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Top 5 best offline strategy games for Android

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Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Defend your island kingdom against Viking invaders in Bad North, a charmingly brutal real-time tactics roguelite. Plan your strategy on procedurally-generated islands and unlock upgrades to develop your troops.

Bad North: Jotunn EditionRaw Fury
Prepare for the fight of your life as Viking invaders threaten to destroy your kingdom. The recent death of your king has left your home open to attack, and as the new ruler, it’s up to you to defend it. But survival is the only goal in this game; victory is a distant hope that grows dimmer by the minute. Bad North is a captivating and ruthless real-time tactics roguelite that will test your skills and strategy. Fight off the Viking horde to protect your idyllic island kingdom. Command your troops to take full advantage of the unique landscape of each island. Make calculated moves or suffer the consequences. Fail, and your bloodthirsty enemies will eradicate your subjects. Experience the charming yet violent reality of war as you navigate procedurally generated islands with beautifully designed visuals. Your soldiers carry out your commands in the heat of battle, making for a dynamic and immersive combat simulation. Simple user inputs keep the game approachable for new players, while its depth and challenge will engage veterans. Stand your ground to keep hope alive for peace to return to the Bad North. Your troops' survival depends on your strategic prowess, so plan wisely. Lose a commander, and they’re gone forever. If you lose everything, it's over. Key Features: REAL-TIME TACTICS ROGUELITE: Strategize and relocate your troops wisely to outmaneuver the Vikings' individual counters to your moves. Each move could be your last, so plan your battles and retreats carefully! Lose a leader, and they're no longer available. Lose everything, and it's a game over! INTELLIGENT UNIT CONTROLS: Command your troops and monitor their positioning while they navigate and fight the enemy. They will respond intuitively to the ever-changing terrain. PROCEDURALLY GENERATED ISLANDS: Explore stylistically unique islands and develop strategies around their features to save your kingdom from ruin. UNLOCKABLE UPGRADES: Improve your defensive strategy to reap greater rewards, and turn your untrained soldiers into experienced warriors. The fate of this kingdom rests solely on your shoulders.
Rome: Total War

Conquer ancient world on Android. Command troops on battlefield, direct economic affairs and rule as one of 19 factions.

Rome: Total WarFeral Interactive
Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of ancient Europe, North Africa, and the Near East with ROME: Total War, now available on Android. This turn-based campaign game lets you conquer and rule the known world by engaging in spectacular real-time battles. With your fingertips, you have total control over your empire and its armies through the touch-screen interface used to manage your economic, civil, and religious affairs via the Campaign Map. Take on the role of one of 19 historically compelling factions, which includes the likes of Britannia, Egypt, Macedon, Spain, and Gaul. The game will transform your screen into a thrilling battlefield where thousands of troops, from cavalry and chariots to war elephants and archers, fight for their empire's glory. Watch as Legionaries and spearmen engage in hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield. This game is supported on many Android devices and requires Android 7 or later. The list of supported devices includes ASUS ROG Phone II, Samsung Galaxy S Series, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Razer Phone. The official supported languages are English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian. Developed originally by The Creative Assembly Limited and published by SEGA, this game is now brought to Android by Feral Interactive Limited. Get ready to experience the ultimate power of ancient Rome and claim your place in history with ROME: Total War on Android!
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World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

Train armies, research tech, explore maps, and wage war with real players in World War 2. Ally with historical generals to achieve victory.

World at War: WW2 Strategy MMOErepublik Labs
Take charge as a top army general in the most significant war the world has faced, World War II. Build massive armies consisting of panzers tanks and aircraft to wage war against thousands of real players from all around the world. Forge great alliances, create your strategic command center and dominate in the largest WW2 strategy MMO game! Features: - Construct historical Allied and Axis power WW2 panzers and aircraft - Improve your base and research new technologies to send your platoons into wartimes. - Get ahead on a victorious warpath and explore the Front Map to scout out the enemy generals or defeat rebellious armies. - Employ brute force or subterfuge to conquer enemy players. - Defeat Atomic Facility and become part of the history of the Second Great War. - Pick a General from famous personalities like Rommel and Patton to take to the battlefield to represent you. - Call out friends and forge strong alliances to win the great war and chat in real-time to discuss your war strategy with allied generals. - Team up with allied generals to lead massive marches and create army wars in this World War 2 game. - Choose the right time to attack, retreat, make peace or wage wars - Maximize your Commander's level and experience the sound of duty in fights and battles. - Compete with both the enemy and allied generals for a top spot in world rankings - Implement subterfuge and military tactics to outwit your foes. - Carry your country's flag to the top spots of world rankings - Command vehicles and lead infantry platoons equipped with rifles, machine guns, and snipers based on your strategies. - Visit famous landmarks like Stalingrad, Peenemunde, Monte Casino, or Dunkirk, and meet Wojtek the Bear - Complete hundreds of missions and get massive rewards - Utilize free speed ups for faster development and defeat your enemies - Be a VIP player and gain explosive bonuses for building your base. - Explore countless strategies and diplomatic choices. - Win the Civil War with base building, real-time strategy, and subterfuge. This is an intense social game where you can test yourself against real players worldwide. Communication, leadership, and social ties make the difference in the outcome of battles, so strategize with your alliance. Protect your own and keep your enemies close by. Historical Game: Explore a historically realistic universe created by the same team that brought you games about the American Civil War, World War I, and the Vietnam War. Military Strategy Game: Equip your Hero with invincible military gear and prove your supremacy on the battlefield. Social Game: In a game of war, fights aren't everything. Communication, leadership, and social ties make the difference in battle results. Call on your friends and plan ahead with your alliance. Support: For feedback, contact us at Join the world of war and play now!
Rome Empire War: Strategy Games

Build and lead an empire in Rome! Choose legendary generals, troops, and fortifications to conquer in diverse campaigns and territories.

Rome Empire War: Strategy GamesJoynow Studio
Step into the past and become the leader of your own empire in Rome! With impressive legends like Caesar, Scipio, Hannibal, and Pyrrhus at your disposal, you can conquer Rome, Carthage, and many more in one-of-a-kind strategy games. Build your empire and rise to the top! Choose your general wisely as every one of them has unique skills and can learn new abilities as they fight. With each battle, your soldiers will also become more experienced and gain additional combat effectiveness. Plan your campaign according to the terrain factors to make the most of your soldiers, who range from archers to calvary, from warships to ballistae, and even war elephants. Use your troops’ different skills to your advantage to ensure enemy domination. Explore ancient wars like the Punic, Pyrrhic, and Samnite Wars to relive the thrill of surging battles as you use different strategies to change the course of history. Choose from a variety of fortification options such as walls, watchtowers, and fences to protect your city, and attack your enemies relentlessly. With attribute restraints among the troops, balance and strategy are key to winning with minimal resources. Rewrite history and make your empire a stand-out among the rest, all while Enjoying a wealth of war strategy in this tactical game! At Rome, we constantly strive to provide the best gaming experience for you. Update the game version to get rid of bugs and make it even better! Contact us at:
Pigs In War - Strategy Game

Lead your team of soldier pigs to victory in Pigs in War, the best strategy game of 2018. Unblock weapons and become the best hog!

Pigs In War - Strategy GameEpic Forge
Prepare yourself for an intense strategy and tactics game and indulge yourself in the world of pig warfare. Estrategia, one of the best online strategy games will become your greatest ally in winning this game. Inhale all-new gaming experience with Pigs in War which is one of the recent games of 2018 that offers an upgraded strategy training to improve your gameplay. If you're seeking for best games which satisfy with Android alongside being one of the best war games, you will definitely desire to buy pigs inorder to become a champion hog. This game will deliver amusement, fun and truckload of challenges. Download it now for free and dive into the battles presented in this game in 2D. Key Features include Estrategia, unblocking weapons, games online strategy, unblocked games sites, battle 2D and buying pigs. Become a soldier pig and unblock weapons to demolish the enemies and to increase your chances of winning the game. Although this game is not free online strategy games but nevertheless it is a best game strategy which will indubitably keep you engaged all the time. Our plan is to update it and make it a war games online for free Are you ready to lead your team of pigs to victory? Download "Pigs in war" "Strategy game" now which is one of the best strategy games for Android available in 2018. Download now for free and start winning.

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