on high-end meat for the witch-burning event or utilize the resources lying around? The choice is yours to make. Venture out to gather valuable materials and create new items. You can grow your business by transforming your graveyard into a prosperous venture. Explore the surrounding area for resources and discover the hidden treasures scattered around. Embark on quests and take care of the corpses in your possession. Do the deceased need all their organs? Why not grind them up and sell them to the highest bidder? Or you can take on quests, assuming the role of a true role player. No medieval game would be complete without mysterious dungeons to explore. Unravel the secrets they hold to unearth new alchemy ingredients. These ingredients may bring prosperity or be a source of poison for unsuspecting villagers in the town. Experience Graveyard Keeper which offers a unique gameplay experience that will keep you entertained and engaged. Management, romance, and adventure await you in this exciting game.

Navigate mazes to find the key while dodging monsters and earning unlockables, power-ups, and collectibles in the arcade-style game MAZEMAN.

MazemanCrescent Moon Games
Get ready to test your skills and reflexes with MAZEMAN, a game that promises to give you a thrilling experience. As soon as you enter the maze, be prepared to face some nerve-wracking challenges in your quest to find the key. Your determination and agility will be put to the test as you try to evade dangerous monsters lurking around every corner. MAZEMAN offers a wide range of features to keep you engaged and entertained. With an array of unlockables, monsters, power-ups, collectables, and exciting levels, you are in for a ride that will keep you hooked for hours. The stunning pixel art mazes with awesome arcade vibes make the game a surreal experience that transports you to the world of the game. The game offers you an immersive experience that can get your heart racing with its frantic pace and challenging gameplay. The maze is filled with dreadful monsters that will stop at nothing to prevent you from finding the key. You will need to use every ounce of your skills and intelligence to outmaneuver them and emerge victorious. If you are looking for a game that will test your mettle and keep you engaged for hours on end, MAZEMAN is the perfect choice. So, step into the maze and embark on a quest that promises to be both thrilling and exciting, as you discover the secrets hidden within the corridors.
Party Hard Go

Party Hard: Tactical strategy game with unique ways of killing people at loud parties. 19 levels, traps, special events, playable characters, and Twitch integration.

Party Hard GotinyBuild
As you launch Party Hard, you might encounter a bug where the app asks for permission to access your photos. But don't worry - once you hit "Allow", you will be able to play trouble-free. In Party Hard, you assume the role of a person who is fed up with noisy neighbors throwing wild parties. Instead of filing a complaint with the police, you opt to take matters into your own hands and eliminate everyone with your trusty environment and knife. The game's tactical strategy is centered on a series of party massacres staged across the United States. The developers, who had previously focused on creating family-friendly games, took part in a game jam and designed the initial Party Hard prototype that TinyBuild supported, resulting in the creation of the game's full version now available for purchase on Steam. Party Hard showcases semi-procedurally generated environments and focuses on innovative methods to kill its virtual characters. Conforming to the tradition of stealth games, the player's primary objective is to avoid detection while gradually eliminating unsuspecting prey. Blending in and dancing seamlessly during intrinsically suspicious scenarios may prove instrumental for your success. The game boasts the following key features: * An amusing story featuring a chain of murders across the USA * 19 exceptionally creative levels, each with a different randomization pattern * The option to use traps, cause explosions, and even play the role of a ninja * Several unlockable characters * Special random events such as bears wreaking havoc, coming to your rescue and destroying everything in their path * The ability to summon law enforcement teams such as the DEA, SWAT cars, paramedics, and firefighters to the party. With five playable characters, your options are varied: * The sleep-deprived guy * The quick, silent, smoke-bomb-carrying ninja who needs to stay hidden * The cop who can move bodies without raising suspicion and can frame others * The girl who can knock people unconscious * The experienced butcher wielding a dangerous chainsaw. You can even play Party Hard live on Twitch, giving your audience the ability to affect gameplay by spawning even more guests, calling the SWAT team, unleashing Sharknados, and other chaotic actions.
The Land of Alembrume

Aldoran's village boy sets on a journey to rescue his girlfriend by exploring 50 maps, finding treasures and become much stronger while facing various obstacles.

The Land of AlembrumeEvariste Boussaton
In the kingdom of Aldoran, a young boy resides in the peaceful village of Lugdunia. His parents were peasants who died in a recent war against another kingdom. Despite his heritage, the boy is fascinated by adventures and battles. The story begins with his girlfriend's abduction, which compels him to embark on a journey outside his hometown to investigate and, eventually, rescue her. The journey will lead him to great adventures where he will meet wise people who will teach him to fight, acquire incredible items, and become more courageous. The opening episode entails around 50 maps and interactions with several people. To receive bonus items and information, you must complete the main quest while undertaking two small side quests. Additionally, if you search hard enough, a couple of hidden valuables may come your way. In the second episode, be prepared for thieves, flames, and many other obstacles that will test your abilities. The third episode entails Roxy's news and meeting a dragon. You can operate the game through virtual keys available in the game or a gamepad. The virtual keys consist of X and Y buttons that enable performing of actions or attacking while changing inventory. The game setting icon, situated at the upper left corner, allows you to save the game. Also, the "MENU" icon grants access to the settings option while the "BACK" icon helps you exit the game. Besides, you can operate the game through a gamepad in the "Compass" options select with "SELECT" or inventory select with "A" button. The game provides players with left-handed mode, mobile/locked d-pad, and mute music options. Take a chance to experience fantastic adventures in the world of Alembrume by visiting for more information.
Quadropus Rampage

Quadropus Rampage is a hilariously fun endless roguelike, with procedurally generated enemies, weapons, and levels, and an intuitive combat system.

Quadropus RampageButterscotch Shenanigans
Quadropus Rampage is an exciting and amusing Endless Roguelike game that puts you in the shoes of a furious, four-legged cephalopod. The main objective of this game is to reach the ocean's bottom and defeat Pete, the malicious god of the sea, in order to preclude his horde of abyssal creatures from overpowering the sea. This game is a perfect amalgamation of a roguelike and a brawler game, allowing you to hit your enemies right in their stupid faces! You can enjoy endless gameplay with procedurally generated weapons, levels, and enemies that keep the action fresh until you succumb to thumb exhaustion. Quadropus Rampage offers four game modes, including Story mode, Insane mode, Manic mode, and Timed Sprint, with extra modes unlocked once you beat the game. Moreover, you can have pets to accompany you in battle and save your hide! The gameplay offers intuitive, fast-paced combat, making it easy to learn but difficult to master. Dodge, block, stab, smash, and spin your way to victory! The game brings five epic boss fights that will keep you hooked, as you pursue Pete into the depths and punch his mouth off. Then, you can do it all over again in the Petemare and Pete's Reckoning game modes! There is also a unique mastery system that consists of 23 achievements, which offer gameplay-altering rewards. Quadropus Rampage features 39 treasures that you can unearth to shoot lasers out of your face or turn your pet starfish into an explosive boomerang. You can also invest orbs in your quadropus to make him stronger as you progress in the game. What's more, Quadropus Rampage has hilarious characters that will leave you in stitches. Quadropus Rampage is created by the developers of the popular game, Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny, and is bound to leave you entertained for hours on end. So, don't waste any more time, download the game now, and get to tentacle-slappin!

Join forces with 3 other survivors, clear enemy territory, upgrade weapons, and level up to defeat the Rot aliens in Gatherers - a challenging cooperative multiplayer game.

GatherersFun Monkey Ltd
Embark on an original adventure in the world of Gatherers, where an insidious invasion by the Rot, malevolent extraterrestrial conquerors, has left the planet in ruin, corrupting both organic and mechanical life. In the midst of this catastrophe, a group of capable survivors has banded together, determined to reclaim their home from the alien scourge. Experience the excitement of real-time cooperative multiplayer as you team up with up to three other survivors to take on the corrupted alien threat. Progress through the game by conquering enemy territory, clearing areas of infestation, and completing critical missions. Take advantage of the intuitive 3rd person controls, which feature an innovative boosting and gliding system that lets you easily navigate the map and engage in combat with the alien threat from the ground or air. Choose from three unique survivor classes, each with complementary abilities and skills: Brunel, the engineer with their powerful Decoy ability; Doss, the combat medic who specializes in healing; or Jolt, the ravager with their devastating Impact skill. Only by working together can you overcome the many challenges ahead. Collect loot from defeated enemies and complete missions to increase your arsenal of weapons, which can be upgraded to deal even more damage to the Rot aliens. Grow and advance your abilities as you earn experience and unlock progressively more difficult missions. Come face-to-face with the relentless Rot, which can adapt to your tactics and become more challenging with each encounter. Survivors must likewise adapt and improve their strategies if they hope to succeed in this dangerous world.
Tiny Island Survival

Explore an uninhabited island, unravel its mystery, improve weapons, and health in simple, short gameplay with pixel art.

Tiny Island SurvivalGame Start LLC
■Unveil the Hidden Experiences Marooned and stranded, you find yourself washed up on a desolate-looking island. However, after a while, you notice smoke emanating from the forest, compelling you to wonder if there are inhabitants nearby. Unearth the beauty of the island, progress further into the woods, and uncover the many hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. ■Effortless Controls Interface The game happens on a single screen, which means that you do not have to worry about getting misplaced. Additionally, it eliminates any bothersome traveling from location to location, allowing you to investigate the depths of the forest safely. ■Straightforward, but Interactive Accumulate materials to aid in your survival. Advance your weapons and armor to increase your chances of survival. Elevate your health with the various health boosters available. ☆For an enjoyable short burst of free time, ☆All-encompassing single-screen design, ☆Engaging pixel-based graphics, ☆Straightforward yet intriguing gameplay, providing added depth for completionists.
The Swords of Ditto

Create your own legend in The Swords of Ditto, fight against the evil Mormo, and explore a charming but dangerous overworld in this action RPG adventure.

The Swords of DittoDevolverDigital
The Swords of Ditto is an action-packed RPG that immerses players into an exciting adventure filled with magic and mysticism. Players will battle against the formidable villain, Mormo, while exploring the charming but perilous overworld. Tackle lively dungeons and level up in a picturesque village as you attempt to rid the island of evil. Each playthrough in The Swords of Ditto is unique, offering players their own legendary story that adds to the game's rich history. Discover weapons and loot left behind by past heroes and leave your own mark on the island forever. The game boasts a diverse collection of weapons, such as the vinyl record Frisbee, the enchanted golf club, and the colossal foot from the heavens, in addition to the more traditional sword and bow combo. The game features stickers that players can equip to improve their characters and add extra perks to their gear. The Swords of Ditto, players have the freedom to approach their legend however they prefer. Battle through dungeons in any order, conquer the darkest caverns and deepest wells in side missions, or confront Mormo right away for the ultimate challenge. Embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with fascinating characters, unique weapons, and epic battles when you unleash the mystical Sword of Ditto. Become strong enough to banish the wicked sorceress and restore peace to the island.
Hero Siege

Hero Siege: Hack n' Slash game with RPG elements, multiplayer, and random levels, items, and enemies in 7 Acts. Defeat Satan's hellish forces.

Hero SiegePanic Art Studios
With STEAM sales reaching a whopping 5 million copies, Hero Siege is an intense Hack 'n' Slash game enriched with roguelike and RPG elements. Engage in a battle against endless hordes of enemies, level up your talent tree, collect superior loot and dive into 7 Acts, each adorned with stunning Pixel Art imagery. Its multiplayer mode can host up to 4 players, making this game a perfect choice for team play. The plot of Hero Siege is set in the gloomy depths of Tarethiel, where a group of monks united four pieces of the brimstone talisman, only to awaken the slim demons residing beneath. The Ancient Book of Revelations prophesied that Satan would emerge from Hell and take over the world in the form of Apocalypse. The responsibility is now on your shoulders to thwart his plans and save humanity from impending doom. Hero Siege brims with features such as online multiplayer that facilitates seamless gaming with up to 4 players. Additionally, every game session is unique, with levels, items, dungeons, loot, bosses, secrets, and events being randomly generated. Explore endless possibilities and stay engaged for countless hours of gameplay. Customize your character with over 150 unique hats, pick from 16 playable classes, new talent trees, and randomized loot inventories. Venture through crypts and dungeons, battle over 80 different enemies that can spawn as either rare or elite with better loot drops and bonus abilities, and engross yourself in the fast-paced action unfolding across Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno modes. Tons of random content and secrets await you in Hero Siege- discover them all! The game boasts of a vast and intricate loot system that includes common to angelic rarities, as well as runewords that can be discovered and used to upgrade your hero's equipment. So rush and dive into this action-packed game for a thrilling experience!
Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

In Fury Survivor, you must survive the apocalypse, find your family, slaughter zombies, scavenge for supplies, and build a viable system. Can you survive?

Fury Survivor: Pixel ZLTGAMES GLOBAL
GAME INTRO: In a matter of days, the majority of humanity was infected. The result was countless corpses and aimless zombies. However, as a hero raised in the midst of the apocalypse, you became a fierce survivor with the goal to complete your mission. SPECIAL MISSIONS: *Find Your Family in the Apocalypse* During the apocalypse, your beloved wife and daughter vanished. To locate them, you must pass through various regions while eliminating hordes of zombies along the way. The route is not straightforward, but as a valiant warrior, you must remain courageous! *Zombie Massacre Party* You either kill or become killed! Infected zombies are everywhere, and you must become a merciless killer. Gather your gear and weapons, immerse yourself in a bloodbath, and revel in your amplified adrenaline rush. You will be awarded for splattering blood and bursting zombie brains. End them all NOW! *Scavenge for Supplies and Weapons* Arm yourself and stay vigilant for battle 24/7. Hunt for supplies and provisions like food, beverages, equipment, and weapons scattered throughout the map. Different weapons await your selection. *Build a Sustainable System* Survival is of utmost importance during a doomsday scenario. Use your camp to collect essentials such as food, water, and timber. Learn various crafts and create a haven for yourself. Remember, you are the Fury Survivor! [Community] Facebook Page: Discord: Official Website: It's mandatory to authorize the following permission: FILE_ACCESS In order to preserve your gaming data, we require the file access permission. We only have access to your gaming account and data. Your personal files or pictures will not be viewed.

Naïca is a customizable 2D MMORPG with 5 races, unique dungeons, no class limitations, and PvP arenas. Discover the world and battle with honor!

NaïcaNaïca Online
Naïca is an engaging 2D MMORPG that allows you to customize your character with great detail. With five unique races to choose from, including Vulpians, Cerbalis, Denelites, Ophimanders and Azralians, it's up to you to decide who you want to be and embark on a thrilling adventure. Naïca stands out from other 2D MMORPGs in that it boasts extremely detailed graphics and animations in pixel art. Whether you're playing on your smartphone or another device, you can immerse yourself in the crystal-worlds and explore unique dungeons. Each dungeon features its own distinctive design, quests, and exclusive gear. One of the most exceptional things about Naïca is the level of customization available. Every piece of armor you change on your character is immediately visible, allowing you to stand out in the crowd and shine. Additionally, you don't have to worry about any class restrictions when it comes to choosing your talents. With the option to engage in PvP battles, you can challenge other players in PvP arenas to earn honor and buy new gear. Naïca's minimum requirements include Android 5 and 1.5GB of RAM, but once you have met them, it's time to embark on your journey through the stunning crystal-worlds. Stay connected with Naïca through their social media channels, such as Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and Instagram, and never miss exciting news and gameplay updates. With its fantastic gameplay, unique customization options, and stunning graphics, Naïca is a 2D MMORPG worth exploring!
Pocket Rogues: Ultimate

Pocket Rogues: An action-packed RPG with real-time battles, unique heroes, randomly generated dungeons, and the ability to build your own fortress.

Pocket Rogues: UltimateEtherGaming
Pocket Rogues is an immersive Action-RPG game that incorporates elements from the Roguelike genre. Prepare to battle countless hordes of monsters, navigate through unique and randomly generated locations, and establish your own fortress and heroes. The game features real-time battles that will put your skills to the test. Discover strategies for different environments and experiment with various techniques to keep you engaged for hours on end. Step into the role of an adventurer who is drawn to explore a dark dungeon, accompanied by fellow treasure seekers who met their demise at the hands of true evil. Will you be the one to uncover the dungeon's secrets, the one to find the ultimate treasure? The game has an advanced combat system that primarily focuses on character control and the player's abilities to execute difficult maneuvers, dodge obstacles, and flank enemies. You can choose from a wide range of hero classes, each with unique skills, specific equipment, and its own dendrogram. Every descent in Pocket Rogues is a unique challenge. You will experience different scenery, monsters, loot, and surprises every time because everything is randomly generated during the game. You will never encounter the same dungeon twice. The game includes various visually stunning locations, each with its unique enemies, traps, and interactive objects. You are free to roam between open locations to explore the game's environments and find hidden gems. Another exciting feature of Pocket Rogues is the ability to build and improve your fortress in the Guild Fortress's territory. You can also unlock and strengthen new heroes and gain access to new game techniques. The game is regularly updated, taking into consideration the feedback and suggestions of the active gaming community. The Ultimate version of Pocket Rogues maximizes your gaming experience by offering additional features. The amount of gems you receive for killing monsters, bosses, and completing tasks is increased by 50%. You can save the game anytime and start from specific floors. The multiplayer mode is expanded, allowing up to four people to play online. Berserk, Necromancer, and other premium classes and buildings are available for gold. You can transfer your progress from the free version to Pocket Rogues ultimate by following a few simple steps. Access the save option from the free version's start screen, save the game locally or to the cloud, and then load your progress into the ultimate version. Join the Pocket Rogues gaming community on Discord or Facebook or contact the developer directly if you have any queries. Overall, Pocket Rogues is an engaging and challenging game that offers a unique gaming experience.
Space Grunts

Space Grunts: fast-paced action and turn-based gameplay in a moon-base investigation. Fight aliens, use consumables, find secrets, and solve the problems.

Space GruntsOrangePixel
Looking for a game with fast-paced arcade action and turn-based gameplay? Look no further than Space Grunts! In this game, set in the year 2476, Earth's space-federation has been building moon-bases across the galaxy. However, one of those moon-bases has sent out a distress signal, and it's up to the intergalactic Space Grunts to investigate the problem. As one of these grunts, your mission is simple: make your way into the moon-base and figure out what has happened. But, it won't be easy - you'll have to fight your way through aliens, robots, security drones, and base-systems. Thankfully, you'll have a wide range of consumables at your disposal, ranging from weapon enhancers and armor to explosives and system hacks. Be sure to use these items wisely to make it deeper into the moon-base. You'll also start off with three standard weapons that you can enhance for more firepower and range. As you progress through the game, you'll have the chance to find alternate weapons and melee weapons to help you out. But wait, there's more! There are many ways to complete the game, including anomalies leading to weird places, underground routes, and mysterious items that can transport you to different areas of the moon-base. And, of course, there are secret rooms and areas located all over the base for you to discover. So, do you have what it takes to find the core of the problems on this moon-base? If you need help or have any questions, be sure to visit the developer forums or connect with them on Twitter and Facebook. And don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter for exclusive content and updates on the game.

UNCROWNED: Medieval Europe-based fantasy world RTS game with battles of 200+ soldiers & heroes, recruiting and training them, and expanding your territory.

If you're searching for a mobile game that features epic battles between hundreds of soldiers and characters, look no further than UNCROWNED. Winner of the "Toho Award" at the 2020 Google Play Indie Games Festival in Japan, UNCROWNED is a real-time strategy game set in a fantasy world that fuses elements of medieval Europe. The game's focus is on battles where players can partake in skirmishes and fight over keeps and various geographical features such as forests, bridges, open fields, lakes, and hills. UNCROWNED is the ultimate choice for those seeking a strategic mobile gaming experience. UNCROWNED allows players not only to engage in recreational battles but to also develop their territory over time, similar to simulation games. As the lord of the medieval fantasy world, players need to recruit many heroes, train them, and gain recognition across the land. One of the most interesting features in UNCROWNED is that players must train the heroes they've recruited to be more effective on the battlefield. The game offers players a chance to adjust gear, receive gifts from heroes, open treasure chests, and expand their territory. UNCROWNED also features an assortment of heroes and soldiers that meet on various battlefields, ranging from swordsmen to mages and archers, creating an intense battlefield experience. Play with players from all over the world and strive to win the most keeps to secure your victory. Lastly, recruit heroes at the tavern and get to know them while enjoying a post-battle drink. UNCROWNED is the perfect game for mobile gamers seeking a next-level strategic and epic gaming experience. Check out UNCROWNED on their official Twitter page and stay updated on their latest updates and developments.
Tales of Wind

Play as the chosen one in Tales of Wind, a cute action MMORPG filled with customizable outfits, pets, mounts, and cards for transformation to defeat powerful monsters. Explore with friends and join guild battles for honor.

Tales of WindNeocraft Limited
Don't miss your chance to become a hero and join the adventure in Tales of Wind! The once-blessed city of La Place is shrouded in darkness and only you, the chosen one, can uncover the truth and restore light to the world. This MMORPG boasts charming characters and a calming atmosphere, allowing players to fully customize their in-game appearances with tons of outfit options. Don't forget to capture and ride cute pets and mounts along the way, adding that extra touch of companionship. Power-up with cards and defeat monsters to seal their powers in your soul cards. In doing so you can transform into powerful beasts, utilizing their unique skills to better battle your enemies. Dive into the vast world with your friends to conquer the well-designed PVE dungeons. Team cooperation is necessary! Along with traditional gameplay elements, Tales of Wind introduces fresh and innovative gameplay modes such as racing, shooting, and quizzes. Find your destined romance within the game! Encounter your soulmate on your journey, complete 2-player quests with your partner, pledge your love in the church with a priest, and tend to your own lovely farm. Join together with players from all over the world to empower the kingdom! Take part in kingdom missions to strengthen the power of the land. Don't forget to fight for the glory of your guild! Use strategy and power to defeat other teams in GVG battles. Explore even more festivities with party, feast, and quiz events that allow you to fully experience guild life with your comrades. In real-time PVP arena battles, show off your courage and skills! Build your own team and compete for victory - let the wind tell your heroic tales. Don't hesitate, join the adventure in Tales of Wind now!
Dungeon of Weirdos

Rescue your friend by defeating monsters and bosses in deep dungeons. Choose unique characters, collect items, and discover unexpected secrets.

Dungeon of WeirdosChillyRoom
Your beloved friend is now in the grip of demons, her life force drawn away. You are her only hope. Venture deep into the dungeons to retrieve energy balls, uncover formidable items and acquire new abilities. Your odyssey requires you to vanquish countless monsters and bosses along the way. Choose characters with unique discernments that complement your playing style. Discover hundreds of items, each with the potential to transform gameplay in ways you never thought possible. With each playthrough, new maps with hidden passageways emerge, offering fresh rewards and challenges. Unearth every last enigma that lies within, both strange monsters and bosses, as you explore this bizarre underworld. Join us as you embark on your journey deeper into the abyss. Follow the development team at for insights and updates. Share your experiences with fellow adventurers on Twitter @ChillyRoom and Facebook @dungeonofweirdos. You can email us with any questions or feedback at

Raid dungeons, collect loot & cards, build & share unique levels! Fantasy ARPG, CCG & dungeon builder. Clear levels by your friends & rebuild MONOLISK!

MonoliskTrickster Arts
Embark on a thrilling adventure as you explore countless handcrafted dungeons, gather valuable loot and creature cards, and create your own dungeons to share with others in MONOLISK - an action-packed mobile game that combines elements of fantasy, collectible card games, and dungeon building. Discover the pleasure of designing levels, get your heroes fitted with the latest gear and take on your friends' custom-built levels! In this online RPG, test your skills and strategic abilities as you conquer numerous dungeons through hack 'n' slash gameplay. Spend hours collecting intriguing cards that offer a wide range of creatures, abilities, equipment, and environments. Have the freedom to build your team of 5 unique heroes and personalize their gameplay using multiple styles and customizations. Experience the thrill of building your very own levels and challenge your friends to clear them. You also get the opportunity to craft new cards and expand your collection as you embark on this endless adventure. Finally, join in the mission to help rebuild the shattered MONOLISK world and make a name for yourself! MONOLISK gives you the chance to let your creativity shine, and tell your own story while helping others reclaim their world.
BioOcean Fantasy

Explore a post-apocalyptic world filled with humans, fairies, and dangerous monsters. Build a base, conquer ruins, and gather resources to equip and summon heroes.

BioOcean FantasyVOX VERBI
Welcome to a world of adventure that begins with the end of the world. This world, filled with swords, spells, airships, treasures and the Sky Tree, awaits your arrival. The kingdom of Trees, known as the Bioocean, has undergone a transformation that you must discover. As you embark on your journey, be prepared to encounter Humans, Fairies, and countless monsters. To battle the towering enemies in the wilderness and obtain valuable resources to build your base, you must be brave and daring. It's important to conquer the hundreds of ancient ruins scattered throughout the land, but beware, these ruins are guarded by various monsters. The rewards and special items obtained after conquering them are worth the effort. To overcome these challenges, you must first summon heroes and assemble a strong party. It's virtually impossible to conquer them alone. It's also critical to equip your heroes properly. When equipped with top-notch gear, your heroes will be able to take on the battlefield and reward you handsomely. It's tough to reveal too much about our story. So, let's get started on this epic journey. Good luck!

Join Nor and his robotic friends to recover his limitless imagination by fighting monsters, upgrading weapons, and exploring a vivid imaginary world in Headland. No microtransactions - a complete game experience.

ENGAGE IN AN EPIC BATTLE FOR YOUR CREATIVITY From Nor's Headland, an immersive world of imagination, comes a thrilling action-packed game that will challenge your skills and imagination. You play as Nor, and alongside your trusty robot companions, you must traverse through multiple fragments, fighting off enemies and reclaiming bits of your imagination to regain your limitless creative powers. Discover a fresh perspective on action-adventure games designed solely for mobile in Headland, the newest creation of the critically acclaimed studio, Northplay. Experience the ultimate test of dexterity and creativity that will keep you on the edge of your seat. UNLEASH YOUR REFLEXES, ENGAGE IN BATTLE, EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS Innovative and extraordinarily fun, Headland promises an unforgettable combat system, based entirely on swipe-and-tap actions that can keep you engaging and immersed for hours on end. Encounter a variety of monsters, each with their own unique combat style and get ready to upgrade your arsenal with weapons unlocked in various arenas scattered throughout the game. Explore a vibrant, imaginary world and enjoy the story filled with memorable characters and adventures. NO HIDDEN FEES, NO INTERRUPTIONS Headland represents a refreshing change from the pay-to-play games out there. The game features no microtransactions, in-game advertisements or retention gimmicks. It is a free-to-play game with 45 minutes of gameplay. Accessing full game content requires only one purchase. Get ready for 5+ hours of riveting mainstream story-driven gameplay that leads to an ultimate climax. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of Headland and fight for your imagination today!
Immortal Rogue

Play as an immortal vampire in this hack and slash roguelike where your choices impact the future. Over 70 enemies, 30+ weapons and abilities, and endless replayability.

Immortal RogueKyle Barrett
Experience an electrifying, fast-paced, and challenging hack & slash roguelike game with Immortal Rogue. As an immortal vampire, you awaken every century to feed on humans, and every decision you make directly affects the future. With different timelines to explore, you have the liberty to choose your targets, face unique enemies and uncover special items. The game offers you the option to combat samurai with a rocket fist from a long-gone civilization, or take down cyborgs with an enchanted katana. Engage in brutal combat, where every defeat translates to consequential outcomes, but as an immortal, death is not permanent. Your allies and enemies expect your return, as life goes on. With the game's dynamic narration, your choices influence the world around you, crafting a personalized, standalone story with each gameplay. Key Features: - Shape the world with every decision in the game. - Challenging, skill-based fights with mobile-friendly controls. - Discover over 70 unique enemies. - Enjoy retro-styled pixel art. - Unlock over 30 vampiric abilities. - Master over 30 unique weapons. - Find secret bosses. - Hunt down or turn potential allies into enemies. - The game offers massive replayability with scores of possible timelines, each presenting distinct characters, challenges, and rewards. Don't miss out on the action-packed world of Immortal Rogue, the hack & slash roguelike that you have to experience today!

Unchanged values, unexpected thrills, limitless skills, freedom of style, and endless contents in the perfected RPG UNDECEMBER.

UndecemberLINE Games
Discover the world of Unchanged - Unchanged Values, an RPG that offers an immersive storyline that takes you through the journey of growth by means of hunting and farming. This game captures the essence of what it means to be a true RPG, as it pursues the values that have remained unchanged over time. Experience the unexpected in this perfectly crafted RPG - Unexpected. With countless maps that whisk you away to diverse and exciting themes, expect to be thrilled by the unexpected twists and turns that come with combat. The potential for growth in Unlimited - Limitless Skills is endless as you create thousands of skill combinations from a plethora of Skill and Link Runes. You are able to surpass the limits and unlock opportunities never thought possible. In Undefined - Freedom of Style, you have the complete freedom to build up your own character based on your preferred style of combat, rather than being confined to a specific class. Unleash your creativity and combat style in a world where freedom reigns. Unstoppable - Endless Contents offers an array of options, from Raids to Guild Battlegrounds, that can truly test your limits. The game's contents reach far and wide, leaving you with a never-ending source of entertainment. Stay updated with the latest news on UNDECEMBER by joining the official community on their BrandSite, FLOOR, Facebook, Discord, and YouTube.
The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

Experience the ultimate prison escape challenge in The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout. Customise, strategize, and team up with friends for a hilarious sandbox adventure.

The Escapists 2: Pocket BreakoutTeam 17 Digital Limited
Get ready for an exciting update in U.S.S. Anomaly as it breaks into Pocket Breakout, the latest prison experience! The Escapists 2 is a captivating and amusing sandbox strategy game that sets a challenging task of escaping from prison. Create your custom inmate with a plethora of customization options. You can either go solo or team up with up to 3 friends to design the ultimate escape with local multiplayer. Don’t wait; download The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout now! It would be a felony not to! The game comes with several unique features such as: A prison simulator game that is addictive and immersive! Explore 13 selected prisons that are packed with indie sandbox madness. You’ll need a variety of items to help you escape, so buy, bargain, and battle your way through the prison in search of crafting components to create dozens of combinations! To plan your escape successfully, make sure you attend roll call, work your job, and remain inconspicuous throughout your stay in prison. Life in prison is regimented, so robust time management is vital. Use your time wisely! Acquire knowledge from the library and increase your physical fitness by working out at the gym to break out with brains and brawns. The updated combat system allows you to chain and block attacks in your effort to break out epically. Be clever! Traverse through prison life, make friends, deceive guards, and bribe them outright! The game puts a lot of emphasis on being crafty.

Become the ultimate machine gladiator by battling opponents across the universe for cheers, support, and bounties.

StarenaLemon Jam Studio
Embark on an intergalactic adventure as a highly advanced robot gladiator, where you must engage in thrilling battles against both machines and beasts alike in order to secure cheers, support, and valuable rewards from your spectators. Take up arms and fight your way through the vast expanses of the universe with the ultimate aim of claiming the title of champion. As a skilled and powerful machine, you must utilize all of your abilities to outmatch your opponents. With each battle you win and every challenge you overcome, you get ever closer to your ultimate goal. Whether it's charging headfirst into battle or employing strategic maneuvers, you must do whatever it takes to emerge victorious and continue your journey towards glory. As you make your way through the universe, you'll face a variety of unique enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You'll need to adapt quickly to their tactics and make use of your own specialized equipment and weaponry in order to emerge victorious. But it's not just your combat prowess that will bring you success on your journey. The cheering of the crowd, their support and their bounties can all be used to boost your status and power. The more you achieve, the more your fame will spread and the more lucrative your rewards will become. So join the ranks of the finest mechanical gladiators in the universe, and pave your way to glory in a game that combines thrilling action, engaging strategy, and endless potential for adventure!
Last Mage Standing

Fast-paced action RPG brawler with multiple game modes, collect and upgrade a roster of Guardians and abilities to compete. Battle solo or team up to rule leaderboards.

Last Mage StandingRoboto Games
Join the action-packed world of Last Mage Standing, an RPG brawler that offers a thrilling experience with various game modes, such as Fantasy Battle Royale, Co-op Tower Defense, and much more. You can either dive into the fray solo or team up with friends to battle against other players in quick PvP and PvE matches that last for three minutes. Gather and upgrade a diverse range of Guardians that you can equip with mecha-magical abilities and ultimately dominate the competition. Explore tons of game modes, including the Battle Royale (Solo or Trios) - PvP. You'll have to fight for your life in an all-out battle royale solo or multiplayer match where only one mage will survive. You can collect magical abilities in different environments, either in teams or solo while competing against up to 100 other players from all over the world. Team up with up to four friends to defend a magic crystal by fighting waves of enemies in Tower Defense (Quads) - PvE mode. You'll need to work with your team to build traps and other automated defenses to survive these challenging waves. In Hold the Gold (Duos) - PvP, you'll need to gather the maximum amount of gold as quickly as possible. However, if you die, your gold is up for grabs, and your team will have to fight just as hard to reclaim it. Choose from over a dozen unique Guardians, including the Wizard, Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Falconer, Ice Princess, Poisonous Tracker, Reaper, and more. Level up, enhance, and customize these characters with incredible skins, magical spells, lethal weapons, and various creatures. You just need to be wise in choosing their abilities to match your game mode, Guardian, and playstyle. Keep playing to climb the leaderboard. With each rank, you earn rewards that are definitely worth your hard work and determination. Plus, you can always form long-term alliances with other players, battle together, and receive even more rewards. Download Last Mage Standing for free right now, and get ready to let your massive power shine in every game mode you choose to play. Note that while the game is free to play, some of its features require real money to unlock. If you wish to disable in-app purchases, kindly check your device settings beforehand.
Stories of Bethem: Full Moon

Explore a vast kingdom and collect objects as young wizard Khoma in Bethem, a fun pixel RPG filled with epic monsters, puzzles, and surprises.

Stories of Bethem: Full MoonGuGames Development
Are you ready for a pixelated RPG that follows the legend of Khoma, a young hero embarking on a perilous quest to acquire the Oneiric Objects of Bethem and become a wizard? Prepare to test your strength and skills in a vast world filled with dungeons and surprises. Embark on an epic adventure through a vast kingdom overflowing with secrets waiting to be discovered. The key to success is exploration, so don't be afraid to journey off the beaten path. Dive into challenging dungeons filled with puzzles that you must solve in order to progress. Be prepared to face the toughest obstacles and use all your skills to succeed. Let the wildest characters and stories you've ever imagined captivate you as you immerse yourself in the game. The guaranteed fun is just beginning! Unlock new magic spells that will help you open doors and clear the path for you to continue your journey. Don't forget to collect all the monster auras and add them to the museum. Wear your new costumes and embrace new powers to achieve legendary status and become the ultimate hero. Take on epic monsters in thrilling battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Complete the side-quests and strive to collect all 52 achievements to truly experience everything the game has to offer. Available in both English and Spanish, this game offers flexibility for all types of players. Bluetooth gamepad compatibility and Google Cloud saving feature ensure that your data stays safe. Want to try it out first? Play the first dungeon for free and unlock the full game with an unbeatable in-app payment. Get lost in this classic style action-packed RPG adventure and lose yourself in the magic of Bethem.
Tiny Fantasy

Tiny Fantasy is a fun, one-handed RPG with endless hero options, explosive combos, and team tactics to conquer hordes of monsters.

Tiny FantasyMinidragon
Welcome, brave adventurer! Immerse yourself in the world of Tiny Fantasy, an exhilarating free action adventure RPG game where you can hack and slash your way through epic battles! Experience the magic of this game by playing it anywhere and anytime with just one hand. The unique combat system allows you to perform an array of combo attacks and spells through simple swipes and taps. Fight off waves of monsters with your weapons of choice, whether it be swords, arrows, or magic blasts. Knock them off cliffs or obliterate them with powerful attacks! Discover countless heroes waiting to be unlocked and collected, each with their own personality and style that you can choose from. Create massive explosions that disintegrate monsters, explore the various team buffs and followers' skills to increase your chance of survival. Recruit up to three other followers to fight alongside you, each possessing unique sets of skills that can complement yours. With the map serving as a critical component of your adventure, you will need to use it wisely to defeat your enemies. Every level presents a new challenge for you to strategize and outsmart the competition. Defeat bosses to win rare heroes and followers that can help you succeed in your journey. Finally, share your mesmerizing and imaginative experience of Tiny Fantasy on our community platforms! Join us on Facebook (@tinyfantasygame) and Twitter (@tiny_fantasy) to engage with other fans and exchange tips on how best to triumph in this exciting game!

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