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WolframWolframfrom Skich app
Hay Day

Build and customize your own farm in Hay Day, harvest crops and trade resources with friends while expanding your business.

Hay DaySupercell
Experience the delights of farming with Hay Day! You can have your very own farm, where you can grow crops like wheat and corn that will never wither away. Harvest your bountiful crops and craft them to produce goods to sell or trade with your neighbors. This farming simulator is a wonderful place to raise animals too, where you can feed and care for chickens, pigs, cows, horses, dogs, cats, and all the other adorable animals on your dream farm. Use these animals for their eggs, dairy, and bacon, which you can sell and trade as well. As you expand your farm and business, you can build production buildings like a bakery, a sugar mill, a BBQ Grill, or a sewing machine and loom where you can make cute outfits and a cake oven for baking your favorite cake recipes. You can customize your farmhouse, roadside shop, truck, and barn to make it your own by decorating it with special items like panda statues, musical instruments, birthday cakes, and more. You can even attract butterflies with flowers and make your farm even more beautiful! The trading game aspect of this game is awesome too. You will be able to trade your fresh produce, crops, and resources by truck or steamboat to other characters in the game. You can swap goods to earn experience and coins. You can level up to unlock a Roadside Shop where you can sell more of your goods and crops. You can play with up to 30 friends in the Valley, where you can join games, create your own neighborhood, and exchange tips to help each other make amazing farms! Hay Day has a fun variety of activities to enjoy, such as going to the Fishing Lake to cast your line or heading to town to fill town visitors’ orders. Compete with your neighbors and win rewards in weekly derby events! Download the game now and immerse yourself into the world of Hay Day where you can unleash your creativity and building skills. Please note that Hay Day is free to download and install. However, keep in mind that there are in-app purchases and some game items can be bought for real money. If you don’t want to avail of this feature, make sure to set up password protection to secure purchases on your Google Play Store app. A stable network connection is also required to play the game. Check the privacy policy and terms of service links for more information. Get started on building your dream farm today!
Subway Surfers

Escape the grumpy Inspector and his dog! Run, dodge trains, grind trains, and surf on a hoverboard while performing lightning-fast swipe acrobatics.

Subway SurfersSYBO Games
Experience an adrenaline-packed adventure in this game by putting your speed and reflexes to the test. Race against time as you DASH forward as quickly as possible, while avoiding the oncoming trains. Assist Jake, Tricky, and Fresh in their escape attempt from the grouchy Inspector and his furry companion. Grind trains with your gang of cool characters and enjoy the vibrant and vivid High Definition graphics. Take advantage of the Hoverboard feature, and surf through the levels in style. Equip yourself with the Paint-powered jetpack and be prepared for an action-packed experience. Swiftly perform swipe acrobatics and challenge your friends in this exciting game. It's time to be daring, join the chase and escape the clutches of the Inspector. This Universal App offers HDR optimized graphics to enhance your gaming experience. Originally co-developed by SYBO and Kiloo, this game is sure to provide electrifying entertainment.
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Experience 3D platforming adventure in Swordigo. Defeat monsters and find powerful weapons, spells, and hidden swords. Fluid touch controls and customizable gameplay.

SwordigoTouch Foo
Get ready to run, leap, and cut through a vast gaming world filled with exciting platform challenges in this epic adventure game! Swordigo, the #1 mobile adventure and 3D platformer game, is now available on all Android phones and tablets. Drawing inspiration from old-school platforming and adventure games, Swordigo is a game designed to deliver an immersive experience. “Swordigo is a game that reminds me of the classic platformers and adventure games from the past,” raves SlideToPlay with a perfect score of 4/4. Meanwhile, Apple’n’Apps awarded it a 4.5/5 rating, noting that “there’s never a dull moment as you hop between platforms and slash your sword against a plethora of enemies.” AppAdvice also gives Swordigo its seal of approval, declaring, “Honestly, if you only buy one game this week, you should choose Swordigo.” The game’s adventure brings you across various magical realms, dungeons, towns, treasures, and cunning monsters. You rely on experience and leveling up your character, along with the power of magic and swords. Get your hands on powerful weapons, items, and spells to confront your enemies. And entering gloomy dungeons and caves leads you to discover hidden swords that will enhance your might. This side-scrolling platform game features fluid and challenging gameplay that’s been exclusively designed for mobile devices. It has precise touch controls optimized for smartphones and tablets, and you can customize the controls to your preference. So why wait? Download Swordigo and immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure today!

Spaceteam is a chaotic cooperative game for 2-8 players where you shout technobabble to outrun an exploding star. Winner of multiple indie game awards.

SpaceteamHenry Smith Inc.
Attention! To play this game, everybody must be using the latest version. If you're fond of pressing buttons and yelling at your pals, or even devising a strategy to discharge Clip-jawed Fluxtrunions, then you may be qualified for a position on a Spaceteam. Spaceteam offers an extraordinary cooperative party game experience for 2 to 8 people who shout technobabble at each other until they go up in smoke. All players must own a mobile device (compatible with both Android and Apple devices - playable together via Wifi!). Each member of the team is assigned a random control panel featuring buttons, switches, sliders, and dials, all with timed instructions. However, the instructions are broadcasted to your teammates, mandating an orchestrated performance. Simultaneously, the ship is falling apart, attempting to escape from an exploding star. Best of luck to you. Keep in mind teamwork is crucial to survive in space! Features: - Teamwork - Confusion - Shouting - An untimely demise - Beveled Nanobuzzers - Auxiliary Technoprobes - Four-stroke Pluckers Accolades: * Winner - GameCity Prize 2013 * Winner - IndieCade 2013 (Interaction Award) * Winner - A MAZE. Indie Games Award 2013 (The Most Amazing Indie Game) * Winner - International Mobile Gaming Awards 2013 (Innovation Award) * Finalist - Independent Games Festival 2013 * Featured Game - IndieCade East 2013 * Selection - PAX East Indie Showcase 2013
Gangstar Vegas

Experience vice and destruction in Gangstar Vegas: City of Sin. Play through 80 missions, take over the city, and indulge in casino games and crazy vehicles.

Gangstar VegasGameloft
Get ready to experience the sensational open-world action game in the City of Sin, where you'll play as a mixed martial arts fighter and boxing champ who breaks free from the mafia control in an enthralling story mode. Engage in eighty daring missions that include theft, assassination, auto racing, and gang warfare, all while clashing against the criminal underworld. Join forces with some of the wildest characters and take over the city. Roam around the expansive map that is nine times larger than in previous Gangstars games, perform astonishing freestyle stunts with ragdoll effects caused by Havok physics, and climb up the leaderboard in wild challenges such as races, gang fights, shooting missions, and auto theft speed runs, to name a few. With addictive casino games, which they don't play in San Andreas, try your luck and break the bank. Indulge your appetite for destruction by using insane third-person shooter weapons like molotov cocktails, flamethrowers, and a electric guitar. Take a drone to the battle for auto-firing backup, defensive support, or healing, and drive various crazy vehicles including monster trucks, armored tanks, muscle cars, mafia limos, and fighter jets. Upgrade your TPS skills and gear to open new ways to customize your gangster and dress up in a range of costumes, including that of a Shaolin gangster, a grand gang master, and more. Stay engaged with fresh challenges, extra weapons, new vehicles, and missions that are updated regularly, giving you a long-lasting experience. With automatic renewals before the subscription ends, manage your subscriptions, change or cancel the subscription, and stay informed about the time remaining so you can enjoy your gangster career to its full extent. This game is packed with numerous cool features with less space required on your device. It's perfect for game controllers made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Visit the official game site or check out the new blog, follow on social media, and purchase exciting virtual items within the app that may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site. Read the terms of use, privacy policy and the end-user license agreement before installing the game.

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