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Top Roguelike Deck-Builders 2023

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Anim Odyssey

Anim Odyssey: assemble a legendary Anim legion for a challenging journey through Azure's torn land. Unpredictable, non-revivable, and enriched with 50+ hand-painted game scenes.

Anim OdysseyOgopogo GamesRelease date: TBA
Anim Odyssey is an exceptional card game that incorporates elements of strategy, RPG, and Roguelike. With your Anim legion, embark on a daring adventure in the damaged land of Azure. One of the major highlights of the game is its unconventional Roguelike style that challenges players with an unpredictable journey. The unique Miasma system, coupled with non-revivable characters, calls for players to seek survival through either Transcend or Corrupt. Another exciting aspect of Anim Odyssey is its legendary crew that features 40+ Anim characters. Mix and match them to explore character bonds and an enriched battle experience. Each character comes with unique skill cards, which makes this game even more exciting. To ensure your game journey is filled with surprise and delight, the game has 50+ highly stylized hand-painted game scenes. Delve into past mysteries that await to be discovered. Strategize with your team to defeat 30+ bosses, dozens of monsters, and elite twinned enemies. Anim Odyssey's story evolves in one of the four floating continents where the nine kingdoms compete for the throne. The Miasma, which once ravaged the troubled land, has started to seep back. The nine kingdoms have formed a three-way force, leading to a ceaseless power struggle. The Anims have been forced to seek survival in the cracks of war. A glimpse of history, the visage of all beings - the era of the beasts has begun. To stay updated and get unique insights, follow Anim Odyssey's official social media platforms, including Discord, Facebook, and Twitter.
Ancient Gods: Card Battle RPG

Deck-build and summon over 30 gods to conquer new challenges. Turn-based card battles and unique combo system in an apocalypse-themed rogue-lite game.

Ancient Gods: Card Battle RPGHexpion
Ancient Gods is a game that combines gacha and deck-building rogue-lite, providing you with a unique adventure experience without the need for an internet connection. Your task is to build powerful decks from hundreds of cards and characters to overcome the new challenges that await you. The game features a mild strategy turn-based card battle system where you can engage in one versus one battles alone to decide which cards to take and create awesome and flawless combinations. However, your journey is not going to be simple - random events can test your decision-making abilities. You have access to over 30 beautifully drawn characters, each with their own unique card and passive skill. The goal is to complete your collection of gods. Additionally, the game has a class and skill system, enabling you to create your own deck by selecting classes for your character. The game has a combo system that depends on the color of the card you play, and there are more than 300 cards for you to use when building your deck. Since ancient times, all the planets of the Solar System have supported life, except for Earth, whose inhabitants don't have any significant abilities. This situation changed when the Sun entered a new era and made a catastrophic explosion, destroying all of the planets except Earth. Now, all the races from these planets have moved to Earth and use their powers to protect the planet from the Apocalypse. As time passed, the races divided the land and ruled over humans like slaves. This division causes turmoil among the humans. However, three sisters with unique powers appeared at that moment - they can copy the powers of others. These sisters selected themselves to set out on a journey to reclaim their planet from all of these powerful races that have been ruling over humans for too long.
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Hellfire Hair

Unleash hellish beauty through battling demonic locks in Hellfire Hair, a mobile card game about a hairdresser in Hell.

Hellfire HairMassDiGI Games
Enter the fiery world of Hellfire Hair, where you take on the role of a skilled hair stylist navigating the treacherous challenges of the underworld. As you unleash your talents on the heads of demonic clients, each strand of hair becomes a battleground in this thrilling mobile card game. Using your wit and strategic prowess, you'll embark on a hair-raising journey through the depths of Hell, where the competition is fierce and the stakes are high. With every victory, you'll earn new tools and techniques to enhance your skills, as you strive to unlock the ultimate power to transform your clients' locks into otherworldly beauty. But beware, this is no ordinary salon. Your customers are fierce demons with mind-bending hairstyles, and they won't go down without a fight. Fortunately, you have an arsenal of cards at your disposal, each with unique abilities to help you conquer your foes and achieve unparalleled glory. From dazzling spells that boost your strength to destructive moves that obliterate your enemies, you'll need to use every trick in your arsenal to emerge victorious. So, grab your scissors, put on your apron and dive into the fiery depths of Hellfire Hair, the ultimate card game for hair-raising adventure!
Urban Cards

Build and customize decks to earn money and stay ahead of competition in a satire-filled roguelike with 3+ factions. Choose tactics and face numerous enemies.

Urban CardsHues Games
Step into the gritty world of Urban Cards, a deck-building roguelike that offers a unique gameplay experience on your iPad 5 (2017) or newer. The game is designed around the idea of earning money amid a ruthless society and staying afloat while facing numerous challenges. Build businesses, hire hard-working employees and even thieves to steal from rivals. It's all about creating the perfect deck and forging your way to the top! The game's satire-themed aspect adds a new layer of humor to the gameplay, with three distinct factions and playstyles to choose from. You can play as OPER, the realm of prestigious millionaires, workaholic suits, and dangerous loan sharks. AKIBARA is another option, which is a technology valley that is run by gamers, hackers, and neon lights. Lastly, GASTOWN is an impoverished part of town, where the inhabitants are skilled at sabotaging rivals and stealing from businesses. This gritty faction doesn't shy away from physical violence to make their mark. Urban Cards offers a sizable inventory of 180+ different cards to choose from that are categorized into Business, Workers, Henchmen, Actions, and Objects. Manage these cards carefully to maximize your profitability. You can also experience replayability through the game's procedurally generated campaign that features 20+ Events. Moreover, with over dozens of different enemies, from mob bosses to otaku and money lenders, you'll have to defeat the biggest crook of them all- the Government! The gameplay is unique with the addition of 30+ special items that help you in this quest to gain more cash and enhance the gameplay. Urban Cards offers players a challenging yet gratifying experience, and the game is recommended for users who enjoy deck-building and roguelike games.
Gwent: Rogue Mage

Create a living weapon to fight monsters in GWENT: Rogue Mage. Play as mage Alzur and companion Lily in a single-player expansion to GWENT.

Gwent: Rogue MageCD PROJEKT S.A.
Long before Geralt and his fellow witchers wandered the Continent, monsters in endless ranks invaded the world due to the Conjunction of Spheres. To survive, mankind needed a means to counter the siege. Accompany the journey of Alzur, a young and driven magician, and his partner Lily, as they embark on a perilous adventure to fashion a living weapon capable of permanently wiping out the monster threat. GWENT: Rogue Mage is the first single-player add-on to GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. It merges the most excellent features of roguelike, deckbuilding, and strategy titles with the one-of-a-kind mechanics of GWENT card combat.
Card Crawl Adventure

Card Crawl Adventure is a solitaire style roguelike deckbuilding card game, where you combine cards to create powerful attacks and magical spells. Join weekly competitions and refine your strategy.

Card Crawl AdventureArnold Rauers
Are you fond of solitaire-style card games? Then Card Crawl Adventure will definitely catch your eye, as it is a thrilling roguelike deck-building card game. Step into a fascinating world of cozy taverns, meet ingenious monsters and win shiny treasures in a single-player format. Draw a path across your cards and create invigorating attacks and magical spells. You can also collect and enhance your cards, equip power-packed items and refine your strategy. Each character unfurls its own intriguing storylines, combining which will challenge your quick wit, bravery and inventiveness. Leave boredom behind as all adventures are randomly generated in Card Crawl Adventure, and every week you are welcomed to join the Weekly Tavern Crawl to compete against others from around the world. The game is based on Card Thief's pathing puzzle mechanics, making it all the more immersive and addictive. Get ready for a round of short and engrossing gameplay that will leave you yearning for more. Invest in your free time with Card Crawl Adventure and explore the mesmerizing world of cards. Venture into Card Crawl's taverns and experience a unique gameplay experience. Learn more about Tinytouchtales and Card Crawl Adventure by visiting
Indies' Lies

Single-player deckbuilding RPG with procedurally generated maps and a partner system. Choose from 9 playable characters in a medieval fantasy world with unique story adventures.

Indies' LiesHainan Yoka Network
According to legend, the origins of creation come from the old gods. Lord God Strockanos, who is responsible for the universe, molded the Mekaa continent into existence from the primordial chaos and infused it with his own blood. The gods of agriculture, destiny, and death reside in Mekaa and serve as guardians while also acting as the source of arcane enchantments. As a result, this world is sustained by God’s Blood and arcane abilities. Humans have ascended as predominant on Mekaa, originating from the ancient Alrayans to the Elruips who migrated and the Normaasts banished to the world’s end. Diverse societies have sprung up from mountainous to pastoral or nomadic tribes. While civilization and religion have clashed over the ages, the belief in old gods, particularly Strockanos, remained strong. Nevertheless, the arrival of a new deity, Indies, has ushered in a new era and religion for the continent and humanity. Indies' Lies is a game featuring a single-player mode that combines deckbuilding with Roguelike and RPG mechanics. With hundreds of cards and talent/rune/partner systems in place for different classes and procedurally generated maps, each playthrough is a fresh experience. Every character has an exciting story adventure that unfolds in a medieval fantasy world. The game boasts fun gameplay for newbies as traditional deckbuilding mechanics have been optimized to create a smoother experience. More experienced players will find the gameplay challenging and less restricting. Nine unique heroes, drawn from three classes, make for a diverse range of strategies; wizards, rangers, and mechanists each come with their own set of talents and cards. The procedurally generated maps mean that every game will be different. Indies' Lies has a partner system that spices up gameplay as you command a team of one hero and up to two partners. Partners have their own set of cards and strengths that complement the hero’s deck and open up room for flexible strategies and team tactics. Each run features a unique procedurally generated talent tree with over 200 talents designed for different stages and builds. The system suits different classes and builds, meeting the need for deck development. Mekaa's medieval fantasy world makes for an engrossing experience. The game's storyline takes you on a journey to unravel each character's secrets, unlock story mode, and partake in quests such as searching for a lost love or fighting the Seven Nightmares. Get the latest news about Indies’ Lies through Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.
Night of Full Moon

A dark fairy tale come to life with exquisite 2D artwork and over 500 cards to choose from. Conquer over 93 mysterious villains with your chosen Little Red Riding Hood profession.

Night of Full MoonGiant Network
- Experience a captivating storyline filled with twists and turns Immerse yourself in a free exploration of a dark fairy tale world... The once-beautiful Black Forest is now under a curse, perpetually snowed in An enigmatic red figure has appeared, heralding a change... As you guide the little girl on her quest to find her missing grandmother, will you uncover the truth behind the legend? Get ready for unraveling the mystery… - Enjoy exquisite 2D artwork and animations, crafted exclusively for the game Choose from 6 unique professions for Little Red Riding Hood, each with its own perks. Witness stunning card effects during battles that'll leave you spellbound! Download the game now and enter into an enthralling card war! - Encounter mysterious events that occur at random What decision will you make when you find yourself at a crossroads? Remember to choose wisely, for once you make your choice, there's no turning back... - Multiple storylines to explore Who is awaiting your rescue? Who dares to stand up against your mighty 1V1 extermination? Browse among over 500 cards to find the ones that suit your fairy tale best. - Take on a wide range of challenging bosses! Awaken mythical monsters that have been slumbering for ages. Tackle over 93 different villains, each one more mysterious than the last. The road to victory awaits you! - Stand together and face the odds! You don't have to face the dangers alone – choose your own retinue! Indulge in thrilling PvE hunting duels that'll keep you hooked! Begin your journey to victory now! Like to know more about us? Get in touch: Stay updated about our latest mobile games by following us on Facebook: Chat with us on Discord: Connect with us on Twitter: Find us on Wechat: Night of The Full Moon Join us on Weibo: Night of The Full Moon
Meteorfall: Journey

Deck-building roguelike Meteorfall combines tactical strategy and deep gameplay with procedurally generated content. Playable in portrait mode, it features six unique heroes and over 150 cards to discover.

Meteorfall: JourneySlothwerks
Meteorfall is a captivating deck-building game that combines the thrilling aspects of rogue-like games. To begin with, you must pick one of the four unique adventurers and start your journey with your basic attack cards. During the game progression, you will have the opportunity to build your deck with the addition of powerful new cards. As you go on this adventure, you will encounter malevolent monsters that come across your path, and in order to slay them, you will draw cards from your ability deck. Each time you pull various cards, you may swipe right to activate it or swipe left to skip your turn and boost your stamina. While being in-between battles, you will venture through a variety of locations that will help upgrade and optimize your deck. The combat strategy of this game allows the players to mix tactics with micro-decisions and deck-building with strategic elements, which leads to a compelling and profound gameplay experience. In addition, the game offers different scenarios each time you play, including locations, enemies, and quests, making your journey unique and exciting every time. However, the rogue-like element of the game comes at a price because death is permanent. Although after death, you can earn some gems that you can use to unlock new cards, but you must start back with a new adventurer and build your deck again. Meteorfall is packed with profound features, including six heroes to choose from, each with a different starting deck and unique playstyle. You can also discover more than 150 cards, and there are various demon modes and difficulties to unlock, including the daily challenge mode with a leaderboard and gameplay modifiers. Also, with Google Play integration, you can have access to Leaderboards and Achievements. The game is also designed to provide portrait orientation, so you can enjoy casual one-handed gameplay without any ads, timers, or freemium gimmicks. So It's time for you to put an end to Uberlich's cycle of destruction by taking control of one of the four adventurers and starting your journey. Good luck, hero!
Breach Wanderers

Breach Wanderers is a deckbuilding adventure game, with strategic possibilities to create and save decks. Explore and upgrade everything in the ever-changing randomized adventure!

Breach WanderersBaronnerie Games
If you're a fan of both card games and roguelike games, then you're in luck because Breach Wanderers is here! This game uniquely blends elements from both genres, allowing you to create custom decks every time you enter the breach. Along the way, you'll face a variety of unusual monsters, collect powerful items, and upgrade your town. Each run is a unique adventure, with randomized monsters, events, and items to spice things up! One of the core features of Breach Wanderers is the ability to fully customize your deck. You can create and save your own starting deck and card pool before setting off on your adventure. This means you'll never have to deal with unwanted cards! This unique feature opens up a whole new world of strategic possibilities for you to play with as you fight through the breach. To help you prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, there is an RPG meta-progression system. You can level up your heroes and upgrade your town, ensuring that you're ready to handle whatever the breach throws your way. While you have some control over how you begin each run, what awaits you in the breach is always different. Monsters, special events, and items are all randomized, making each run a unique experience. Currently in early access, Breach Wanderers lets you play as one of seven characters, each with their own unique skills and cards. You can explore three dangerous areas and delve into three depths of increasing difficulty. With over 600 cards, 100 items, and 60 monsters, there's plenty to keep you busy. Once the game is finished, you can look forward to even more content! There will be ten playable characters, five dangerous areas to explore, and four buildings to customize and upgrade. The depths will increase to four, and there will be over 800 cards, 200 items, and 100 monsters to face. Breach Wanderers promises to be a truly epic adventure for fans of both card games and roguelike games.
Card Guardians

Build decks and strategize against monsters in the fantasy world of Valentia. Fight bosses, explore kingdoms, and win battles in this epic CCG adventure.

Card GuardiansTapps Games - PT
Welcome to the magical world of Valentia where the peaceful existence was disrupted by the Day of Chaos. The land became filled with mysterious magic, corrupting all living creatures and bringing forth monsters and the Guardians of Chaos. Are you prepared to embark on a thrilling journey filled with adventure and build your card battle deck to win battles against monsters? Step into the shoes of the hero in this epic RPG adventure game and explore the various unexplored realms of Valentia filled with dangers and mysteries that threaten the peace of the land. Use your strategic skills to create battle strategies and overcome the challenges that come your way. Download Card Guardians for free and indulge in the gripping story that unfolds in the game while enjoying the thrill of card battles. As you progress in the game, you will gain access to a plethora of cards that you can use to build your RPG strategy and overcome your opponents. Journey through dungeons, castles, forests, and deserts while engaging in battles, and gather the powerful cards necessary to defeat the enemies overtaken by the Magic of Chaos. The final challenge in each kingdom will be the Chaos Guardians, the powerful bosses that you'll need to face. To emerge victorious, you must construct the best card deck and come up with a foolproof strategy to overcome them. Explore your enemies' weaknesses and use them to your advantage while being careful not to make any strategic errors in this world of roguelike games. Your journey to explore the kingdoms of Valentia will lead you to unknown species and treasures protected by Chaos Magic. You'll need to be equipped with the best card battle deck to face these challenges. Download Card Guardians, the ultimate card deck building RPG, for free and indulge in a world of adventure! While Card Guardians: Deck Builder is a free offline game, it does offer optional in-game features and items.
Dicey Elementalist

Dice Master is a deck-building game with random variables and unique heroes, based on the popular dice game Yahtzee. Build your deck strategically to win.

Dicey ElementalistDoublethink Games
Based on the popular dice game Yahtzee, The Dice Master takes it to another level with deck building and random variables that make it a rogue-lite game. With unique heroes and different game mechanics, this game is something special. The rules are straightforward. Roll five dice three times and keep the best score. You need to light up the required elements of a card to play. If you can't light up the card, it becomes useless. Therefore, building your deck with strategic thinking is essential. Join the community on Reddit or Discord to discuss this exciting game further.
Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG

Join the battle against evil in the dark fantasy world of Shattered Realms. With access to over 300 cards, build your deck and explore the corrupted lands of Umbris.

Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPGWanderlost Interactive
Witness the thrill of the new INFINITUM 120+ Card expansion, now fully operational! Immerse yourself in the ominous and riveting world of the Shattered Realms, a place of darkness and danger where you must stand against the forces of evil. Create your deck using the cunning tactics of a rogue, the strength of a warrior, or the enigmatic magic of a Seeker. Alternatively, sculpt your own unique character class and play as whatever you desire! Begin your quest today, collect cards, and experience a range of over 300 cards to select from as you venture deep into the corrupt lands of Umbris! 🗡️ Harness Your Skills Strategically: Face the many puzzle-like card battles that challenge you every step of the way. With every new hero's journey, comes new opportunities to improve your deck-building strategy. Choose the cards that match your playstyle while avoiding catastrophic events. Develop your tactics before the forces of wickedness take over and overwhelm you! 🛡️ A Card Game with an RPG Twist: Dawncaster is a unique card game that presents a blend of card battle mechanics and RPG features that will appeal to even the most seasoned deck-building game enthusiasts. The gameplay is familiar to card game players, but the addition of RPG class mechanics into deck building, weapons, enchantments, and the energy system makes it an epic addition to the genre! 💀 Venture into the Unknown: Discover the hidden mystery of the vanished hero of legend known as 'Dawncaster,' who has been lost in the corrupted realm of Umbris. Use your deck-building skills to vanquish monsters and plumb the inky depths of a hopeless world that is portrayed through stunningly crafted illustrations and engage in dialogues while shaping its future through your choices. ⭐️ Complete Card Game Access: Dawncaster is a comprehensive card game that gives you total access to all the available cards, classes, and content after your purchase. You won't have to buy packs or tokens, endure timer-based restrictions, or suffer through ads, as all features are readily available. Future content packages will likewise be available without complications at a one-off price per adventure! 🎮 Revel in Roguelite Gameplay: With randomized engagements, unique character classes, and exploratory options galore, gameplay is sure to provide countless hours of entertainment to roguelike card battle enthusiasts! Additional difficulty settings are present for those willing to test their strategic acumen (or luck). 👥 Join a Vibrant Community: As a tiny indie development studio, we eagerly seek your input and ideas on our Discord server. Pop in, give us your insights and guidance, aid us along the way, and help create the next step in Dawncaster's journey. 🆘 Get in Touch: If you require assistance or support, e-mail us at You can also reach us on Discord via or view our website at
Dungeon Tales: RPG Card Game

Dungeon Tales: Rogue-like RPG strategy card game. Collect cards, explore dungeons, & battle epic enemies in unique turn-based duels.

Dungeon Tales: RPG Card GameHomecooked Games
Dungeon Tales is a strategic RPG roguelike game that is turn-based and has elements of card gameplay. Embrace the dungeon-crawler lifestyle and face epic monsters using your decks and relics! Your deck strategy can change throughout the adventure as you collect cards and discover new combinations. 🎮 Embark on a unique adventure every time you play the game with procedurally generated dungeons, offering an array of paths to take, and the ultimate goal of achieving victory. No two games are the same.⭐️ Experience intriguing events, collect treasure, forge your arsenal, and decide how to react to curious situations. ✨ Master unique strategies and mighty combos as you merge the experience of card games with roguelike RPG gameplay.⚡️ The turn-based duel system provides the ultimate test of your skills in card battles against increasingly fearsome monsters. The Dungeon Tales gameplay offers an immersive experience, giving you the chance to challenge epic enemies and explore the unknown. Dungeon Tales Features: CARD BATTLE GAME ✔️Play a deck-building adventure RPG that combines with roguelike elements ✔️A completely unseen turn-based card system ✔️Unleash powerful card combinations based on exclusive synergies ✔️Fight epic boss battles that test your adaptive strategy skills ✔️Discover over 130 cards that enhance your deck-building experience ROGUELIKE DUNGEON CRAWLER ✔️Hazardous, ever-changing, procedurally-generated maps ✔️Explore dungeons laden with unknown threats and foes ✔️Journey through shops, campfires, and deadly traps ✔️Collect impressive relics that boost your powers ROLE PLAYING GAME ✔️Uncover unique events that spice up your RPG experience ✔️Choose from two classes, each with different strategies ✔️Discover 70+ powerful relics to level up your character ✔️Slay more than 50 monsters, including nine powerful foes, and ten epic bosses ✔️Turn-based RPG that offers unlimited combinations' Download Dungeon Tales today and collect cards, discover relics, face legendary monsters, and conquer one-of-a-kind dungeons!
Pirates Outlaws

Navigate the dangerous seas and challenge masters as you manage your expedition in Pirates Outlaws. Collect cards and relics while defeating over 150 outlaws and 60+ unique bosses.

Pirates OutlawsFabled Game
Embark on a perilous expedition in Pirates Outlaws, an independent roguelike trading card game that pits you against feared pirates and their bosses. Expect a treacherous sea journey filled with unforeseen attacks and challenges that will test your skills. Choose your hero amongst 16 available characters, each with distinct abilities and unique pre-made decks. Have fun collecting more than 700 cards and 200 relics that would help you strategize, manage your Ammo and execute the perfect combos. Battle against 150+ outlaws and 60+ bosses using the turn-based combat system. Pirates Outlaws offer 3 exciting modes: NAVIGATE Take control of your adventure and traverse varied horizons to hunt down and fight pirates and outlaws that stand in your path. Unlock 7 maps and chapters, each with their own challenges and difficulty level, secrets and unique challenges. Once your reputation reaches 9999, you'll gain access to Hard Mode, which furnishes harsher environments, featuring more potent enemies. Each chapter also has its own unique challenge in Hard Mode. ARENA In the demanding Arena mode, fight against various opponents and every 10 battles, confront a potent Champion. To emerge victorious, choose from cards and relics from all 7 chapters. This is an ideal platform for all pirates who long for a challenge. TAVERN BRAWL Prove your mettle while sipping a drink in the tavern. Choose pre-made packages for each battle and defeat waves of pirates. After two fights, go up against the imposing Tavern Keeper. The game supports various Localized Languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and German. Get in touch with the team behind the game via Email or social media channels like Discord, Twitter, and Facebook provided on their website.

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