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American Marksman

Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure in American Marksman; hunt gamers, explore landscapes, and buy land for a unique gameplay. Intense and realistic graphics.

American MarksmanBattle Creek Games
Get ready to embark on a thrilling outdoor adventure game with American Marksman - a game that promises to take you on a journey of a lifetime! With vast and open landscapes at your disposal, you can now modify the terrain and personalize your hunting experience according to your preferences. Join hands with other players and hunt together in the multiplayer mode or take a break and engage in roleplay with your friends. Venture out into the wilderness, set up camp and go off-roading to explore the destination. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor adventures! With American Marksman, you can purchase your own land in different regions across the nation and invite your friends to join you on your escapades. The graphics are alluring, realistic and the gameplay is truly intense, making you feel like you are actually experiencing the outdoor life in front of you. So, what are you waiting for? Get exploring with American Marksman to experience a gaming adventure like no other!
The Fall : Survival

Survive a year alone among zombies, questioning if you're the last one alive in this post-apocalyptic game demo.

The Fall : SurvivalFunnyghost
Experience the thrilling adventure of surviving amidst a post-apocalyptic world filled with relentless zombies in this game. This is a free demo of the game, and to enjoy the full version, click on the link at the bottom of this page. After being stranded alone for almost a year, the protagonist is plagued with an inescapable question - is he the last person on earth? Despite the odds, the character remains steadfast in preserving his sanity and fighting to survive. But with each passing day, his hope dwindles; we can almost feel his desperation and the crushing feelings of loneliness. Will this be the day he breaks free from this nightmare and finds a way out? Only time will tell, and the player is thrust into the game's gripping narrative, caught up in the midst of it all. Through the character's perspective, we experience all the thrills and chills of survivorship. The game creates the perfect balance between exploring, scavenging, and fighting for survival. The game's graphics is stunning, with incredible attention to detail. The world feels realistic, and every encounter is an adrenaline-charged experience. The soundtrack complements the visuals, enhancing the game's emotional impact and leaves you at the edge of your seat. Overall, this game is a perfect choice for anyone who has ever wondered if they could survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Dive into this immersive and compelling adventure and find out if you have what it takes to survive amidst hordes of the undead!
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World League Live! Football

Join World League Live for fast-paced, crazy, and no-rules football gameplay. Challenge friends and real opponents worldwide with superpowers and new FC Utrecht feature.

World League Live! FootballProxy42 Inc
Enter World League Live, the most rapid and wildest social multiplayer soccer game, where you have the opportunity to face your buddies as well as thousands of real competitors from all over the globe. Experience electrifying moments with unique abilities and power-ups while striking and accomplishing extraordinary goals. Prove that you are the Greatest of All Time! 🏆 🔥 UPGRADE ALERT! ⚽ Now, you can team up with our very first Official Partner - FC Utrecht 🇳🇱. You will be introduced to four exceptional FC Utrecht players! Unveil the exceptional team and take part in the super entertaining battles. Free yourself from all the norms and have pure rampageous pinball actions! Organize a fun-filled party with exceptional live video chat functionality while playing alongside your companions! Don’t want to disclose your identity? Play with users from across the globe without a camera or microphone. 🥳 LET’S GET THE PARTY STARTED! 🥅 Bring in your friends, and link up with them while playing the game and engaging with them through video chat functionality! ⚽ EASY TO PLAY, HARD TO MASTER 🥇 The controls are smooth and effortless: strike, power-ups, press and hit your opponent, pass and cross, bicycle kicks, headers, and much more; all this with merely two buttons! 🔥 SUPER-FAST BATTLES! 🔥 Engage in action-packed soccer matches of 180 seconds; the one with more goals, regardless of the way, emerges as the winner! 🏆 NO RULES, JUST FUN! 🎉 This platform is not for the weak; there is no concept of fouls, penalties, corner kicks or any other tedious rules. You can cherish the purely engrossing action without any interruptions! ATTRIBUTES ✔️ Unveil unique talents and strike incredible goals with extraordinary abilities and power-ups. ✔️ No norms or disturbances - only pure chaotic pinball action. ✔️ Organize fun gatherings with an exceptional live video chat functionality while playing perfectly alongside your friends. ✔️ Need to use the restroom 🚽 or prefer to remain anonymous? Participate alongside users from all parts of the world without using a camera or microphone. WLL is indeed a real multiplayer online game, and a network connection is required to participate. Stay updated! Obtain the latest game-related news, tips, and more… VISIT US: LIKE US: FOLLOW US: SUBSCRIBE:
Knights Fight 2: New Blood

In Knights Fight: New Blood, battle your way to glory & fame as a knight in medieval Shorland. Fight in multiplayer duels and progress in Battle Seasons.

Knights Fight 2: New BloodVivid Games S.A.
Welcome to the perilous journey to become a medieval warrior in the grand kingdom of Shorland, where the strongest fighters engage in epic battles for fame and glory. Enter the fray and fight valiantly for honor, wealth, and survival. Show no mercy to your adversaries and emerge victorious. Experience thrilling sword fights against other players and surpass all barriers in Battle Seasons to attain the highest rank. Live the tale as the king's first knight in story mode by exhibiting loyalty and devotion. Take charge of an epic knight and choose your equipment wisely before engaging in combat. Discover, collect, and upgrade a diverse array of weapons and armor, master skills, and develop a unique fighting style. Attend multiplayer battles in a bloody action-packed arena, crossing swords with fierce opponents and participate in weekly Battle Seasons with fantastic rewards. Embark upon a story mode quest through a classic medieval kingdom, confronting mighty lords, villains, robbers, murderers, and thieves and safeguarding the residents to become the first knight of the domain. Prove your worth and fight for your king, complete daily tasks to earn rewards, and indulge in customization, including the use of armor and weapon. Pit your combat skills against other players in asynchronous multiplayer duels and weekly PvP Battle Seasons, demonstrate your honor to the king in story mode challenges, and showcase your glory on the leaderboards by defeating enemies with spectacular moves. Become the lord of your castle, rule your lands, and personalize your throne hall by selecting or crafting your coat of arms. Relish in breathtaking action with 3D graphics and realistic animations that teleport you to the medieval combat era. Thrill in stunning locations and battlegrounds that captivates your imagination. Knights Fight: New Blood is a free game that transports you into the world of realistic medieval combat. Join now and show your valor in combat. Leave behind the usual games such as castle building, war games, racing, and fantasy MMO and opt for true hardcore fighting action in 3D. The Fight for the Champions' crown has begun! Invite your friends and battle against them in arena duels to settle arguments once and for all.
Crime Corporation

Crime CorporationShori Games
Grand Criminal Online

Grand Criminal Online": multiplayer open world PvP action game. Choose your path, team up for heists, rob ATMs, and customize your character. New vehicles, weapons, and clothing added in version 0.36 update.

Grand Criminal OnlineNext Level LLC
Grand Criminal Online (GCO) is an action-packed, multiplayer open-world game featuring a variety of game modes, including sandbox PVE, sandbox PVP, and RP. Your character can be whoever you wish them to be; a law-abiding citizen working an office job, a gangster on the lookout for quick cash, or an executive with stock in leading companies – the choice is yours! Your ultimate goal is to succeed by any means necessary! Version 0.36 of the game now offers exciting new features, such as new car physics, a friends system, the ability to create your own game servers, a drone for aerial views, new tasks like 'Robbery ATMs,' and new character achievements. The game also offers modern graphics, numerous modern and military vehicles, a varying arsenal of weapons (knives, grenade launchers, machine guns), a broad clothing selection, and character customization options. In addition, the sandbox mode is a thrilling feature. Here, you can choose your character's path and decide how you are going to make a living, from driving a car to owning stock in multinational companies. With sandbox gameplay, the opportunities are limitless. Explore varied cities, from suburban homes to towering skyscrapers, and team up with criminals for heists. If you consider yourself a fan of gangster games, mafia stories, racing, street PvP wars, criminal action, luxury yachts, and modern tanks, Grand Criminal Online is the perfect game for you. Join our gangs on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about the newest updates to the game!
You First

A visual novel with three episodes following a romantic tale in natural locations around A Coruña, Spain. Play the first episode for free.

You FirstMelgo Cinema
You First is an interactive romantic visual novel that allows players to follow the romantic journey of Alex and Seb throughout three episodes within different phases of their lives. The story is narrated in a comical manner that will keep you engaged as you make choices that shape the direction of their love story. The game is ideal for single players, couples, or anyone who enjoys playing dating sims. Alex and Seb are a young couple fully committed to one another, and they are convinced that their love will endure the test of time. Even so, they decide to venture out and liberate themselves in an open relationship. Unfortunately, things become more complicated than they anticipated. Under the direction of filmmaker Roberto Alvite, You First will take you to various natural locations near the city of A Coruña in Galicia, Spain, depicting the natural progression of their relationship in a live-action setting. Sit back and enjoy as these genuine characters experience the twists and turns of life in real-time. If you're a fan of romance novels, visual novels, simulation, LGBT stories, FMV games, or just unique compelling stories, You First checks all the boxes. The game comes with support for multiple languages, including Portuguese (Brasil), Galego, Español, English, Français, and Italiano. And as an added bonus, you can play the first episode for free! Looking for something distinctive? Allow You First to inspire you with its thought-provoking tale of romance! Need help with the game? Please don't hesitate to contact the technical support team at
Rooftop Run

Master freestyle running in the urban environment, do epic jumps, break glass, and escape enemies in the thrilling Rooftop Run parkour game. Download now.

Rooftop RunMad Hook
Prepare yourself to dash, leap, roll and slip between rooftops to advance in a dynamic and thrilling way through an urban setting. Parkour is a training discipline that involves the combination of rolling, running, jumping, and slipping from one point to another to overcome obstacles. Rooftop Run is the ultimate parkour and freestyle running game available to you, allowing you to move as promptly and exhilaratingly as possible from one location to another in an urban environment. Become an expert at freestyle running, performing spectacular movements and conquering hundreds of electrifying levels. The game offers magnificent 3D graphics, user-friendly controls, and meticulously crafted levels, making it straightforward yet challenging to play. Exhibit remarkable parkour skills whilst completing numerous extensive levels. Live out your passion for the audacious sport of parkour by racing, sprinting, bounding, and ascending from one spot to another across an urban environment. Experience the rush of adrenaline when 🤸🏻‍♂️ Executing epic leaps 🌠 Shattering glass 👨🏻‍🎤 Evading adversaries Bob and weave your way through the action-packed Rooftop Run game and strive to be the MASTER of parkour! Download it NOW and leap into the adventure!🎮
Anime High School Girl Life 3D

Experience high school life with tough tasks, competitions, and fun with friends in Anime High School Girl Life 3D - Sakura Simulator.

Anime High School Girl Life 3DGameshub
Enter the new world of virtual school life with Anime High School Girl Life 3D - Sakura Simulator. Experience the thrill of being a high school girl and have fun with your school fellows while performing some tough but exciting tasks. You start your day in the game by making breakfast for your virtual family and getting ready for school. Once you reach school on time, you meet your class fellows and make the most out of your school life by having fun and doing the "cheating" in the quiz tests. Enjoy the school life and take on difficult tasks or even date your loved one in this school story games for girls. Anime High School Girl Life 3D - Sakura Simulator also includes sports competitions such as basketball tournaments and running competitions. Participate in all competitions and win the first position. Have fun with your class friends in the cafeteria and even hang out with your boyfriend in this high school anime game. Solve all the assignments of your classmates and meet your respected teacher to resolve any issues you face regarding your school lessons. Join the karate fight and win the competition or take part in a school dance competition to win the best dance performer prize. High school students miss their school life days that are spent with their lovely school fellows and you can recall it in Anime High School Girl Life 3D - Sakura Simulator. Enjoy your mischief student life and make it more memorable with the school girl life simulator. Make yourself ready for school and get ready to take your school exam. With amazing levels, you get to experience school life days on sizzling high-quality 3D graphics that will give you an adventurous feeling. Take on the challenging tasks of school life days and enjoy the thrill of the anime schoolgirl life. With the game's handy controls, you can take on the challenging tasks of being a school girl, karate girl or prank girl effortlessly. The game also includes the o

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