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Live Cycling Manager 2023

Live Cycling Manager 2023: manage your team with total control, train racers and compete in 240+ stages, real-time 3D races, and negotiate with staff and sponsors.

Live Cycling Manager 2023Xagu Studios
Live Cycling Manager 2023 is the ultimate cycling simulation game. Create or select the club of your dreams and manage every aspect of it to become the Sports Manager of a professional team. Compete against 40 other teams until you reach the pinnacle of success. Controlling every single aspect of the club is one of the unique features of the game that sets it apart from others. You can plan your training sessions, transfers, staff hiring, registration in races, racer selection, race strategies, finances, and kit design. Hiring the best cyclists, physiologists, mechanics, and trainers will aid you in managing the club of your dreams. You'll be faced with numerous obstacles throughout the season, so get ready to overcome them all. You can prepare for grand tours, exclusive training sessions and pre-race training camps to enhance employee potential, acquire sports gear, and many more exciting features. Participate in real-time racing experiences, commanding your cyclists and competing in 3D environment races. Compete against 40 other teams in existing game seasons, advancing one level higher at the end of the season. The game has a 3D simulation of stages which brings a new excitement to each race. The AI-controlled rivals present in the game will test your every skill in all types of races, from quick sprints to challenging mountain stages. Design the best racing strategy to adapt to all circumstances and manage your team during the race in a 3D environment or simulate your strategy and plan ahead. The game offers two categories of real races: WORLD and PRO, with every type of Tour, Giro, Vuelta, Volta, and one-day races with over 240 stages. You can register in the best races on the calendar and compete in flat races, hill climb trials, time trials, pavés, mountain, half-mountain, and more. Train your racers or send them to pre-race training camps worldwide to improve their attributes. Your role isn't limited to cyclists; you'll also manage your staff and negotiate with equipment manufacturers to get the best bikes on the market. You'll hire transport suppliers to improve the performance and rest of cyclists while finding and negotiating with top sponsors to generate additional income through merchandising management. Furthermore, you'll scout young talents to hire for the club junior categories, train them, and promote them when necessary. The game offers a new 3D graphics engine and offline version to make the gameplay experience smooth and personalized. Are you tired of football, soccer, F1, and motorsport managers? Bored with car and motorbike games? This cycling manager game is perfect for you. Train your riders to improve their bicycle skills, manage sprinters, descenders, or downhillers and bring your club to the top of the world classification.
Nitro Xtreme Racer: Car Racing

Dominate the competition in Nitro Xtreme Racer by unlocking cars and conquering challenging tracks. Customize your ride and become the ultimate racing champion.

Nitro Xtreme Racer: Car RacingFlyingcaps Studios
Get ready to strap yourself in and take on the high-octane excitement of Nitro Xtreme Racer! This is the ultimate 3D racing game of 2023 that will put your driving skills to the test as you tear up the track and show your competitors what you're made of. Race through dynamic courses, navigate treacherous obstacles and push your vehicle to the limit. As you drift through tight corners and make bold passes, feel the exhilaration pumping through your veins. Upgrade your ride and unlock new cars to dominate the competition, whether you're into underground street racing or professional circuits - Nitro Xtreme Racer has it all. Burn rubber and hit lightning-fast speeds in Nitro Xtreme Racer, the ultimate top-speed racing game. Are you ready to feel the need for speed? RACE TO THE FINISH Step behind the wheel of a powerful race car and take on skilled opponents. Put your driving skills to the test on challenging tracks as you leave your competitors in the dust. REALISTIC 3D ENVIRONMENTS Immerse yourself in gorgeous 3D worlds that deliver the ultimate racing experience. Speed through city streets, mountainous terrains, highways, and exotic locations - each filled with stunning visuals and challenging obstacles. Be prepared for a visual feast throughout your journey! EXCITING GAME MODES Choose your mode of play and compete across a variety of challenges such as Sprint Races, Circuit Races, Rivals Races, Lap Knockout, Speedtrap, and Tollbooth. Conquer each track to unlock new levels and push your skills to the limit. UNLOCK AND COLLECT NEW CARS Discover a range of high-performance cars, from sleek sports cars to powerful muscle machines. Whatever your racing preference, there's a ride out there to meet your needs. PIMP UP YOUR RIDE Personalize your vehicle with a vast range of paint colors, decals, and performance upgrades. Customize your speed machine to match your style and enhance its abilities on the track. OFFLINE RACING FUN Experience Nitro Xtreme Racer whenever, wherever. Play anytime, even without an internet connection. Take the excitement of offline racing wherever you go and challenge AI opponents across a range of modes. BECOME THE CHAMPION Climb the ranks, win races and claim the ultimate trophy. Show off your racing prowess and establish yourself as the ultimate drift car games 2023 champion! Are you ready to take on the most thrilling racing adventure of 2023? Download Nitro Xtreme Racer now and start your journey to becoming a 3D car racing legend.
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Disney Speedstorm

A hero-based racing game, Disney Speedstorm features Disney and Pixar characters on high-speed circuits, with upgrades and multiplayer modes. Master drifting and timing boosts.

Disney SpeedstormGameloft
Join action-packed racing battles inspired by beloved Disney and Pixar worlds in Disney Speedstorm, the ultimate hero-based combat racer. With an impressive selection of iconic characters such as Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, and Stitch, this arcade kart racing game features deep customization options and challenging high-speed circuits that demand expert racing skills like timing nitro boosts and drifting around corners. Experience the thrill of multiplayer racing modes and compete against players from all over the world or take on action-packed tracks solo. With extensive customization options for karts, suits, and racetracks, you can show off your style across stunning environments like the Kraken Port or Aladdin's Cave of Wonders. Disney Speedstorm is constantly evolving with fresh seasonal content such as new racer characters, unique racetracks, and support crew features to enhance your racing strategy. Whether you're a seasoned racer or new to the world of kart racing, Disney Speedstorm promises to bring endless excitement and challenges to your gaming experience. Visit the official website for news and updates and follow the game on social media to stay up to date on the latest content drops. Note that virtual items can be purchased within the app, and the game may contain third-party ads that redirect you to external sites. Check out the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information on Disney Speedstorm's policies and guidelines.
Racing Track Star: 3D Car game

Manage a racing team, train drivers, upgrade cars and create the best crew in the business. Featuring 3D graphics and exciting gameplay.

Racing Track Star: 3D Car gameSayGames LTD
Experience the excitement of auto racing management at its best with this game! Take charge as the head of your own racing team and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of racing. 🏎️Become the ultimate boss by creating a team of elite drivers who will help you achieve glory on the tracks. 🏎️Train your drivers to perfection, to take on the toughest of competitors. 🏎️Upgrade your race cars and their parts to maximize their efficiency during high-stakes races. 🏎️Customize your racing cars to your liking, to give them a unique and personalized look. 🏎️Assemble an unstoppable crew and earn a reputation for yourself in the racing community! 🏎️Be blown away by the stunning 3D graphics that bring the racing action to life before your eyes. Take control of your destiny and join the world of racing today. Get your engines revving to maximise your chances at eternal glory! - Privacy Policy: - Terms of Use:
Need for Speed Mobile

Experience the thrill of high-speed racing in Need for Speed Mobile. Collaborate with other skilled drivers and conquer challenging tracks with precision and finesse.

Need for Speed MobileElectronic ArtsRelease date: TBA
Get behind the wheel of the adrenaline-pumping Need for Speed Mobile game - an electrifying gaming experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Immerse yourself in a dynamic world where strategic driving skills and lightning-fast reflexes reign supreme. This game combines the thrill of fast-paced racing games with strategic gameplay, making it an unparalleled and addictive masterpiece. Experience the rush as you step into the shoes of skilled drivers, each with their own unique skills and driving styles, adding depth and variety to your gameplay. Engage in heart-pounding races set in breathtaking landscapes, where every decision you make could be the key to your victory. Race on meticulously designed tracks with visually stunning environments, boasting top-quality graphics that range from sun-kissed coastal roads to neon-lit urban circuits. Each track has been crafted to offer a captivating gaming experience that will keep you glued to your screen. Team up with other drivers to devise intricate strategies and outmaneuver your rivals. Utilize an array of high-performance vehicles, from agile sports cars to powerful supercars, to conquer the tracks with precision and finesse. Your driving skills will be put to the test, and only the most adept racers will emerge victorious. Join forces with friends or meet new rivals in the game's social features. Bond over shared victories and adrenaline-pumping moments, and together, climb the ranks of Need for Speed Mobile's competitive leaderboard. The sense of camaraderie and achievement that comes with conquering challenges as a team is truly unparalleled. Rev up your engines and put the pedal to the metal in the world of Need for Speed Mobile. Showcase your driving prowess in this fast-paced, heart-racing gaming experience. Enter a world of strategic brilliance, top-tier graphics, and thrilling races that will keep you coming back for more. Let the race begin, and may the best driver win!
Traffic Driving Car Simulator

Experience real-life driving and complete missions in Traffic Driving Car Simulator. Upgrade cars, destroy others for bonus points, and compete on worldwide leaderboards.

Traffic Driving Car SimulatorBotanica Global
Traffic Driving Car Simulator allows you to experience the thrill of navigating the bustling highways with a variety of vehicles while completing missions and accumulating upgrades for your car collection. In this game, you'll need to be a skilled driver to survive the perilous roads. Designed with the latest technology, Traffic Driving offers stunningly realistic 3D graphics, high-speed driving moments, and a modern fleet of cars. You can immerse yourself in the endless highway roads where traffic is congested and aim to become the leader on the worldwide leaderboard. Some of the game's standout features include third-person gameplay that gives you a wider view of the road and enables you to easily avoid obstacles. If you can't dodge them, don't hesitate to smash into other vehicles to earn points and money. You can even go beyond the limit with the nitro boost and select from a wide collection of cars ranging from sports to classic. Besides, the game also has detailed and different game maps with varying day and night conditions in the city or suburb. Multiple events provide various in-game opportunities to win top prizes in the Championship by racing in over 100 city maps. The game boasts impressive sound quality to further enhance your gaming experience. If you're up for a challenge, Traffic Driving has plenty of breathtaking obstacles to overcome and challenges to complete. Millions of players worldwide compete to become the best traffic drivers on the road. You can join them, dodge traffic, smash into other cars, make remarkable drifts, and earn worthy rewards for completing each challenge. Join the ranks of professional drivers by playing Traffic Driving Car Simulator and conquer any road you encounter. The game is free to play but includes supported ads. Read our policy if you have any complaints or contact us for further information.
Motorsport Rivals

Join a global racing community, customize your team, and compete with your national team in tactical team races. Support and energy key in free-to-play Motorsport Rivals.

Motorsport RivalsPlaysport Games
Looking for an unparalleled Motorsport Game racing experience? Look no further than the Motorsport Rivals racing game! This multiplayer motorsport racing game provides a brilliant way for you to connect with other fans and rivals of racing from all around the world. Work together with your friends to lead your team to victory against your fierce competitors. By joining a racing team you instantly become part of a large community of millions of supportive players all around the globe. At Motorsport Rivals, teamwork is everything! Play racing cards to attack your ultimate competitors and compete in thrilling races that test your team spirit and tactful abilities. Every race is an opportunity to improve your strategy and bring glory to your team. Get acquainted with your local motorsport community and team up with other racing fans to support your national team and defeat rival countries. Who knows, you may even make some lifelong friends. The Motorsport Rivals racing game offers a variety of features to keep you engaged and interested, including customization of your team, team chat, emojis to communicate with competitors, energy to race, motorsport competitions, pitstop minigames, and season pass. You must aim to win speed and battle for a better season position. To achieve this goal, you must be proactive and support your teammates. With Motorsport Rivals, you can be part of a dream team and race in your dream season. Stay connected with ease by linking your social media account to effortlessly connect with your friends, and make new ones. The best part is, Motorsport Rivals is completely free to play! Although some items can be purchased for real money, the game only requires a network connection. Are you ready to become a motorsport champion by taking on the best of the competition? Download Motorsport Rivals today and rev your engines! If you need any assistance or recommendations, contact us at
First Person Hooper

First Person Hooper is an arcade-style basketball game with a lock-on aiming system, shot bonuses, customizable courts, and online leaderboards.

First Person HooperStarch Digital
Welcome to First Person Hooper, an arcade-style basketball game that is all about showcasing your jump shot skills. This game gives you a unique and immersive experience by incorporating first-person shooter controls that enable you to lock onto your target just like in modern FPS games. As a result, you can quickly and easily shoot the ball with power and timing mechanics that are proportionate to your location on the court. In this game, you can score points by hitting perfect releases or by achieving shot style bonuses. If you score a swish or a bank shot, you'll also receive a power-up that will help you to progress further in the game. To top it off, you get to practice and customize your court in a relaxing island setting that can be personalized to suit any mood. Experience the game in three different modes to suit your mood; Arcade (Score Attack), Spot Up (Time Attack), and Zen (Free Play). In Arcade mode, you will have to score points within a given timeframe using creative means. Spot Up mode is all about recording your fastest shooting time for hitting designated spots on the court. Lastly, Zen mode allows you to relax and practice your jump shot technique while monitoring the stats in real-time. Play and win the game by climbing up the leaderboard and unlocking achievements. The game features a lock-on aiming system that makes for quick and easy shot making. The shot-power and timing mechanics are adjusted to your movements enabling more accurate shots. You can set the difficulty level for hoopers who prefer manual control by customizing the ball, court, hoop, and crosshair. Keep track of your in-game stats and shot charts, which record shot types and percentages. The game's replayability is enhanced by in-game secrets, bonuses, and special zones. Consecutive shots earn you scoring multipliers up to 4x, and you can power-up your shot for a guaranteed make. Enjoy an immersive gaming experience with semi-realistic basketball physics and the option of being left-handed. Customize your interface and game experience to your preference. The game designed to be replayable as you master your jump shot, beat your best times, and record high scores. The game features full gamepad and controller support. The lo-fi instrumental hip hop soundtrack created by hypoetical is sure to keep you entertained while playing. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the game and welcome feedback from our players. If you enjoy playing the game, please leave a positive review. Your support will enable us to provide new and exciting updates to the game.
Speedway Challenge 2023

Speedway Challenge 2023 offers a realistic riding model in 5 game modes, including cross-platform multiplayer and a career mode with extensive customization options.

Speedway Challenge 2023Berobasket
Are you a fan of speedway racing? Have you ever dreamt of having a career in the sport? Do you want to lead your favorite team to the championship or challenge your friends for a tournament? If your answer is yes, then you should try Speedway Challenge 2023! This new version of Speedway Challenge features improved riding models and animations, which will make you feel like a real speedway rider. Show off your quick reflexes, pick the best lines on the track, and race to the top in one of five game modes: MULTIPLAYER - Compete with friends in online tournaments CAREER - Get your license, fight for a spot in the team lineup, and upgrade your gear to become a speedway legend LEAGUE - Select your favorite team, choose your line-up, buy new riders, and compete in the Country Championship CHALLENGES - Accept various challenges, complete competition tasks, and win rewards QUICK GAME - Relax in a friendly match between two teams Multiplayer mode's key features include cross-platform capabilities, opponent selection, various rider and bike skins, and a spot for spectators in case of a disputed decision. Career mode allows you to create your own rider, pass the license exam to sign your first contract, and gradually upgrade your rider’s equipment, bike parts, and transport. You can sign new contracts, ride in several leagues, and even become a junior or senior country champion. Other features of the career mode include injuries, statistics, and variable rider performance. League mode enables you to select your team’s lineup, control your finances, negotiate contracts, and take care of the mood among your team while keeping an eye on match statistics and rider performance. The game’s key features include realistic riding models with contact between riders, officially licensed player and team names, an extended starting procedure, configurable camera views, referee decisions, and varied difficulty levels. The game rules are based on real leagues rules, and you can experience changing weather conditions, time of day and night, and race on over 50 tracks with different characteristics. If you are wondering why there are in-app purchases or plan to give negative ratings to the game, please read the FAQ section on the Speedway Challenge website before you do so. Don't miss out, try Speedway Challenge 2023 today! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter or visit their website for more information.
Jet Car Stunts Lite

Jet Car Stunts is an award-winning, adrenaline-pumping driving game for iOS & Android, featuring impossible tracks & maneuvers, Smash Physics, & 3 intense play modes.

Jet Car Stunts LiteTrue Axis
Jet Car Stunts is an award-winning driving game that is perfect for adrenaline junkies. Set in impossible environments, players can expect massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways, and other outlandish maneuvers. Since its release, Jet Car Stunts has earned numerous awards, with many "Best of 2009" lists for iOS. Now, it's also available for Android users. Jet Car Stunts Lite is the best option for those who wish to try the game's free version before buying it. It's less of a driving game and more of a platformer. Your opponent is the track, and each level is more challenging than the last. Brace yourself for a challenge because these insane tracks will test your skills. Jet Car Stunts boasts smooth, fast gameplay with tight, responsive accelerometer controls that simulate the feeling of driving a jet-assisted car. It also incorporates Smash Physics and has multiple game modes. In the free version, you get to try out eight challenging tracks, while the full version has 36 more tracks to offer. There are three game modes to choose from: Platforming, Time Trial, and Tutorials. The Platforming mode is straightforward; the goal is to reach the end of the track. Each track is more difficult than the previous one. In the Time Trial mode, you race against time to reach the next checkpoint before the time runs out. Beat your best time and challenge yourself and your friends. The Tutorials mode is where you will learn all the tricks and moves you need to know to face the challenges head-on. If you encounter any problems, such as installation issues and other game-related problems, you can visit Jet Car Stunts' support site. It has solutions to the most common issues that players experience. Get ready to buckle up and experience an unforgettable adrenaline rush with Jet Car Stunts!
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

Be the best cop with over 52 controllable vehicles in a massive open-world and perform various thrilling Missions to become the city's commissioner.

Police Simulator: Patrol OfficersGame Pickle
Experience the thrill of being a police officer in the ultimate open-world police simulator game! Drive and fly a range of incredible police vehicles including helicopters, boats, airplanes, and cars in the largest open-world map available. Complete a variety of challenging missions and climb the ranks to become the commissioner of the city. Explore the vast city, tracking down bad drivers and arresting them for their offenses. With over 52 controllable police vehicles, ranging from airplanes to cars and boats, there's no end to the excitement. As you progress, you'll earn 12 different badges, from Cadet to Commissioner. Police Officer Simulator offers an unlimited number of free levels, ensuring that the adventure always continues! A realistic environment with dynamic weather conditions and a day and night cycle, including realistic effects such as thunderstorms, turbulence, and 3D volumetric clouds all add to the immersive experience. From seven different airports, you'll fly and explore the massive open-world environment with its unique locations, including rivers and lakes, big cities, small towns, ruins, farms, and more. With tons of points of interest, there's always something new to discover. Launching a mission is straightforward: find a mission marker and begin your task. Fly across the open-world for hours in one of the best airplane flying simulation games, using the helpful minimap to navigate and locate missions. There are a variety of missions to choose from, ranging from arresting bad drivers and stopping gangsters to transporting passengers, escorting the President, racing with other cops, clearing the road with rockets, and undertaking base jumping activities. The game features a range of high-quality graphics and sounds to add to the realistic experience, including weather forecasts, true 3D volumetric clouds, dynamic lighting and sound effects, realistic copter and airplane cockpit environments, and the ability to destroy almost anything in the environment. Police Officer Simulator has an impressive range of 52 controllable vehicles, including helicopters such as Bell 206 and Eurocopter EC135, boats like Jetski and Offshore, as well as cars such as SUVs and racing cars. Get ready to experience one of the best police officer simulators available and become the ultimate commissioner of the city.
Ace Racer

Ace Racer: a mobile racing game with unique ultimate skills for every car, customizable vehicles, and fast-paced 1 minute competitions.

Ace RacerNetEase Games
Introducing Ace Racer, the ultimate racing mobile game that offers a unique and innovative twist on vehicles with exceptional capabilities. Get ready to experience an array of authentic cars from well-known manufacturers such as Porsche and Nissan, as well as our own custom creations. Each vehicle is equipped with their own unique ultimate skill that will surely blow your mind. Cruise through stunning racetracks and race with ultimate skills for the ultimate thrill ride. Ace Racer boasts of several features that will keep you engaged, including unique ultimate skills for each vehicle. Flash across walls, transform while driving, and drift at high speeds – this game offers endless possibilities and allows you to make your own rules. You can also drag to your heart's content on multiple fascinating tracks from all over the world, including Shanghai, Tokyo, Nevada, California, and Los Angeles. You get to speed along beautiful scenery in famous tourist attractions whenever you want! The game also has countless collections that you can add to your garage, featuring iconic and luxurious rides such as the Porsche 911 and Nissan GT-R, along with some of our own creations. Drive over 100 authorized vehicles from well-known manufacturers worldwide and make each ride your own. Customize your vehicles with paint, decals, rims, and lights – you can even get your own license plate. Time to ride your way! Are you new to the game? No problem, Ace Racer offers fast-paced and easy-to-ride gameplay that will get you revved up in no time. Enthusiasm is all you need to drive each competition, which lasts for just one minute per round! Dig, drift, drag, and drive your way across the finish line – you own the track! But wait, there's more! You can also team up with friends and choose different positions such as Speedster. Let the unique 3v3 match system add even more thrills to your high-speed experience. Follow us on our official site or Twitter for more information about the game, and don't hesitate to contact our customer service if you have any questions. Ace Racer – racing with ultimate skills for ultimate thrills!
Slot Car HTR+ : 3D Simulation

Race your toy car in 20 tracks while avoiding competitors and mastering challenges like loops and jumps in HTR+, with endless tracks to explore.

Slot Car HTR+ : 3D SimulationSupercharge Mobile
Take a journey back in time with a classic and adored toy in HTR+. Assemble your miniature plastic vehicle and kick it into high gear as you cruise through the skies above a multitude of tracks, avoiding violent collisions with other racers. Choose one of three difficulty levels and speed through a collection of 20 tracks that will test your agility with each challenge presenting itself in the form of loops, jumps, precarious crossroads, narrow stretches, and high-speed turns. With the highly intuitive track editor, you can even create your own custom tracks and share them with other players through the online connectivity feature. HTR+ is a game that can be enjoyed on numerous platforms, allowing all players to share records and tracks regardless of the platform. Players will have access to a massive library of over 100,000 tracks that have been created by other players and are ready to download. This game offers a realistic physics engine that creates an exhilarating and immersive racing simulation experience. Unlock an abundance of cool items, including upgraded cars, electric engines, tires, and chassis, each of which will enable you to optimize your ride in any one of the 240 configurations! Test your optimized ride on each track and show the competition what you've got!
CarX Street

Race, customize, and build the car of your dreams in CarX Street. Conquer clubs, defeat bosses, and become the best driver in Sunset City.

CarX StreetCarX Technologies
Experience the unrestricted thrill of being a rebel street racer as you take on the dynamic open world of CarX Street. Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge of becoming the legend of Sunset City, where realistic races on highways and city streets will keep you on the edge of your seat. Developed by the makers of CarX Drift Racing 2, indulge yourself in the thrill of top-speed drifting races. Personalize the car of your dreams with part tuning, unlocking all the nuances of CarX Technology car behavior. Embrace the enormity of CarX Street and its stimulating car races, wherein you can dominate clubs, hit unimaginable speeds, and drift with ease! A word of caution – you may get hooked to this game and end up spending hours playing it, so make sure to take a break every 40 minutes. Game Features: Career:
  • Drive at high speeds or drift through hairpin turns, the choice is yours.
  • Join clubs, beat bosses, and flaunt your driving skills.
  • Handpick parts for your vehicle, allowing you to unlock 100% of its potential.
  • Buy and customize homes for your cars, assembling collections for every race mode.
  • Fuel up with the right gas for the next race, available at convenient city gas stations.
  • Experience dynamic day/night changes, allowing you to get behind the wheel at any time of day or night.
Improved Car Tuning:
  • A detailed car-building system that lets you swap and trick out your car for specific races.
  • Upgrade the engine, transmission, body, suspension, and tires for maximum efficiency.
  • Swap the engine of your unique car for a more powerful ride.
Visual Car Tuning:
  • Customize every aspect of your car – mirrors, headlights, lights, skirt, bumper, rims, and much more!
  • Create a personalized look for your car, standing out in the world of street racing.
The Most Realistic Mobile Racing Game:
  • Master your car with impressive physics and controls.
  • Experience modern, high-quality graphics with an enormous open world.
Support Service: If you encounter any bugs while playing the game, feel free to contact our support service at
Visit CarX Technologies official site at For more information on privacy policies, visit and for license agreements, visit
Arena Car Racing

Enjoy award-winning Real Car Racing Car Driving 3D game with multiple modes, superhero car racing, extreme car driving, car stunts, and customization features.

Arena Car RacingGame City :Action, Racing, Simulation Games
Real Car Racing Car Driving Game 3D is an amazing racing game that sets a new level of quality in the genre. This free game boasts a variety of modes such as car stunts, car ramp, car racing, and car drifting, along with many other exciting levels. Players can also enjoy content provided by third parties, though Electronic Arts is not responsible for such content. With realistic car physics and impressive turbo speed cars, epic overtakes, and breathtaking West Coast locations, this 3D racing game is a fresh take on the best in the category. Get ready for a new racing experience with the Superhero car race game. If you have experience with Super car stunt racing and 4x4 car games, then Circus car racing will be a breeze for you. Enjoy the super spider car stunts in 3D and choose your world-famous Car race master challenge to win the speed cars race in traffic. This free car stunts game in 2023 provides a unique racing experience with Spider car and Super car racing, crazy car races, parking challenges, and team death matches that test your Superhero car driving skills. Take the Car race master challenge and compete in Superhero stunts games to become a 3D Race car master in stunts game free or Mega ramp car racing games. Real Speed Car Racing game offers a full range of options for real car stunts, with players able to collect, upgrade, and customize some of the most gorgeous exotic vehicles in their performance shop, complete with engine and interior details. Extreme Car Driving Simulator free games is the open-world car simulator of 2023, featuring advanced real speed car racing and set in the action-packed world of steel monster car racers and epic battles. It's a survival racing simulator and offline mobile game that lets you enjoy racing battles and survival races. Welcome to a unique Extreme Car Racing 3D Car Game where car management, pumping, and control are at the highest level. Get engaged in 3D ultimate race games, fire car rockets, and use the protective shield to counter enemy attacks and leave all other race cars behind. If you've ever wanted to try a new sports car simulator, now you can with this free game. Freestyle car driving, car drifting, and feeling the rush of racing in a sports car are all possible with Furious Racer Game. They offer excitement and endless variation, featuring cool and stylish cars and dangerous rivals, all in fast-paced and intense racing levels. Enjoy Traffic Drift Car Racing Games, a new car driving game that lets you race all over the open world, with multiple cars to choose from. Collect enough nitrogen bars and release the final race 3D to accelerate your play car traffic to maximum speed racing. Control your direction, brake at any time, and show perfect powerful car stunts. Top speed car game enthusiasts will love this game, which lets you ride and drift your car in 3D. Increase the engine's power, upgrade your gear and auto, repaint your car racer, or slap on some decals. Modifying your car will have a definite impact on the realistic driving simulation, with each new super car unlock giving you access to the most hardcore visual mods from black-market cars. Get ready for a truly immersive racing experience with Extreme Car Racing 3D: Real Car Game. This high-quality racing game 3D stands out among other new race games with its HD graphics and gameplay. You can enjoy a great level of creativity by building new parts from your own car drafts and applying them to the cars traffic racer. Real Car Racing Car Driving 3D Features: - Realistic HD graphics and sound effects for a truly immersive experience - Sports cars and HD road tracks for varied gameplay - No need for a driving license, enjoy high-speed car racing - Upgrade and paint your super cars to make them unique and impressive.
KartRider: Drift

Race and customize karts and characters in KartRider: Drift's cross-platform, free-to-play kart racing game with ever-expanding content.

KartRider: DriftNEXON Company
KartRider: Drift is the ultimate cross-platform kart racing game that boasts of its excellent high-definition graphics, and allows deep customization of karts and characters. It is an online, free-to-play game that enables up to eight players to race in teams of four, competing against each other in drift or item focused races with personalized karts and characters. ■ Cross-Platform The game has a cross-platform feature that allows you to play on different devices such as consoles, PCs and mobile phones at any time and anywhere of your convenience. ■ Customization You can easily personalize your kart body, wheels, license plate, boosters, and build your unique decals to suit your taste. ■ Online Free to Play The game has no pay-to-win elements or pay walls, allowing players to have a remarkable experience as they top the leaderboards. ■ Modes You can either compete with your drifting skills in Speed Mode or use gadgets in Item Mode to win. ■ Expanding Content Get ready for new karts, characters, and tracks that are added continually to keep the game exciting and competitive. ■ Device Info The minimum requirements for this game are Android 8.0 or higher / Galaxy S7 or higher. ■ Official Community Stay updated by visiting the official website for the latest news, helpful tips, and events! You can also join the company's Discord or visit their YouTube channel to stay close to the action! Website: Discord: YouTube: ■ Developer Contact Contact the developers via email at ■ App Permission Information This game requires specific permissions to provide its services. Optional permissions include: [Optional Permission] Camera: To capture photos or record videos for uploading on the game Photo / Media / Files: To save and upload photos / videos Microphone: To enable voice chat while playing the game Phone: To collect phone numbers to send promotional text messages ※ This permission is only effective in certain countries, so numbers may not be collected from all players. ※ Your decision to grant or deny the optional permissions has no effect on the gameplay. [Permission Management] ▶ Android 6.0 or higher - Go to Settings > Applications, select the app, and toggle permissions ▶ Under Android 6.0 - Update the OS version to revoke the app's permissions or uninstall the game. ※ The app may not ask for individual permissions. In this case, you can manually allow or block them following the steps explained above. ※ This app has in-app purchases. Deactivate this feature by adjusting your device settings.
KartRider Rush+

KartRider Rush+ returns with new gameplay modes, thrilling races, and iconic characters. Join a Club, climb leaderboards and become a racing legend.

KartRider Rush+NEXON Company
Join the kart-racing phenomenon played by millions of people worldwide and experience the thrill of racing with even better style and game modes. You can play solo or race with friends across different modes of gameplay that offer unique challenges. Unlock and upgrade the famous characters and karts from the KartRider universe, climb the leaderboard ladder, and become the ultimate racing legend. Get immersed in a story mode unique to KartRider and learn about the stories behind the Racers. Choose from different gameplay modes to become a lone racer or part of a team, such as Speed Race, Arcade Mode, Lucci Runner, Infini-Boost, Ranked Mode, Story Mode, and Time Trial. Customize your racer's style with new outfits, accessories, and karts while adorning them with trendy decals and pets that will set you apart from everyone else on the track. Take on real-time multiplayer matches with drifting controls optimized for mobile. Time your Nitro boosts perfectly to execute the perfect drift and leave your rivals behind in your wake. Join a club and unite with players worldwide, complete quests together, and show off your latest karts through your personal customizable home or enjoy quick mini-games after a challenging match. Race on more than 45 unique tracks, each offering its challenges to test your skills, whether you tour the hustling traffic of London Nights or endure the chill of the ice in Shark's Tomb. Connect with KartRider Rush+ on official platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch to stay updated. Please note an internet connection is necessary to play, and we recommend specs like AOS 5.0 or higher with minimum 1GB RAM required. Adjust app permissions as you desire to save images, upload photos or videos, collect promotional texts, talk during the game, or take photos or film videos. The game offers in-app purchases which can be turned off by adjusting your device settings.

SuperTuxKart is a fun, arcade-style open-source racer with a variety of characters, tracks and modes to play. Race underwater, through jungles, space, or rural areas. Free and ad-free.

SuperTuxKartSuperTuxKart Development Team
SuperTuxKart takes you on a fun-filled 3D open-source arcade racing adventure with a variety of characters, tracks, and modes to choose from. The game's aim is to offer entertainment rather than realism, ensuring an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. Embark on an epic quest to uncover the secrets of an underwater world or take a thrilling ride through the lush jungles of Val Verde and explore the renowned Cocoa Temple. Get into the driver's seat of your kart and zip through tunnels underground or soar higher in outer space. Alternatively, hit the countryside roads or explore the alien terrains, bask in the sunshine on the sandy beaches, and enjoy the race as other karts whiz by. Just make sure to avoid those pesky banana peels! Stay alert for obstacles, including bowling balls, plungers, bubble gum, and cakes flung by your opponents. Choose to race individually against other karts, enter one of several Grand Prix competitions, improve your racing skills by chasing the high score in time trials, enter battle mode against the computer, or challenge your friends. For increased competition, join players from all over the world in online races and test your skills against the best. SuperTuxKart is a free-to-play game void of any ads, so you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without any distractions.
Street Racer X Ace of Love

Crash a ryokan and work with three women at a hotel. Grow closer to Yumi, fun Amelia, and pampered Mika. Love or crash out?

Street Racer X Ace of LoveGenius Studio Japan Inc.
■Overview■ Experience the thrill of racing down the Japanese mountains in this captivating game, until one day a terrible accident occurs and you crash into an ancient ryokan. Despite your reckless driving, the owner offers you a chance to work at the hotel, in exchange for keeping the incident a secret. However, your new colleagues, three stunningly beautiful women, are not going to make it easy for you. Will love bloom between you and one of them or will the sparks fizzle out? The choice is yours to make. ■Characters■ Yumi – The Diligent Heir Initially, Yumi sees you as just another employee, but as she witnesses your work ethic, she becomes intrigued. Over time, you discover that Yumi is a gentle, caring individual who deeply values her family. Though she may have a reserved personality, she can communicate her appreciation for you in other ways. Amelia – The Bubbly Foreigner Amelia is a joy to be around, always keeping your spirits up and making you feel at home. She may have reservations about racing, yet it doesn't take away from her amicable and welcoming nature. Amidst the chaos of running a hotel, Amelia becomes a source of comfort and joy. Mika – The Spoiled Aristocrat A queen in her own right, Mika expects the utmost respect and reverence from those around her. Her life might seem perfect, but as you get to know her better, you realize that there is more to her than meets the eye. Will you be able to look beyond her facade and uncover the true Mika?
Mario Kart Tour

Race friends and foes worldwide with varied customizations in Mario Kart Tour's new real-world tracks while aiming for 1st place with frenzied mode.

Mario Kart TourNintendo Co., Ltd.
With Mario Kart Tour, you can now challenge players worldwide in multiplayer races. You have the opportunity to compete against up to seven players, regardless of whether they are your in-game friends or strangers from around the globe. There are various rules available for customizing your races, and you can create individual or team races, set kart speed and define the number of item slots. You are free to play however you please! Mario and his friends are taking a world tour! The new Mario Kart game showcases the unique racing environments of real-world cities, in addition to the classic Mario Kart courses we all know and love. These special locations will be available to play every two weeks as part of rotating tours. That's not all, as some of the famous Mario characters will have city-themed variations incorporated into their design. The endless fun of Mario Kart is now at your fingertips. This well-loved franchise has now made its way to smart devices, and it's easy to play. You only need one finger to control the game. You can steer with ease and drift by sliding your finger, sling your favorite items while racing for the gold in cups full of classic and new Mario Kart courses. In Mario Kart Tour, you have access to an extensive collection of powerful items that you can use on the race track. You can create chaos by activating the new "Frenzy" mode. When activated, you'll have an unlimited supply of a particular item, and you'll be invincible. You'll only have a limited time to use this mode, so make the most of it! To enhance your gaming experience, Mario Kart Tour offers a range of collectibles such as drivers, karts, badges, and gliders. You can earn Grand Stars by completing races or use the featured pipe to receive more drivers, karts, and gliders. Additionally, you can earn badges by completing specific challenges, which you can display next to your in-game name. Mario Kart Tour offers unique bonus challenge courses that give you a different style of gameplay and require new and unique strategies. In these races, your goal is not necessarily to finish first. Challenge courses like "Vs. Mega Bowser" and "Goomba Takedown" demand a unique approach from traditional race courses. Test your skills and race to increase your online rank! You can boost with the best racers around the world. Your online ranking and high scores will determine how you compare to other players worldwide. Keep practicing, configuring different combinations of karts and drivers and gliders to increase your score and rise to the top. Lastly, this game requires a Nintendo account to play. It's free to start, and you can access optional in-game purchases. Moreover, a persistent Internet connection and compatible smartphone are required to play. Data charges may apply. The game may include advertising. For more information about ads, please refer to the "How we use your information" section of the Nintendo Privacy Policy. In conclusion, Mario Kart Tour is an exciting game that offers endless fun at your fingertips. It's time to take on the world and show off your skills while flying through the game's various race courses.
Super Mario Run

Tap and jump through courses to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches. Compete in Toad Rally, build your kingdom and unlock new characters in Super Mario Run.

Super Mario RunNintendo Co., Ltd.
Introducing a groundbreaking Mario game that is easy to play with just one hand. By tapping the screen, you can control Mario who is constantly running forward. Timing your taps is key to successfully pulling off midair spins, stylish jumps, and wall jumps to collect coins and reach the end goal. Super Mario Run is free to download, and once you purchase the game, you can enjoy all the modes without any additional payments. Before purchasing, you can try out all four modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder. Embark on a mission to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, by running and jumping through various terrains such as plains, airships, castles, and ghost houses in World Tour. Complete 24 exciting courses to save the princess and compete with friends to gain the highest score. Unlocking courses 1-1 to 1-4 is free, and once you rescue Princess Peach, World Star, a nine-course special world, will appear. In Remix 10, take on some of the shortest courses in Super Mario Run. This mode offers bite-sized courses that change each time you play. In this ten-course challenge mode, Daisy has gone missing, so clear as many courses as possible to find her. In Toad Rally, demonstrate Mario's stylish moves, compete against friends, and challenge players from all over the world. The competition in this mode varies each time you play. Compete to earn the highest score, collect coins, and receive the applause of watching Toads. The filled gauge with stylish moves will take you into Coin Rush Mode where more coins await. Wins in this mode result in Toads rooting for you, and your kingdom growing. In Kingdom Builder, gather coins and Toads to construct your kingdom. Build different buildings and decorations for a unique outcome. Over 100 items can be used to create your distinct kingdom. Accomplishing more wins in Toad Rally leads to more buildings and decorations being available. Utilize these friendly Toads for gradual growth. Upon purchasing all worlds, all courses in World Tour will be accessible. Enjoy big challenges and amazing thrills. Rally Tickets are much easier to collect and used in Remix 10 and Toad Rally. A new world of playable characters also opens up- Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette- by rescuing Princess Peach and building homes for them in Kingdom Builder mode. With access to a wider variety of courses in Toad Rally, you can show off your winning skills even more. And finally, increase building types and decorations in Kingdom Builder mode. No waiting period required to play Remix 10 continually. Note that an internet connection is required to play, and there may be data charges. Advertisements may also be shown.
Jet Car Stunts 2

JCS2 challenges players with crazy stunts on outlandish courses, 120 levels, 7 cars, 4 game modes, and global leaderboards. In-app purchases available.

Jet Car Stunts 2True Axis
Jet Car Stunts 2, an award-winning sequel, guarantees to test your abilities. Prepare to execute unanticipated maneuvers on incredible tracks. Get ready for wild jumps and speeds so insane you won't believe your eyes. Take control of your car like a true maniac while you are mesmerized by the incredible jet physics that the game offers. The game contains various specs that will make your experience more challenging. You will be able to enjoy 120 levels, all of which come with three different difficulty levels. With the first 10 levels being free, you can check the game before you commit to it. You can pick from 7 cars, each with its unique way of handling to spice up your gaming experience. If you get bored with the existing gameplay, Jet Car Stunts 2 provides you with 4 game modes to choose from. You can create and share additional levels, but it comes with a price tag. Jet Car Stunts 2 also has Global leaderboards with replays and opportunities to challenge your friends. If you prefer a controller, it is compatible too. A valuable reminder, we advise against using non-app store apps with JCS2 since it may create compatibility issues, causing the game to crash. Jet Car Stunts 2 comes with optional in-app purchases. Choose between buying everything altogether or pay for only what you want. The choice is yours, but don't forget, the game will challenge you. Are you up for it?

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